Traveler’s Notebook Haul + Set Up + Journal with Me

Hey friends it’s Tamsien from Babbling
Books and today I’m gonna share with you my Traveler’s Factory notebook haul. I
went to the Travelers Factory in Meguro, in Tokyo a couple of months ago and I
bought a whole bunch of different notebook and journaling supplies and I’m
really really excited to get started on working on this journal. It’s the style
of journal that I really have admired in a lot of other Youtubers and Instagrammers so I’m really really keen to create something of my own. So first I’m going
to show you all the different bits and pieces that I purchased while it was in
Tokyo and then I’m going to do a time-lapse of me setting up my journal.
So you can see how I’m going to be structuring it and I might just create
some pages as well. I did buy quite a little stuff. I have
this giant bag filled with things from the Travelers Notebook Factory. The
factory produces this really cool kind of newspaper which has inspiration and
ideas in it. I really loved looking through this, it has really cute
illustrations. it’s really fun. So the first thing that I bought is this
brown leather notebook which is a cover, and inside it it has one plain blank
paged notebook to get you started. This is going to be the outside cover of my
journal and it’s going to form the base onto which I’m going to add all sorts of
different goodies. The first insert that I bought was this 2018 diary insert. It’s
actually two blue colored notebooks and inside it’s a week to a page, which I
think is really cool. On one side it just has grid. It also came with some cute
stickers so you can customize the notebooks. The next little inset that I bought is a standard sized refill which is the grid
refill and you can see inside it just has gridlines. I also picked up a short
trip refill which just has 32 pages and it’s a kind of a brown kraft paper
color. I also got this clear plastic zipper case which is a kind of zipper
case insert to go inside my notebook. To hold all of these inserts together I got
a set of four different colored brown and black rubber bands so I’ll be using
these in a minute to connect them all together. I got this really cute sticker
set which is a 2018 diary customizing sticker set.
There are cute travel stickers, some cool lettering, some kind of dividers, monthly
tabs, dots, activity stickers and of course the classic travelers train
stickers. Last thing I got to attach to my diary was this little metal and
leather pen holder which clips onto the side. Also from various places while I
was traveling I picked up some little ticket coupons and some other little
bits of ephemera that I can use to stick in my journal and make it mine

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