Traveler Soul | Chapter 3 – Full Documentary

[Music] I am in Northwest Mexico in an inhospitable land which for many centuries has been the home of the tattle era Indians a very hospitable tribe their ancestors came from Asia crossing the Bering Straits I came here on the back of a mule the best way of travelling across the sea of nomadic [Music] the family is very important to them as it constitutes the social base that insures their precarious well-being they are strong people accustomed to living with very little and who value people more than things the man with the most experience in the village is the chief for CDMA and he is chosen by a system of showing of hands which makes vote-rigging impossible on Sundays he gives them a chat and they go to see him to resolve the problems of the community like their ancestors they grow maize they don’t have many resources but they do have their own philosophy they never tell their children off they give them responsibilities from when they are very young and they teach them to decide for themselves maize and some animals they suffer from illnesses due to scarcity but despite his appearance this child is receiving treatment as the village doctor an affable man called Hiroki tells me there that a marine a very young from the age of 16 and the woman calls all her children the same Danella grammar II means the light-footed ones they have always liked running and they still do that is why the men play through our hippo [Music] the game consists of kicking the ball with the inside of the foot along a course with the inside of the foot they kick the ball which in their language is called the coma Cali each team supports his favorite and they follow him throughout the race bringing water food and enthusiasm [Music] the team’s bet and the winner is the one who reaches the finish which maybe one or two hundred kilometers away so the race can last for days but that is absolutely no problem for the Lightfoot Indians I too must dash [Music] there are several ways you can get to the island of Madagascar by boat plane or on a floating trunk of the 135 species of chameleons that exist in the world have live in Madagascar it is possible that they were the inspiration for Gollum the slimy inhabitants of the swamps in the Lord of the Rings [Music] the chameleon is a lizard that loves climbing up trees that is why they are perfectly at home in forests and jungles their prehensile tails help them to move along the treetops and they are capable of remaining completely immobile if they want to go unnoticed their toes have fused together to form just two opposable ones which enables them to climb up and cling onto the trunks without any problem whatsoever in addition it is a camouflaged hunter capable of remaining completely in mobile then quickly flicking out its sticky tongue at unsuspecting victims [Music] this grassy bird didn’t even know what hit it to mail Parsons chameleons have coincided on the same branch as they don’t have nails in their teeth and not exactly fearsome they use their nasal appendages to sort things out though this nose fight doesn’t have serious consequences a bit of pushing and shoving a short struggle and one of them suddenly finds himself on the ground they come in all sizes to suit all tastes the chameleons famous ability to change color is due to physiological and psychological causes they can change as the temperature varies from night to day and also if they’re furious or if they detect a female willing to keep them company from Madagascar to Australia this island is larger than the previous one [Music] the Loess were enormous birds that lived in old Gondwana the EMU and the cassowary are descendants of the moas the lowest were the ancestors of the African ostrich and the South American Ria’s that is why it’s face is pretty similar to that of the ostrich because their relatives distant relatives but relatives nonetheless the female EMU lays her eggs on the ground on a bed of leaves then she forgets about them and it is the male that incubates them all by himself however both parents do take responsibility for looking after their young and the young emus enjoy being taken care of by both parents compared to the rest of the many different species that inhabit these jungles the cassowaries are rather tall birds measuring 2 meters and weighing around 60 kilos of course they can’t fly but they can majestically strut around like elegant descendants of the moas and the extinct elephant bird a bird that measured 4 meters and weighed half a tonne [Music] the cassowaries are solitary Birds I make sure I don’t get too close as their reactions are unpredictable and they could even attack you and that protuberant is called the Cask that they have on their heads accentuates the air of menace despite its appearance it is a relatively recent bird as it has only been with us for about ten thousand years [Music] and from here to a rather scary place [Music] [Music] the river Sepik almost 1,000 kilometers long runs through northern New Guinea in its final stretch the deep brown colored waters pour into the Bismarck sea and contain both mud and crocodiles this building is a house tambourin and they normally stand in the center of the village safe from the river flooding the decorations and drawings represent God’s prophecies and everyday scenes and this is a crocodile I might be wrong but it seems to me that there is a certain similarity the tambaran is made of bamboo and palm leaves also called the boathouse it is the home of the spirits and the life of the village revolves around it [Music] yes it’s true its form does remind us of the crocodiles in the river cific inside the tomcod on the men invoke the spirits by me is imagined in ritual music today is a special day saint alligator perhaps they appeared on their finest clothes the traditional costume to invoke their gods the tambourine is exclusive to men women and the uninitiated are not allowed in around the dumbbell they dance and invoke their protector gutters [Music] from inside the flutes and the tam-tam sound out indicating to those outside what they must do a place where they worship the man-eater the Sepik crocodile which they believe was the creator of the sky and the earth farewell to the crocodiles and now it’s off to the land of shadow [Music] in northern Kenya in the shaba reserve lives a very peculiar species of bird the secretary bird despite their appearance they are birds of prey and very specialized hunters there is very little rain inshallah but when it reappears the Savannah immediately recovers the yellow quickly turns to green and there are a lot of things to be done gathering material in preparing the home for starters these elegant birds build their nest using branches they collect though they both work collection is above all the responsibility of the male he collects and transports them and she very carefully puts them in place it’s the mating season and the male and female treat each other with delicacy according and eventually seducing each other at the top of an acacia they built their enormous nest this they do in full view but they are rather more modest when it comes to sex and no one has ever seen them mate what we do know is that they lay no more than three eggs if all three survive there will be a large secretary family and in order to take care of their family they have to eat well nothing better than hunting insects together but like the birds of prey they are they also appreciate the odd little feline or unsuspecting rodent this feathery skater knows very well when he’s looking for the Savannah is a true leader with great vigor the beak goes into action [Music] there’s space for everyone the kite is a cousin of the secretary birds a short but strong relative who requires no invitation to join in the meal these are the highlands of Sulawesi the home of the former headhunters the Toraja which means men of the mountains I have come to the village of Kitty on the day of the funeral of a nobleman after three months during which he has remained embalmed everything is ready the deceased my Jana was upon an important figure in the village no expenses spared in the funeral which will mean virtual financial ruin for his family the luxury of the ceremony ensures the return of the dead man to the paradise of his ancestors it’s all a question of keeping the deceased happy if my Jana is satisfied with his funeral he will protect his family and bring them good luck [Applause] at first the living do not cry over the dead this is more like a rather rowdy party in the midst of this Tumut they raise up the coffin with a great deal of commotion [Music] but with the bang of the gun the ceremony changes they now show their sadness I don’t know whether for the loss of my Jana or for the financial ruin his funeral has meant for them to pay for this very expensive ceremony they have all had to sell rice paddies and animals the pigs are carried through the air but everyone is waiting for the star event the Buffalo fight [Music] in this funeral dance called them Abaddon the men sing and dance holding on to each other by their little fingers in a singular circle of Lamentations as with all good wakes food plays an important part they need to regain their strength because the hardest part of the funeral is yet to come carrying the deceased up to the sacred rocks of London baths in the jungle [Music] finally they have arrived when they die the men of the mountain returned to it as they put the coffin in the tomb the efficient reads out a prayer for the dead the local artisan makes the Taotao of my jana a wooden sculpture depicting the deceased this carving costs the family five buffaloes of fortune once the figure has been completed it joins the balcony of the other world from where the deceased observed them in a rather disturbing manner I leave this sinister balcony behind and only just managed to catch my plane in the central part of India there are three large national parks ship booty band Hrothgar and Cana these mountains and the forests that surround them are home to the richest wildlife in the country I have come to the canal national park here there are different types of jungles and forests and in them very varied and very lively fauna the langars love the leaves and the fruits of the trees like the primates that they are these monkeys live in groups all together males females and young the family of the Langer’s does not live alone the cheetah is the most abundant herbivore in these parks and like all good herbivores they live in herds they form the basis of the diet of the large carnivores especially the tiger that is why they must always remain on the alert the langurs and the Cheetos get on well together the monkeys who can be rather fussy eaters take a couple of mouthfuls taste it and then throw it to the ground for the tittles these fruits and berries are manna from heaven as well as providing them with a variety of fruit the langars are also magnificent lookouts of a leopard tiger or jackal approaches the sentries up in the branches immediately sound the alarm [Music] there are plenty of young because the female shit hoes give birth frequently once every six months and they happily play together a harmonious relationship between two very different species sharing the forest that created them [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. This is sooooooo cliche. Ethno-centric and condescending. You came on a mule? Where did that chain-link fence come from ..on sundays !? Then you make that man take his shorts off and kick the ball down the road. Pleeease.

  2. on vois les sexes des différents animaux et des différents nations humaines mais le mode et déroulement direct ne sont pas montrés. exemple de la femme avec le cheval…

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