This is a story of a young man traveling ancient countrysides looking for new emotions… to experience. Looking to give more than to get… and understanding the frailty in the notion that nothing is really given to you aside from the very air
that you breathe But things are changing now Things are rapidly becoming… very different… than they once were. On a southbound train that seems to eat through
the German countryside like a mylar saw through wood Like a hammer breaking through old bones My reflections are now turning from the circus
mirrors and smoke to framed glass Preparing to separate my interior frailty
from the dangers of the outside Those things I do not quite understand. I can see hints of colored city kid influence in colorful accents dancing across the foundations
of former communist factories Saying, to me, that I’ve been here before Despite this railway being my virgin transport in this oh so foreign place Chopping through the world I’ve come to understand as mine, like: a lion’s teeth through the ribs of a gazelle on a hunt And when we reach Stuttgart I believe I am a man of different thinking My energy replenished with each stop between
Hamburg and Munich Visions of Göthe Thomas Mann immortalised by the artistic politics of | iron curtains |
falling as certain as rain Grape vines growing rooted from the lips of
the Rheinsee This particular world I’m traveling through
Is much older than the world I call mine Today I’m the gunpowder in a continental bullet. A cell in this electric vein coursing through the Black Forest. My destination just beyond the trees. A relatively young man traveling ancient countrysides and newfangled sidewalk technology Looking to give more than to get And understanding the frailty in the notion that nothing is given to you but the air you
breathe And the trees that hide my destination
Resemble loose hairs on the head of an old gentleman from a far These mountains, protecting villages and colonies like a mote Encircling castles of fallen leaders Roughly an hour north of the Munich skylines This trip is very different than any I’ve
been on before I wish I could transmit this experience through
American urban radio and whore-house shopping malls to Wall Street executives and stay-at-home moms in the Bible belt Just to say hey! look at the world and get off your block. Pick up a book. Stop watching the clock. There is so much more to learn than Trades and monolingual grades
– to be sure. This ride is special This countryside is ancient And many of these things…. I do not understand…. But I feel like I’ve been here before! This ride, the thoughts that come with it… tell me to cherish life now, because the only real gift given to you is the present The only real gift given to you is right now

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