Traveler with Quran-6-Why Memorize? Mauritania-مسافر-مع-القرآن-الحلقة-6

In a journey to everywhere Between cities and nations In the presence of the Wise Remembrance The Lord of all hearts Has unified us… Has unified us all. And for the sake of memorizing the book We have knocked every door and we shall continue on the right path, before things come to an end Why memorize the Quran?! I don’t want you to tell me how you’ll do it. We will deal with the ‘How’ in upcoming times But this time, we want to focus on the ‘Why’ question! Knowing that is a very essential and important rule when it comes to memorizing Quran Let’s say you have made up your mind and decided you are to memorize the Quran. Then you need to have a set of well-defined intentions Make them clear and defined. For example, say: I will do that to become close to the Quran, and have it with me wherever I go, at home, workplace, masjid, in the car, and indeed everywhere! Indeed when one starts memorizing, they want access to Quran everywhere so that they may listen, revise and remember it all the time. This is a beautiful goal, and a good intention to have. Another person would put the intention of being a close relative to Quran. ” Those who are close in relation to Quran, are the close relatives to Allah Almighty” [Hadeeth]. Another person would put the intention of teaching Quran to others. ” The best amongst you are those who learn Quran and teach it” [Hadeeth]. I am putting much emphasis on the importance of setting clear intentions because during your journey of memorizing Quran… At some point you will feel lazy, or even bored of the memorization routine And setting your intentions will help you renew your commitment in such situations, and resume the memorization with much higher energy Another person would have a very beautiful intention of honouring his/her parents with a crown of light in the Day of judgement These are all good, beautiful, and wonderful intentions They are very important to keep you progressing on your journey of memorizing the book of Allah Almighty [ Mauritania] Currently, we are visiting Mauritania, a country that was known in the past by ” The Land of Chinguett” Over the history, the Land of Chinquett has always been famous for their tight connection to Islam … and for the large amount of Islamic knowledge produced in it. This land has given many of the greatest Muslim scholars of All times My team and I researched about Mouritania, and we found an amazing dedication of institutions for learning the Quran here Moreover, the general rule here is that everyone memorizes the Quran … and those who don’t do, are considered to be an exception! Therefore, we had to come to Mauritania We will shed light on the Quran centres, and the memorization practices of this land The land of Chinguett [Mauritania] In Mauritania, they call a Quran study circle, a ‘Mahdarah’ one of my best visits was for the Mahdarah of Ridwan Where I have met an amazing examples of people. We are at the Mahdarah of Ridwan in Mauritania, in Nouakchott We are enjoying this amazing session with Students of Quran. I am specifically sitting with an amazing son, ma sha Allah His name was the first to catch my attention about him. I ask Allah to give him a share of what his name means. His name is, Al-Al’lama [i.e. The Knowledgeable Scholar] Muhammad Fadil. Mashalla,He won a number of Quran Competitions here in Mauritania, and he will soon head to Doha to take part in the Junior Quran competitions there We pray to Allah he wins the 1st position there! So tell me, when did you start memorizing the Quran? At the age of 6 or 7 Beautiful, and how old were you when you finished memorizing it? At the age of 8! Ma sha Allah Started at 6, finished at 8! And how old are you now? I am at ten – May I ask you about the Quran? Are you ready? – I am ready I seek refuge in Allah from the evil Shaytan ” Have you not considered those who exchanged the favor of Allah for disbelief and settled their people [in] the home of ruin?” “[It is] Hell, which they will [enter to] burn, and wretched is the settlement.” ” And they have attributed to Allah equals to mislead [people] from His way. Say, “Enjoy yourselves, for indeed, your destination is the Fire.” I feel like I am listening to Al-Minshawi, but when he was young! I ask Allah that you be like Al-Minshawi when you grow up. Say Ameen! So that All people benefit from with you as we all continue to benefit from Al-Minshawi [Mauritania] [Mauritania] “Indeed, those who disbelieve will be addressed, “The hatred of Allah for you was [even] greater than your hatred of yourselves [this Day in Hell] when you were invited to faith, but you refused.” “They will say, “Our Lord, You made us lifeless twice and gave us life twice, and we have confessed our sins. So is there to an exit any way?”” ” [They will be told], “That is because, when Allah was called upon alone, you disbelieved; but if others were associated with Him, you believed. So the judgement is with Allah , the Most High, the Grand.”” Enough. May Allah bless you. What is this surah? – This is Surat Ghafir – Great! May Allah preserve you -What about other things. You have finished memorizing the Quran, may Allah preserve it in you. Is there any other thing that you memorize? -Do you memorize any of the poems that outline the way of reading Quran? -Can you choose a portion from Al-Jazariyah poem and tell it to us? The chapter of Articulation points ” The articulation exits of letters are 17, according to what the experienced has chose” ” The Alif and its two sisters, along with “Hee”, are elongation letters that end to the breathed air” ” Then to the deep throat is a Hamza and Ha’a, then to the middle of it is an Aien and H`a’a” – What introduction is this? – It is the introduction of Al-Jazariyah – Beautiful! Then what about the Poem of Tuhfah? ” Says the forever-hopeful of the merciful Lord; Sulaiman Al-Jamzoori” ” Praise is to Allah with prays sent upon Muhammad, his family, and who followed [him].” ” Then, this rhyme is for the lover, with regards to Noon, Tanween, and elongations” ” I called it The Masterpiece of Children, based on [the teachings of] my teacher, of perfection.” ” I hope through it to benefit the students, and gain the reward and good deeds.” – I have a very special request for you! Would you please leave Mauritania and come with me to Kuwait? I really loved you, would you? – …yes! – May Allah bless you son. Did you find it any difficult to memorize the Quran?
– No! – But some people of your age would say Quran is so difficult that they can’t memorize. Is that is the case?
– No! – Then what would you say to them?
– To try all their effort to memorize! – Try their best to memorize the book of Allah Almighty, right?
– Yeah! So that they all reach what you have reached! And tell me, who encouraged you most to memorize Quran? – My father did
-Your father! And who else?
– All my family did By the way, the Father of Al-Al’ama is the teacher in this Mahdarah, shiekh Muhammad Fadil I think he is such a fortunate man ” fortunate are your parents! Upon them are clothes of lights made of precious jewels” [Poem of Al-Shatibi] He has taught his son the Quran, and I know that hundreds more children are learning from you. I really wish from Allah that we be like him, as he fulfilled the conditions of being, the best, stated by our prophet may peace be upon him, ” The best of you are those who learn Quran and teach it” Glad for him to have this son I will take the opportunity to tell everyone who is watching now My dream is that in every Muslim household, to be there someone like Al-Al’ama This beautiful young boy, may Allah preserve him and protect him from the eyes of enviers And to preserve the Quran firmly in his heart, Oh Allah, Ameen Just imagine your son coming to sit with you at home, having memorized all the Quran, and imagine you listening to him reciting it in the most beautiful of ways He is eight, and yet he memorized all the Quran, may Allah bless him. He is now ten, and he will learn much more about his religion so he may one day become a real scholar, just as his name implies, Al-Al’ama Muhammad Fadil [Mauritania] Have you noticed that whenever one of us gets sick, they would ask for someone who has memorized the Quran, to read for healing or exorcism This is because Allah Almighty has taught us that Quran is the healing He mentioned that in many verses, for example: I seek refuge in Allah from the evil Shaytan ” And We send down of the Qur’an that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss.” He also said: “Say, “It is, for those who believe, a guidance and cure.”” So the one who promised this healing power of Quran is non but Allah Almighty So, who is more truthful than Allah, and who is more trustworthy than Allah? If you get any type of sickness, Quran can heal you And this is why our prophet may peace be upon him has taught us a specific way (Ruqyah) to use the Quran for healing He used to read Ruqyah upon Al-Hassan and Al-hussain- may Allah be pleased with both of them He also taught us to read it for ourselves …either by reading Al-Fatiha, Al-Kursi, or the closing verses of Al-Baqarah–many verses for Ruqyah! The Question now is, what about that who has all these verses already saved in his heart! Imagine that you had memorized the Quran, how Allah will protect you from sickness and the evil Isn’t it quiet the time now to memorize the book of Allah almighty? ” Oh my brother, the Dawn recitation of Quran is witnessed” ” And all the good is tied to its words” ” So be keen on it, don’t spare any effort for that” ” For that any good you do, you’ll get back” ” So be keen on it, don’t spare any effort for that” ” For that any good you do, any good, any good, you’ll get it all back”

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  1. الله يحفظك يا موريتانيا يا أرض شنقيط من ارد الإسلام صحيحٍ فليذهب إلى موريتانيا ،والله اهله طيبين

  2. الله يجازيك خيرا على هذا الفيديو و اسلكم الدعاء لنا و للمسلمين أن يثبتنا الله على طاعته و ييسر حفظ القرآن علينا. جزاك الله خيراً

  3. بلد القرآن والعلماء الكبار بامتياز موريتانيا أرض الاسلام

  4. how about attaining jannah or being saved from the fire! This is the promise of Allah swt for those who memorize the quran subhanallah!

  5. Ma sha Allah, this episode really helped remind me of why we should memorize, that as long as the motive is the end goal of pleasing Allah (swt), then it is a good intention. JazakAllah Khair for translating these episodes for non-Arabic speakers! 🙂

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