Traveler’s notebook flip through, How to hand letter in your scrapbook

hello friends welcome to a new video on
my channel I’m Smitha Katti I blog at you can also find me
as @theshinynest on Instagram I’ve created a traveler’s notebook style
scrapbook for my recent Grand Canyon trip and I’m excited for all of you to
come along with me and take a look inside it today I’m going to be sharing
a flip through of my new mini album so over me blog I’ve
written a blog post that goes along with this which gives you 10 tips about
documenting your memories and creating a traveler’s notebook last week I happen
to see a scrapbooking kit on Instagram that I really fell in love with by a
company called make a pretty life and I really love their kit it was very
appropriate for our trip this time during the trip we took a lot of
photographs and you might have seen me share some of them on Instagram
and I was very motivated to come home and print photographs and I wanted to
document them somehow while the memories are still fresh in my
mind and something that I like to do for small trips like this is create a mini
book so a couple of things I worked extra out on the cover of this book
because I knew that’s what’s gonna stand out and that’s what everybody’s going to
see I use this huge paper clip to keep the book close because the book is kind
of thick now and you can see that there are a lot of pages and I like that this
paper clip kind of keeps it all together I believe a list of all the supplies
I’ve used in the description box below so don’t worry about that right now
we’ll just take a look at the travelers notebook for the title of Grand Canyon I
did some gold powder embossing and how I did that was on this paper die-cut I
first used a pencil to sketch out Grand Canyon and then I went over it with an
embossing pen this is the market that has some sticky glue on it and you can
see it’s kind of blue in color so I went over my pencil line carefully with the
marker and the blue color of the marker helps you know how much you’ve covered
while the glue is still sticky you can’t have to work fast here
I poured gold embossing powder all over the words and then I dusted off the exit and now to melt the embossing powder I
used a heat gun or an embossing gun and then you just want to go over to all of
the powder melts and becomes this liquid gold that’s so beautiful this is such a WOW factor for this album
I just love gold embossing powder so to assemble the cover I just trimmed in
scrapbooking paper and using the tombow xtreme adhesive I glued it into place
I glued everything else into place and then I stamped the words you are here
and I also added a pom pom ribbon to the side of the book I like the way it kind
of adds this whimsical feeling to the book and to do that I just added a bead
of glue to the outer edge of the inner side you don’t want to add too much glue
because then it’ll lose out and make a mess so add just a little bit of glue
and then place the ribbon on top don’t stretch the ribbon let the ribbon fall
into place naturally and then let it dry overnight and it should be good I placed
a ziploc bag between the cover and the front page just so that nothing would
stick in place once it is completely dried the next day I took a sharp pair
of scissors and then I rounded the edges to match the cover and there is when you
open the book the first thing you see is the stamp that says property of this was
a stamp that is included in the kit and I just stamped it with some black tombow
dual brush pens and then I wrote the words the Cutty family in the next page is when the photo start so
all of the photographs have been printed at home I like to proof my photographs
in Photoshop and then I print them on till eight-and-a-half by 11 inch photo
paper the paper I’m using here is a Canon matte photo paper this is a paper
I’ve been using for years I use it to print photographs printables anything
the paper is really bright and nice and I love the photos that come out of it I
just print out different sides of photographs I don’t print just one for
basic size I like to print two by two inches two and a half by three inches
and I have all odd sizes I have like five by eight I mix the sides of
photographs and then I just trim them to size using my trimmer the paper trimmer
I’m using is beifuss cars and I’ve used this one for years as well and I’ll
leave a link to it down below I just stamped some little odd details
I added some paper bit and to do my journaling I’m using a black pen that is
by tombow this is the mono drawing pen and in the 0-5 thickness this pen is
really nice for all kinds of journaling and as you see in my scrapbooking Styles
pretty simple I don’t go over the top I like to have photographs and I like the
photograph to tell the story I adhered the photographs onto the paper with the
tombow xtreme glue as well and I like the extreme glue because it holds tight
the best part of this whole scrapbooking experience is playing with paper for me
I love all these little die-cuts I love how I get to glue them and make stories
come to life on paper the next page there are more photographs
more little bits of paper and some journaling and then the next page go
through all of the die-cuts that came in the kit pick one that goes appropriately
with the page whew it in and add some journaling as you see as I adding big
photographs at times and then I add smaller photographs just to tell the
whole story next this is about the road trip I trimmed a paper tag here I added
a little bit of twine for some dimension and texture this was one of my favorite
photographs I loved the rocks and the people contrast to do the Zion National
Park on this side I did some hand that ring again I start by doing a pencil
sketch first because I want to make sure that my words are in the center of the
page I like to use a four hitch or a six edged pencil and I make sure that the
pencil isn’t too sharp because I don’t want it to leave indentations on the
paper once they have my pencil lines in place and I like how it looks I lightly
erase the pencil so that it’s faintly visible but not really loud and then I
go over that with my tombow dual brush pen the pen I used today is an N 25 it’s
a dark black but not really darkest black and I like the way it looks with
everything else here I added these stickers that say you Tom I used the
sticker set that came with the pack and the next page again more photographs and
then comes page we went to Page Arizona as well and another thing that I like to
incorporate in my scrapbooks are maps maps are easily available everywhere
I think maps and typography are very trendy these days
I also leave a lot of place for me to journal I have a lot of stories to tell
and I want this to be something that we can read 10 years later and remember
fondly and many places I leave blank space because I think that speaks nicely
against a big photograph as well this is a photo of the Antelope Canyon we loved
that place it was just amazing and again I keep pamplets something that had
information that we found very fascinating especially my daughter’s I
trim it to size add it into the book a main thing for me while making
scrapbooks at this point of my life is that I have my kids participate with me
what I did was I trimmed a regular eight and a half by 11 inch page that had fit
inside my book I told my daughter write what she felt about the trip so she made
this entire thing by herself she brought all the pages she wrote the title and I
like to see her perspective and I know that 10 years later she’s not gonna be
writing like this it’s a nice way to preserve her handwriting as well and
then comes the star of our trip the Grand Canyon for the Grand Canyon here
again I did some hand lettering took my tombow dual brush pen and I did some
brush lettering now if you’ve not done brush lettering before I have a couple
of videos on the YouTube channel which explain what brush lettering is the next
page is actually a pocket map and what I did was actually I cut off the excess
first with a pair of scissors and then I folded it and trimmed it to that I had a
nice straight edge beneath then to adhere it into my scrapbook
I used the tombow xtreme adhesive again and I applied adhesive onto one half of
the map first I placed the map into my book and I positioned it correctly and
then I just shut the book close to make sure it stays in place and I opened it
to find that it was perfectly presented and then I was able to turn it and add
adhesive onto the other side I love the way this opens it shows all
of the viewpoints there were so many viewpoints on the South Rim I gave a
nice check mark against all of the ones we saw we saw many of them we saw like
12 or 13 viewpoints the next page again I start keeping
things simple because the photographs of the Grand Canyon are really amazing so
have large photos and have a smaller photo and some some journaling on the
side some places I don’t the journaling I just add photographs because these
photographs were my favorite then for this one here I added the word sunset
love because we took a lot of sunset photographs to make sure that my word
sunset and love were centered I take my stickers and I actually arrange them to
spell my word onto the edge of some kind of plastic packaging and then I bring it
to the paper I make sure it’s in the right position and I press down firmly
I’m adhering the top 3/4 of it then you want to wiggle out of the packaging from
beneath and press down the other quarter left behind and you have perfectly
centered stickers this comes especially handy when you have to Center the second
word because I wanted to add the word love beneath it and adhere it into place
so I added some more for the rest of all the sunsets we saw and then added some
journaling more photographs there are a lot of photographs in my scrapbook more
photographs some more journaling and again these pages are by my kids my
little girl world it was cool I felt happy and sad that I missed home that is
she’s a homebody she loves home my older daughter wrote a lot of more details
because she’s older and she was very intrigued by all of the layers of the
Grand Canyon so I’m not surprised she wrote this she did some bettering of her
own and she loved the Colorado River so she would see the Colorado River every
time every viewpoint the first thing she would look for the Colorado River
then I have some more photographs of the sunset this is the sunrise actually and
then this was one of the brochures that had a lot of information that I had
really liked so I decided I’m just gonna trim it in and try to put it inside and
I wondered the typography Grand Canyon to be centered now we’re almost near the
end this one’s all about my husband and he did a lot of photography this trip
inside I wanted to make a note about that and the final one I thought this
this little spread tongue got really cute said I’ll go anywhere with you I’d
use some pink shiny tape and I love this guest check this was also part of the
kit and the final page thank you a lot of planes trains and automobiles in this
trip and I would how old my kids were during this trip and that brings us to
the end of the scrapbook as you can see doesn’t stay closed very easily which is
why I like this huge paper jumbo clip this book was also included in the kit
but I have found many books like this on Amazon and I’ve actually bought a couple
of them I believe links to those as well down in the description box so thank you
so much for spending some crafty time with me today friends I hope you enjoyed
having a look inside of my travelers notebook scrapbooks I definitely enjoyed
sharing it with you make sure to give this video a thumbs up share it with
friends and leave me a comment below letting me know whether you like seeing
clip throws of albums and I will leave you here today with a couple of my
previous videos that I think you’ll enjoy happy crafting you

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