Travelers • The fight is all we know

To save humanity they changed the path. And they were saved by travelers. David! Please hold on. No! No! I would never do that. It’s me. I’m here. We’re not who we were. No. It’s alright… On three… Special Agent Grant McLaren fell 45 meters down an open elevator shaft. Bye, Marce. I’m sorry. MacLaren! Get back from the water!

62 thoughts on “Travelers • The fight is all we know

  1. Someone made a Traveler vid! This is so awesome and the song was a great pick for this. I liked the inclusion of the lyrics at certain beats. Usually that feels intrusive to me, to the flow of a fanvid, but in this case I think it worked well as punctuation. Same with your chosen spoken lines. I'd love if you did a Phillip vid; for me, he's the most tragic of the Travelers because he was never given a choice. He didn't apply and get chosen from hundreds or thousands like the others, he was taken at birth and made into something else. Anyway, this is a great vid and I'm so looking forward to what they do with the 4th season. I mean, I hope they make a S4 if nothing else because there's still so much potential left in the show.

  2. YES!!! I screamed of joy when this was at the top of my feed, i always love your videos and i’m so glad you’ve made a Travelers video!!! Amazing as always, great choice of song. Please, please, please make more videos related to this fandom because like you said there’s hardly any. I’ve been searching all over youtube, and its shocking that no one is vidding this show.

  3. I have never heard of this show. But after your edit, I'm ready to give it a try. And coming to your edit, I'm literally speechless! It's a visual treat…the colouring, the scenes, the coordination, everything made it so damn aesthetic. Lauren, you are getting better at this day by day. It's like you own this thing, like it's your thing! I thank my lucky stars, that introduced me to your channel, your 'art', and most importantly, you! Love you so much. ❤

  4. Such a great video. I gotta say I was surprised to see video in sub but with T but also very happy bc I love the series. U picked a lot of amazing and intense moments. Editing is awesome and smooth, the song fits well. The only things bother me was coloring, kind of feel like don't fit but that's just my personal opinion but thought I would share.
    Hope to see more vids with them in future 🙂

  5. OMFG I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!<333 I was so happy and surprised to see you vidding it because it's unfortunately so underrated but I absolutely love this video and I think anyone who hasn't been watching this amazing series will now!! :))

  6. YESSS FINALLY a Travelers video!! omg I can't tell you how happy I am that someone did a fanvid of this show because I absolutely loved it since I binged it when season 2 came out 🙂 it was beautifully done, thank you so much!

  7. This was amazing!!! I loved it! I haven't seen the show yet but your video makes me really want to mostly to understand your video better and to know what happens. Thank you for sharing with us and amazing job!! <3

  8. finally i watched it when it first came out & was blown away happy more people are finally starting to videos for it

  9. i love this video so much, travelers seems to be an unappreciated series in the editing community and barely anyone edits to it. you are an amazing editor, i love all your edits so much <3

  10. Thank you soo soon much for this!!! I just finished it today and I'm still shook haha, I needed someone that had also seen it lol

  11. i binged the entire show in a weekend and lets just say im obbessed. Phillip deserves to be happy, i mean he only has a turtle. comment if u agree

  12. okay first of all, thank you SO much for linking my video in the DB <3
    secondly, you have no idea how happy I am that you watched and vidded this show!
    it's one of my favourites but SO underrated!
    and I couldn't have asked for a better tribute
    so many emotions in one video
    gosh, I need another season like right now sldfkhjkdlfkgh
    seriously tho, your scene choice is so on point and I'm drowning in emotions right now
    I love this so much
    thank you for making it <3

  13. I finished watching Travelers a few days ago and I have such a larger respect, appreciation, and love for this video now! Watching Travelers was one of the best decisions of my life and I freely admit to bawling my eyes out during season 3 episodes 7 and 9 but I'm still very happy I watched the show. I also kept rewatching this video as I watched the show to see what scenes you used had passed already and I got so happy when I understood a scene you used. Thank you for creating this video!! It was brilliant and just alkdfj;asd;ladjf!! <3 <3 <3

  14. Ahh! How did I miss this! It's beautiful and amazing and oh my god the clip quality and coloring is perfect and beautiful and I'm freaking out because this is better than I had imagined. Thank god that someone finally vidded this show and thank god that person was you! This does make me even sadder about the fact it was cancelled tho.

  15. this. is. the. best. Travellers. video. i. have. ever. watched. i. love. you. there i said it. you are awesome. I wanna cry. I'm gonna go and cry now.

  16. i’m honestly so mad we won’t get a 4th season, however your video is amazing!! please edit them more!

  17. I literally just finished the last episode and I'm heart broken. This show is so amazingly written and acted out. Set up so wonderfully. I don't understand how they canceled it. This video is amazing and captures the show awesomely. I really hope they bring it back. ♥️

  18. I keep coming back to this video. It's great, and I love it. The mood, the song (which fits so perfectly!) and clips of season three, which was certainly a heart-wrenching ride. You really captured the atmosphere. Thank you for vidding my favourite show.

  19. i have watched this countless times gives me goosebumps hHHH i love this show so much and this edit just encaptures it

  20. I love Travelers so much and this video really shows everything that I felt when I watched it. So few people edit this show, it’s a shame

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