Traveler’s Notebook Layout | Sketch Challenge

hello my lovely ugly buggers, how are you today?
I hope that you are well. Today I am creating a page or a layout in my pocket
page traveler’s notebook. I set a challenge in my facebook group Oh last
week now where I published a sketch that I just found on Pinterest. It
was a traditional 12 by 12 scrapbook sketch that I challenged people to turn
into a traveler’s notebook layout. So I’m in my notebook and this is my pocket
page notebook and you’ll see I kind of knew where I was going with it and then
all of a sudden I moved the white piece of paper that was on the left hand side
and because that card is showing through from the previous layout it
really threw me off and I found myself kind of stumbling as to what I was
putting where so I actually moved that white piece of paper back although it
irritated me because it kept slipping and moving around and I move it back
just because it helped keep my mind quite clear. Usually what
I like to do in these pocket page travelers notebooks is to
use a piece of patterned paper on the non Polly Pocket side so that I
can have the layer in front of me and then just glue it on because it just
helps you keep things balanced and yeah I was a lot happier once I had moved
that back. So this looks like a very random photo, it is a pair of shoes a
picture that I sent to Trevor because his dog chewed up my favorite sandals
and I’m not a like a delicate flip-flop kind of girl I’m very practical and we
do a lot of walking and dog walks and things like that so my shoes have to be
quite sturdy and the dog chewed them up so I went out while Trevor was asleep
and I bought myself a new pair and this was the photo that he woke up to. So yeah
that’s the story behind the photo, just looks a little bit random.
new shoes. so I’ve just gone and layered up, on the sketch there was a cluster of
layers on the bottom right hand corner so I’ve just gone ahead and done that
and I’m just using my tiny attacher there just to kind of keep the layers
together. The one prominent thing about this sketch was that there was a banner
down in the bottom right hand corner and how I actually came about selecting the
products that I’m using today was to go through (my stash) I knew that I had this banner
and the one that says celebrate on there and I pulled that out of my ephemera
packs or my die-cuts and I just kind of selected things where the colors were
coordinating so there was pale pinks like a coral color and then pale
blues I had in the polly pocket bag that I’m getting things out of that was a
previous ugly bug crafty Club kit. That’s just all the scraps from
that so I’m now working on the top left hand corner and It took me a long time to
kind of layer those three tiny bits of paper longer than it should have really
but it was because I needed the dark color on the bottom so that it wasn’t
overshadowing everything else but then those two pieces of paper on the top
kind of just blended into the white so I just grabbed the same color of ink
that’s on the papers and I just went around the edges and just to kind of
distress the edges and give them like a frame as you were and now I just need to
layer all of that up. um the one thing that I wanted to say really about
sketches is that they’re not there’s no hard and fast rules
um I very very rarely go a hundred percent by a sketch I use it as a base
for ideas and then I go off on a tangent and I do my own thing
and so the title was meant to be up in the top left hand corner I decided I
wanted a bigger title so I just You saw me just:
wasn’t sure if word shoes was gonna fit and it doesn’t really but I went with it
anyway I just stamped out on a piece of scrap paper just to see if I could get
the word shoes to fit on this notebook so you will see my head every time I
stamped the word shoes purely because I needed to make sure that it was as close
as I possibly could get it so that I could fit the whole word in. Yes the title, it was meant to be up in the top left hand corner where that little
cluster is and I decided to make a bigger title, now that’s absolutely fine
you can do this. These are your travelers notebooks you can do your
layout however you wish but the only thing I would say is it’s just all about
balance so just when you’ve completed a layout
if you’ve changed anything just kind of take a step back and look at the layout
does it need anything else to balance it out? and you’ll see that in this layout I
did. oWhen I bring the notebook back in the top right hand
corner looks really plain it didn’t in the sketch because there wasn’t that big
title there was just the bottom right hand corner cluster and the top
left-hand corner cluster because I put that big title in the space on
the top right hand corner looks very very vast so I could have either moved
this cluster up to the middle of the page and that would have balanced it out
or I chose to add just a tiny tiny embellishment cluster up in the top
right hand corner that you’ll see me create in a minute. So I’m just going
through there just sticking all those layers down just making sure everything
is stuck down because so far it’s just been attached with a stapler so I’m just
making sure that all the layers have actually sellotaped together and nothing
is going to move at all. I chopped that bit off because where I sellotaped it
wouldn’t kind of go in far enough. On the original layout there was a like a
round circle that had, I think it said text in it so you were meant to put some
text there I swap that out for that round doily, still keeping the same
shape but for me adding in any more text on that layout just would have
been too busy and it would have just gotten a little bit (crowded)
and yeah it just wouldn’t have been as great. So you can see I’m like now what
do I add, that’s where I was really thinking do I need to add anything else is the is
that space too big what have i done, why did I change things, no I’m joking, I kind
of knew that something was gonna go in that top right-hand corner anyway. So
I’ve just gone through all my enamel dots and picked out some of the colors
that match in with the rest of the layout. This turned out really really
girly I wasn’t expecting it to be as kind of florally and pink and blue but I
really really was happy with this in the end.
apart from that big green blob of slime that’s on my table that I hadn’t noticed
and I am now hoping it’s not stuck to the bottom of my traveler’s notebook downstairs we
will see, slime get everywhere in this house. So that’s it that, yeah
unfortunately I was just slightly off screen but I do move it down in a second.
I just added that you actually saw me cut the tail of this off and so I just
added that to the top right hand corner and it just brings balance back to that
page it makes that it ties everything in you’ve got your three clusters and your
title and yeah I was really happy with that
so guys thank you so much for watching me I will leave a link in the
description box down below to my Facebook group I am planning on doing
weekly challenges like this and they will mainly be for fun but I am gonna
start introducing some ball prize challenges so I hope you’ll join me over
there and don’t forget to give us a like and a thumbs up until next time goodbye

14 thoughts on “Traveler’s Notebook Layout | Sketch Challenge

  1. Oh that is really sweet, they turned out fab. I love that scrapbooking captures so many great memories in such a creative way.

  2. I'll be doing this sketch later today as the title page for the meet at the weekend 😊 ps love the sandals 😉 I'm gunna go put my flip flops on 😘

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