Traveler’s Notebook Scripture Writing- Let Your Light Shine

Hello beautiful Nicki here from crazy simple
truth and I’m so glad you’re here because today
I’m gonna do some scripture Etten in my travel as a new tip so this is my joy
journal I call it and it’s got some little happy things that all make me
happy in here and then we get back here and I’ve got this insert here is my
scripture writing that I have just recently started doing and so I’ve got a
couple pages done there so I thought it would be fun to do one here tonight and
it’s night time hopefully you can still see well I printed off some of my
updated sticker kits from my Etsy print shop and I love this one let your light
shine I just think it’s so delightful I don’t think it’ll fit there I’d have to
cut it in half of if I was gonna use it there this which is fine let’s see the
Lord is my light and my salvation I’m I’m in his wonderful light the people
living in darkness have seen a great light this is cute the globe with the
sunshine John 8:12 I love this one a lamp for my feet and a light for my path
psalm 119:105 here’s some 119 130 the unfolding of your word gives light
where’s my I love this light bulb so and she’s got a light bulb let’s use her
she’s so cute these scissors that I’ve got pulled out are really really not
good scissors but they’re the only ones I can find right now I don’t know what I
did with my other ones so we’re gonna cut this little girl out here this is
sticker paper I got a really good deal on it on Amazon because it’s made for
labels and so I got a hundred sheets of it for like $11 or something like that
like I’m not even kidding you and it’s even scored on the back in
three places you can see where she scored already on her it’s obviously all
the stickers won’t be scored because they aren’t all along those three score
lines but you can see or two score lines right there and right there
but sure gonna make it easy for her okay I don’t like to have pointed edges on my
stickers so that I’ll have to work okay isn’t she cute
I did my nails knee touched up y’all sorry about that okay oh she’s so cute
I’m gonna put her rat layer right there like that um oh I was wondering why she
wasn’t sticking gotta peel all the paper off Nikki yeah that’s a no-brainer
there we go okay I do want to do this let your light shine so let me figure
out how I can do that even though it won’t fit so let’s get it cut off here
Oh these scissors are just awful they’re dull and they’re too tiny they’re awful
awful awful awful okay okeydoke Diez let’s see does it fit it
just doesn’t fit so I’m gonna cut it straight in half right there and let’s
do this here like this let’s yeah and I’m gonna do it at a cute little angle
let you that Chan bitch let’s shine like a bird on a wing I have no idea what
that is at some country so I my grandma used to listen to and I was little don’t
even know if that’s the words you don’t even knew okay oh okay it’s so funny if
I’m ever watching a video where it’s just a lady’s hands and she’s talking my
husband is like what do you what do you watch me cuz it sounds so funny when you
don’t know their personality cuz you can’t see their face you know and then
they’re being goofy you’re like those ladies are weird so if you’ve never seen
my face before you should subscribe because I give you a crazy simple tips
to get into your Bible folks your Bible the most important thing you can spend
doing all day long is getting into your Bible and praying
of course I’m not very good at praying I’ll tell you the truth I have ADHD
really bad and I get so distracted in prayer I just always kind of bank on
that thing that God knows my heart because man I get distracted okay I
don’t want to use that yet because I want to use some of this cute little
here washi tape to put in the background of it let’s see how big of a piece do I
want about yay big I think I’ll just cut those both cuz they’re both cute I’ll do
it a double whitey you know like a double whammy that wasn’t funny either
my husband calls those dad jokes and dad jokes are dumb just you know just saying
yeah I like that okay we’re gonna use them both we’re gonna
double double whammy R double whammy R washy oh look at I get one of those
score marks again gotta make sure you get it all off Nikki what a good deal
100 sheets of sticker paper 100 sheets like what and then I have HP the monthly
ink program where you can print so many sheets so you can do as many high color
quality sheets as you want as long as you don’t go over the amount that they
that you pay for a month which is super good deal I pay $5.00 a month and I can
print I don’t know how many pages but more than more than what I need isn’t
that cute that’s so stinkin cute
I can’t stand it and I think I just like the simplicity of it right there I don’t
think I want to add anything else unless maybe I add that banner the banners
really cute and maybe I’ll write John 1:5 since that’s on there I mean that
obviously that’s not part of the banner but you know if I’m gonna cut it out
anyway hmm I don’t know let me cut the banner out first
it would really sure be nice of these scissors were better quality I’m pretty
sure my daughter has like six pairs you know snag a pair from her do you
think she’ll notice I don’t know she wouldn’t care anyway she’s so sweet okay I probably should cut oh man my
nails are so bad I didn’t want you to see them I probably should cut you know
in between these but I’m not gonna oh there’s another piece of that way those
are handy let’s see yeah I think I’m gonna I think I’m gonna at least get
closer to it so it doesn’t look by accident Lee cut the tip off no I didn’t
I was close though a little bit better at least okay now where does this go oh well isn’t that cute I guess I kind of
cut it there ha ha ha I love it well maybe I will use this then no I
just feel like that’s too much I feel like that wasn’t even too much but maybe
not okay what scripture we’re gonna write today ladies and Lydia that
lettuce let’s see let’s see let’s see we are gonna go in my life application
Study Bible and we are gonna look for the word light let’s see this is the
dictionary concordance om and okey L I maybe they don’t have light and yep
being one for God how we hide ours what extinguishes our light for Christ
light of Jesus it’s earth Jesus is a light to mankind John one four and five
John one four and five and John 1:8 oh okay look John one four and five see I
shoulda just went to that the first place yep these are my arrow what did I
do I got it tangled up didn’t I have to fix
that these are my arrow Bible tab dividers and those you can get in my
Etsy print shop – I think they’re so pretty I did them in like rainbow order
and how is put my tabs on the top or I try to so
that they’re not in my way when I’m turning and when I grab my Bible John
one four and five okay life was in him and that life was the
light of men that light shines in darkness yet the darkness did not
overcome it so actually what I’m gonna do because I love the beginning of John
I’m gonna just write like the whole like section there and I’m gonna use my black
gel pen park ooh pen can’t erase with this so don’t mess up Nikki so I may
have to pay attention to this and not pay attention to you but I’ll try to
multitask I’m not very good at it okay in the beginning see I feel like I
can write so much better with this pen than some of the others some of them I’m
so messy in the beginning was the word I love that in my H csb Bible they
capitalized word and anything that refers to God like he and his and I’m if
it says like one and it’s talking specifically about like the blessed one
that Oh will be capitalized I love that so they’ve quit making the H csb but you
can get them really inexpensive right now in
and if you go to my website which is crazy simple truth org there’s lots of
free things on there but if you go there over on the right side of any page that
you’re on I mean any main page there will be a big huge blue and white banner
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before you place your order then they track that and they give me a little
tiny beta I don’t know what it is it’s a it’s a small amount but hey you know
what every little bit counts so and it’s no extra cost to you in the beginning
was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God he was with God in the beginning I love
that he was with God in the beginning to ends yes
Nicky yes all things were created through him can you hear the TV in the
background all things were created created through him and apart this is so
fun this little scripture writing thing that I added to my travelers nope but
look I haven’t been really having a lot of fun with it things were created
through him and apart from him I know some of you use scripture writing every
day but I do not I do not and so I just do it on occasion and so it’s really fun
when I do do it it’s really a treat one thing was created to get to do this and
have the time to do it and the creativity feeling you know you have to
be in a mood to create apart not from not one thing was created that has been
created okay and apart from him not one thing was created that has been created see God’s creative and we are made in
His image life was in him life was in him , and that
wife was the light of men are you guys like super busy because
it’s summer if the only people are way more busy
I noticed that like my Etsy Bible journaling and planner kits have not
done well in sales this summer and I think it’s because people are so busy
you just don’t really have a lot of time to just sit down and you had to be
careful of that because not because you need to buy stickers obviously but
because you need to make sure that you don’t get so busy in the summer that you
don’t have time to sit and meditate on your scriptures or study the Word of God
and that life was the light of men light of amen that light shines in I’m starting get messy I start to
lose focus darkness that light shines in the darkness yet the darkness did not
overcome it kind of excited I don’t know what day this video will post because I
usually do a whole bunch in one day when I’m feeling up to it and this weekend
though depending on when this posts we are going to go to our home Church in
our hometown the church that we were saved in and I’m really excited about
that have tons of friends there that light shines in the darkness yet the
darkness did not overcome it beautiful beautiful John 1 1 through 5
which lection there was a man named John and he was sent from God as he came as a
witness to testify about the light ok so I guess I’ll just keep going because
that all fits – there was a man named John good old John the Baptist John who
was sent from God period he came as a witness to on
because he said that he was not even worthy to tie Jesus’s sandals and you
know isn’t that the truth sometimes we think that we can be God by like you
know taking control of our own life but we can’t we can’t we can’t even tie his
sandals like we can’t we’re not even worthy of wiping the dust from his
sandals like there’s nothing about us that is good enough to do that for him
but because Jesus came and died for us we aren’t good enough to God but we
can’t be God in her own life we can’t try to control our own life and we try
to so much so I love John because he helps us remember that he came as a
witness to testify about the light I think I’m gonna write this word kind of
fun so I’m gonna do that about the light ,
I’ll fix it in just a minute so that so that’s so that where to go where to go
all might believe through him so that all might believe through him period now
where are we he was not the light he was not the
light but he came to testify about the light
oh I love these verses but he came to testify about the light see that’s why
we called our testimony because we come to testify to we come to tell people
about Christ and what he did for us the true light who gives light to everyone
was coming into the world the let’s see am I very good at making teas maybe if I
do a lower case the true light I’ll go back and fix these have no fear the true light who gives light to
everyone who gives light to everyone was coming into the world , was coming into
the world first oh not first John John one six through nine okay so now I’m going to go back
and fix those and before I do that I’m gonna go up here I may as well just use
this sticker up there in that little blank spot cuz why not it’s a cute
little light so let me trim it off here and let me remember that it has score
marks on it so that I have to take both pieces off Nikki so you don’t panic that
it’s not sticking there we go there it is okay now we’re gonna go back
if you don’t know how to do this you anywhere that you go down so here I’m
going sideways and I’m going up but here I’m going down so I’m gonna make that
wider and then I just take my gel pen and color it in now it’s really gonna
bleed through the backside really bad but that’s okay so see where I go down
right there so that’s why I’m thickening that one so anybody can do this anybody
can do this you know how to write cursive so anybody can do this so
there’s a Down stroke I like to retrace over all of my strokes just to make them
thicker but here’s a down stroke the inside of the G and then you’re gonna go
down right here so I’m gonna thicken this now that goes into the word might
so I’m not gonna thicken it all the way down because I want to be able to read
that okay so you’re going up here and there you’re going down so you’re gonna
thicken that again and then we’re going to go on our H
we’re gonna go down now we’re going back up that look at
this now we’re going back down so we’re gonna get that in there and then we’ll
just make this one a little bit thick okay
white this is a little bit thicker there is the true light okay so here we’re
gonna color in because that’s a downstroke we’re going down this one
we’re just gonna thicken a bit that’s an upstroke so we don’t do much with that
but this is a down stroke so we are gonna thicken that I didn’t
mean to do that okay now we’re going to go up and now we’re going to go back
down and now we’re going to go back down now we’re going up now watch this with
the e you’re going to go down on this whole side so you’re gonna thicken up
that whole side true light okay so we’re going up here and now we’re going down
we’re going up and down we’re going down there down there up down down and then
this whole thing is going down okay so now go back in and fill this in see how
that looks it’s so cute I mean I’m not great at it let me tell you what
whenever if you see any of my writing where you like oh that’s really cool
that’s because I’ve looked it up online and copied someone else’s like I don’t
copy it literally but I look at theirs and I’m like okay so that’s how they did
it that’s how they did it but this one I just totally just in winging it so it’s
not gonna be really really cool but it’s you know it works shows you that if
you’re not really great at it either anybody can do it you just take your
cursive writing and make the down strokes thicker that’s it’s as simple as
that there it is the true light okay Ted aa little action like a bird on oh wait
I have no idea how that song goes if you all know how that song goes you can let
me know in the comments below my grandma used to listen to what she called
country-western and I think that was a country-western song havin no clue if it
wasn’t but I do love this page it’s very fun
cute – cute – cute and I love my travelers notebook one of my sweet
sisters in Christ sent me and I love it I love it love it so there you go there
it is hope you guys will go to my FC print
shop and check out some of my sticker kits this is a page of plants in my
faith I have one page on there too so anyway tons of different sticker kits
there that you can check out if you have it yet and that’s all so I will see you
later bye

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  1. Great sticker sheet. Yellow is my favorite color.
    I have that same HP printer ink deal. So between printing recipes, knitting patterns and now so many of your lovely things that ink deal will be even more of a God send. ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’•

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  4. This is a great scripture study, oh and the pens to the upper left look like ones I have from dollar tree. Mine came in sets of three.

  5. Wish I knew about the monthly hp ink subscription before I just bought my Canon printer. Do you know if Canon had similar deals?

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