Travel Vlog: London Bicycles

Hey guys, good morning. I’m getting ready to go to work and this is my hair do routine. So firstly, I move the fringe backwards (loud giggle) then I get started (sings) bo bo bo
bo bo bo bo bo bo, (Starts going wild) Okay, so that’s it. Ready for work (blows a kiss) So this is the bit where I’ve actually made the front smooth. Like taken out the fringe and I’m all so smooth for work hang on, that’s my jacket, that’s my rain coat. don’t think i have left a mess on my table because that’s my rain coat, that’s my coat. woooo! so all done and this is hair is going to look for work. And umm… it’s not bad is it? it’s just all that big hair is now squeezed into this tiny little thing see you later. Bye so this is my beautiful city, London. Some people say there are no more phone boxes in London and I can prove that wrong because this is a phone box. although it says no coins, umm… I’m not sure how it works but can you see that there are no phone boxes in London still there are phone boxes in London still. So that is a massive lie if you say Look at that phone box! Guess what? It protects you from the rain. so (giggling and talking) just imagine you can actually stay here when it’s raining and pretend to be making a call and then just umm.. lift that I’m not sure what you do next. See? it works. wow So yeah. Phone boxes in London. I will go find another one. I’m going to another phone box and this one belongs to umm.. . British Telecoms umm…. can you see that? It’s umm.. (hisses ) I don’t know what that is and the adverts are actually electronic. Can you see that? I know it’s a phone box cos I’ve been here before so look at that. it’s tap to begin. and see it’s got free WiFi as well The session will start now So yeah. I need to be in the frame as well. look at that. Just look at all the things you can do. so (i’m not sure what I said here, it must have been joined as my battery was going low) …into WIFI We will come back to this another day because my batter is low and I have to go home but yeah. hang on. look at, look at what it can do First i have to get my hair ready before we start the video. Alright I was doing phone boxes as we can see ummmm… that’s a phone box one, two, this one actually uses coins can you see that so I’ve gt low battery so it’s going to keep cutting so that one is a phone box so my video mode is not just (hisses).. it’s not my best video mode but that’s one, two, three ( stresses the th so much it comes out as f) In fact, I’m feeling realy, really (giggles) dizzy now, going round sorry my bus is here …(telephone busy sound)

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