Traveler’s Notebook Review: Webster’s Pages Regular and Pocket Size TN

Hi! I’m Lauren and if you’ve been
watching my channel over the last few years, you’ve likely noticed my growing
love for traveler’s notebooks. Today I wanted to review two TN covers from
Webster’s Pages which is the first company that I ever bought a traveler’s
notebook from. First, one of the older regular sized color crush notebook
covers, and then one of the newer suede pocket size ones. Now that I’ve been
using both of these for a while, I wanted to talk a bit more in depth about them
than I have before. In case you’re considering buying a traveler’s notebook
yourself and you’re comparing a lot of different brands, because now, there are a
lot more companies that make them, so it can be a little trickier to narrow it
down. Mine are also not new covers anymore so you’ll be able to see how
they wear over time. Just because I feel like I should say this, this is not a
sponsored video in any way. I bought both of these covers myself and I decided to
review them on my own. Though I would love to work with Webster’s Pages
someday if they will have me. So back when I bought my very first travelers
notebook, I decided to buy the Webster’s Pages regular size in the color Sedona.
I was incredibly excited at the time, I’d been doing a ton of research on
traveler’s notebooks online and I could not wait to get my hands on one.
Something about the whole system just really inspired me and it got me back on
my journaling kick, which I’ve been meaning to get back into for years and
never quite had the right system. And so the reason that I bought this notebook
in particular is that I loved the layout of the pockets. When you open it up, it
has this whole section in the front with tons of places to put things, there’s a
bigger pocket here and a bigger pocket here, which actually still has some stuff
in it, I didn’t totally empty it out. There’s a pocket on the back, there is an
elastic pen loop which is my preference for pen loops. It has four elastics on
the inside, which means that you can fit four notebooks in it without having to
add any additional elastics to attach them, which is really helpful. I find that
three or four is kind of my favorite amount to have in a notebook at one time.
I don’t like when they get too thick, but I don’t like when they’re too thin
either, I think that’s kind of the perfect happy medium. And the whole thing
closes with a single elastic band that you wrap around the whole thing. It’s a
little bit loose right now because there are no notebooks in it. But I actually feel
like it holds it closed pretty well. All the Webster’s pages notebooks have this
little tag, which I find really helpful cause I like to grab it and pull it in
order to take the elastic off of there, but I’m not sure how I would take this
tag off if I decided that I didn’t want this to be
the charm on my notebook. I actually have added a different charm on top of that
that I’ve put kind of in the center. So once I got this notebook, I filled it up
with a bunch of refills from traveler’s company as well as the blank Webster’s
pages one that came with the cover. I’ve been writing in my daily traveler’s
notebook almost every day for more than a year now, I have a travel journal that
I don’t work on quite so often cause I’m always really busy on trips, but I do
want to get better about that, but I really love the system itself and I’ve
been pretty happy with this cover as a whole. This thing has come with me on
a lot of adventures, my favorite thing about it by far are these pockets. I’ve
been able to fit so many extra things which is really helpful when you’re
traveling! Being able to store a ton of supplies like stickers and extra pieces
of paper and things like that as well as your pen, is super helpful with a
traveler’s notebook because when you do travel, you don’t want to be bringing a
ton of stuff along with you and having it mostly contained in this package is
extremely helpful and really functional. I haven’t tried a ton of different
traveler’s notebooks, but this is definitely my favorite layout as far as
pockets go. I’ve found it to be the most functional for what I find myself
wanting to carry in my notebook. Another thing about these notebooks is that they
do fit the regular sized traveler’s company inserts, but they are wider than
the travelers company covers. That means that you can fit more notebooks inside
of here without them spilling out along the edge, it means that if you have a pen
in the pen loop and you close it all up, there is enough room for the pen along
the edges of the notebooks, which is very helpful. One downside is that they are
not quite wide enough that you can reach into the pockets without closing your
refills first, so I have to kind of stop what I’m working on in order to access
these pockets, but it hasn’t really been that much of a hassle. The downside that
I have been experiencing with this cover after having used it for more than a
year, is that I don’t really like the way it’s wearing over time. This is not real
leather, which is a plus for a lot of people. There are plenty of ethical
reasons to not use leather and so if you are looking for a traveler’s notebook
that is not made out of leather, this is a really good option and honestly it’s
one of the reasons why I chose this first over the original traveler’s
company covers. But as a result, I’ve been a little bit jealous of all the people
on Instagram whose traveler’s notebooks have just worn down beautifully. Leather
gets nicer and nicer the longer you use it, and with something like a notebook that you’re carrying around with you on all of your travels, it’s going to
look like you’ve been through so many things in a good way.
I’ve only been using this cover for about a year, but I have started to notice
that it doesn’t look quite as good as when I first bought it and that’s a
little bit of a bummer for me. I assume that that is just the nature of the faux
leather material, but it is still holding up, it’s still durable, it’s not falling
apart in any way, it’s hanging in there. It just doesn’t look quite so nice as
all of the older travelers covers that I’ve seen. I have to admit that when I
first started researching traveler’s notebook covers, the leather ones didn’t
really seem as appealing to me as the faux leather ones and I, over time I’m
kind of starting to realize why people like the leather. Obviously, that’s a
personal choice, there’s nothing wrong with the faux leather and honestly I
prefer it to the suede which I’ll get to in a little bit. But for that reason, I’ve
been kind of looking into other covers and seeing what might suit me a little
bit better. A while later, Webster’s pages released their pocket size line and that
was very exciting to me. Their pocket size fits the field notes inserts, which
are very popular and really cute, but they also have a little bit of extra
width similar to their regular size notebooks. That way you have space for
a pen and lots of notebooks if you want to try and cram them in there. They chose
pocket size instead of passport size which is what the original smaller
traveler’s notebook size is called. The passport inserts do still fit in there,
they’re just quite a bit smaller than the cover itself. Pocket size is just as
wide but taller than the passport size. I was really excited when they announced
that they’d be coming out with these and I bought the mustard suede pocket size
pretty much right away when it became available, but I have to say, after a
while of using this, I have several issues with it and I do not like it as
much as I liked my regular size cover. I picked the mustard suede color and I
absolutely love this color, but what I like even more than this color, is when
you open it up, there is a pink floral pattern on some of the pockets on the
inside, which i think is absolutely beautiful. I really like the way the
yellow looks with the floral and it just I – man. One of my favorite favorite things
about Webster’s pages is their patterns and their colors that they choose. They
are right in line with my style and I always have a really hard time
choosing which one to get, just because I like so many of them. The layout of the
pockets inside this cover are similar but smaller. They have a couple that you
can fit in here, there’s a clear window similar to the regular-sized one, but
because this cover is a lot smaller, obviously they couldn’t fit as many
pockets, so they don’t have all those little card sized pockets in the front
half. There are also four elastics so you can attach four plus notebooks in this,
which is great. However, they added a reinforced spine which the regular size
does not have, and I have several issues with this spine. The spine, I think, is
what I have the biggest problem with with this cover. So the main problem that
I have with this reinforced spine is that when you put four inserts, one on
each of the four elastics that are in here, There is a lot of extra space on
that spine and so the note book feels empty and also larger than it needs to
be. And with a smaller size notebook like this, I want to be able to take it places
and put it in my purse and so if it’s bigger than it needs to be, it takes up a
lot more space than necessary. One of the things I like about the notebook that
doesn’t have the reinforced spine on it is that if I only had maybe two
notebooks inside here, I could flatten it almost completely and it would be great.
But if I wanted to have a ton of inserts in here, I could actually widen it and it
would still look good. I definitely don’t feel like I need to have more than four
inserts on a little travel-size notebook like this, and so it feels a little
strange to me that the spine is so wide compared to the width of those four
notebooks. The other problem that I have with the reinforced spine is that they
didn’t seal the edges of it, so at least with the suede fabric, it’s fraying all
over the place and it’s, I’ve trimmed off some of the little threads and they keep
showing up. I was tempted to try and seal the edges myself, but then I thought if
they didn’t do it, there must be a reason why not. I wondered if maybe their suede
fabric was a little bit too sensitive to any kind of fray check compound that
they might put on there, but another thing that I’ve noticed is that the
suede tends to bubble up a little bit and I don’t know if that’s just the
nature of the fabric, it probably is, but it doesn’t really look super great and
that bothers me as well a little bit. And it’s such a shame because this is such a
beautiful notebook, it was absolutely gorgeous when I first bought it, the
inside looks amazing. But just, several things about the outside are not
really what I wanted and that’s a little bit unfortunate. However, they are always
making new notebooks and releasing new colors and fabrics and sizes all the
time and so I think that they probably will improve it in future generations
and if they do, I’m probably gonna be first in line to buy another one.
Overall, the functionality of these notebooks is my favorite thing about
them. I love the pockets on the inside, I love the pen loops, I love that you can
close them up and you can carry a ton of things inside of them when you’re
traveling, I love that they have four elastics so I don’t have to do anything
tricky to get more things to fit in there, the color choices for these are
absolutely fantastic and it’s the thing that drew me to Webster’s pages as a
company in the first place. When I went to Creativation a few years ago, I
noticed the Webster’s pages booth almost right away and ran right over and I had
never heard of them before, but they had like this gorgeous floral wall on the
back and so I’ve been a fan of them since I first heard about them. In the
video description below, I will link to some places where you can find Webster’s
pages products in case you are interested in buying them yourself.
Anyway, I hope that this is helpful. If you are into travelers notebooks too, what
is your absolute favorite cover? I have a whole bunch of videos about Traveler’s
Notebooks, so I will link to them up in the cards above and in the video
description below if you’d like to see those. And if you’re new here, make sure
that you subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell so you can
stick around and see what I make next! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you soon.

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