Travel VLOG with MOM to see LADY GAGA Joanne WORLD TOUR Pt. 1

what’s up world welcome back to today’s
video guys I am so excited it is 6:30 in the morning and I am going to pick up my
mother because guess what we’re going to Toronto to see it Lady Gaga maybe maybe
we’re going to see Lady Gaga are you guys I heard that yesterday she canceled
her concert in Montreal yeah let that sink in if she cancels this concert
today or tomorrow I am going to lose my cookies you guys my actual head is gonna
blow up you guys are gonna witness that it’s gonna make the greatest title ever
head blows up because Lady Gaga cancellous for concert but whatever I
digress so I’m picking up my mom we’re on our way to the airport at 6:30 we’re
gonna be there probably by just after 7:00 our plane leaves at 8:00 were
already checked in and everything so that should be a-okay once I showed up
to the airport and they did not have a seat left for me even though I was there
on time they overbooked the flight and I’m always terrified of not happening
again so now I always do pre check-in which is ridiculous because if you have
a ticket she’ll be able to get on the plane but you guys I am so excited
yesterday yesterday last year I took my mom to see Beyonce after she performed
at the Super Bowl this year I’m taking my mom to see it Lady Gaga after she
performed at the Super Bowl off the ceiling you guys you literally just fell off my
windshield all right I just had to shut my lumia
off because I do not think it is safe to drive and alumi at the same time I
realized it was like a big blinding headlight in my eyes but you guys I am
about to pick up my mom so excited and then we’re off to the airport what else
do I have to say before I have to go I will check back in at the airport and do
tons of check-ins for the day these next couple of videos are gonna be so cool
you guys win a vlog this whole experience I’m going to go on a little
shopping spree maybe do some hauls go around downtown Toronto I’ll take you to
the mall with me take you to the Eaton Center take you to the CN Tower take it
to the Gaga concert I’m gonna take you guys everywhere it should be really
special trip so I’m about to pick up my mom I will check back in at the airport
and I’ll see you guys then all right guys we made it to the airport
there’s my mother I got some delicious breakfast have some toast
some bacon some eggs our flight was delayed for two hours two hours she’s
playing coy except with how we got some breakfast and it killed some time and
till we get on the plane so exciting alright guys we’ve been on the plane for
an hour I don’t know if you guys can hear me very well the girl next was going back talk to you
soon but I like this Airport alright guys we
made it to Toronto how do you feel great are you tired just have to find our
luggage and then it’s off to the hotel lots to do today lots to get started
alright let’s go look for this luggage archives we made it to the hotel let’s
and check-in well guys we made it through half the
afternoon we just arrested so far we’re out for dinner who does not arrived yet
tonight we’re gonna go to the aquarium so I hope you guys are excited for that
will bring you along with us hi guys so I have a somewhat questionable glass of
wine that was suggested it is not the best they delicious burger french fries
started salad and the back on the side of water okay guys so we jumped right from dinner
to the over please aquarium we’re here amongst all of the fishes we’re gonna go
on a fish adventure all right you guys ready check this out get a quick underneath here look about
these that guy’s is a wrap on day one of the
Toronto Xtravaganza wake up tomorrow because tomorrow is Lady gaga so what
you have if you haven’t checked out that vlog already make sure you check out
that tomorrow because that will be posted as well I’m so tired I can’t even
think straight like I was guys I love sitting out and
chatting with you and blogging about all of my experiences if you bored me in
between our next video you can always followed me on Instagram snapchat
Twitter until tomorrow’s blog I see you then

6 thoughts on “Travel VLOG with MOM to see LADY GAGA Joanne WORLD TOUR Pt. 1

  1. Great Vlog!! I'm subbed now and looking forward to seeing more videos soon! In the mean time I would love if you could check out my vlogs and let me know what you think.

  2. I really liked how this was put together. Seeing places I have yet to explore fills me with so much motivation. Appreciate what you are doing here with your channel and look forward to seeing more! Have you got any more plans to continue traveling?

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