[Traveler-Hotel/Room] How to add more Hotels and Rooms

Hello there! This clip is to help you create more hotels and rooms Here is the list of hotels in your website Here is how a hotel is displayed in detail Open Dashboard to add more hotels and rooms Click “Add new” and fill in important information They’re all the same when you create a hotel Choose facility of the hotel Upload hotel’s logo here You can choose in Media library or upload your own from computer Choose card that you accept for payment You should add photos of your hotel here You also can choose available images or upload from your computer Click “Add to Gallery” to finish Click “Edit Gallery” if you want to make any change Move on to Hotel Location Fill in address of the hotel Click “Get here” to get latittude and longtitude Set number of bookings for each hotel Set range of rating for the hotel Click “Update” to finish Click “View the hotel”to see what you’ve added Here you are !! Choose “Hotel” ->Layout 1,2,3 to see different ways the hotel is shown Click “Room” ->Add new to add more rooms to the hotel Enter title here Enter room description Choose other features of the room Fill in the hotel it belongs to Set price and discount rate for the room Set schedule for sale if available Determine how many adults and children can stay in this room Offer number of beds here If you view the hotel this room belongs to, it’ll be shown here Thank you for watching!

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