48 thoughts on “Traveler (2007) Season one episode 8 Finale

  1. This and the other show of very close name 2016 "TRAVELERS" the story is different ( somewhat close to the matrax without the special effects) but still a great show! Now we are possibly gonna be losing the new show that went 12 episodes , hey Pablo you should check out travelers if you give it a chance i think you might like it tell me if you like it?

  2. Thank you very much for posting the Thriller. ABC initially ordered 13 episodes. Traveler was cancelled.

  3. For everyone desperate for answers after the abrupt ending 😀 (from the series creator) http://steven-culp.com/traveler/trav-blog.html

  4. a shame this was canceled~~~Too close to the fire, I suppose~~~Think back to The Smothers Brothers, then farther back to Lenny Bruce~~same thing, although those were live acts~~oh well, F**k big "brother"

  5. I am disappointed the series didn't really end, spent 2 days watching and thought episode 8 would wrap things up, but it left me hanging

  6. I really enjoyed this series and am, like everyone else, keen to have the proper ending. Thanks for making the link to the blog – the full answers there really did help.

  7. Is this exposing whats really going on or are the makers of this part of the real murder & corruption , setting up patsies , massive insurance scams Zionist control & Satanic worship + fake terror attacks & false flags to set agendas for controlling the masses with fear & chucking it in ya face with TV series depicting what they are going to do next !!!!! – FIRE BURN THEM dirty pedo Rothschilds , Murdoch , Rockefeller etc

  8. Chris, enjoyed watching your uploads of the Traveler! Enjoyed watching your uploads of the Traveler! Thanks for the upload! BINGE WATCHING. Are they're anymore episodes?

  9. Of course they leave it unfinished. Creators must've been too unmasterfully uncreative 2 not be able 2 finish, so I bet they blamed it on lack of viewership.

  10. Hey Chris, do u have the season 3 of traveller? I'm just when I got so interesting, and boom no other episodes

  11. Excellent series!! Too bad there was only one season. It was really good. Kept my attention throughout. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Just finished the show it's obviously got cancelled because this is happening in real life (i mean what show story about is in real life two) otherwise the show is amazing

  13. Too bad they had to close it, i thought this movie was similar to 24 jack baur, with all that time and and days they show at the bottom. they are just close to finishing the story. Maybe in serious 3 or 4. Good actors.
    Just too bad, viewers loved it.

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