Travelers (Iceland Series) The Cycling Adventurer Sebastian

So my name is Sebastian and I’m from
South West Germany I am the fourth time in Iceland and I like the
volcanic and geothermal things here because I am a geographic teacher
and so in my holidays I visit points of interest for me and every summer I have
a cycling trip. Normally in Scandinavia but sometimes also in Iceland or in
South Europe and this year I thought I will do that in July because of the mid
summer nights and I am happy that it’s 12 o’clock in the night it’s just
bright and not dark like in Europe. This summer the people told me it’s the
wettest summer for years and I hope it will change because I think I’m an
optimist I think if there were four weeks rain there will be four weeks sunshine
so I hope from day to day that we have very nice weather for the next week’s
and yeah I’m on the way to the north to the westfjords and on my way back I
will go on one of the highland routes Kjölur or Sprengisandur and in two
weeks my plane goes back to Germany again. Bæ bæ (Bye bye)

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