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Alright guys welcome back to our channel. There is no Samuel here today but I do have
a lovely guest who has joined me. This is Nadine. Hello! From the channel Hey Nadine and if you’ve
been watching travel content on YouTube you’ve probably seen her stuff because she has been
making videos for a long time. How long? Like 10 years. Haha. Wow. It has been a long time. So she is our travel expert today. We’ve both been traveling for many years and
that means we’ve made several mistakes along the way some of them sillier than others. So today we thought we would share 10 common
mistakes that first time travelers make and how you can avoid them. So first tip before you head out is to contact
your bank and let them know your bank and your credit card because if you’re not used
to traveling and you haven’t done a lot of travel in foreign countries first thing you’re
going to do is when you go pay for something your credit card is going to get flagged and
then they will cut you off and now suddenly you have no money. Um if you’ve been traveling for a long time
generally your banks just know. But if you are a first time traveller this
can cause you a lot of headaches and has happend to many people I know. It has happened to me before. Myself included. Yeah and it is the worst because then you
are like I don’t have money. You have to call up your bank and it is a
headache so let your bank and credit card company know before you go. Mmmhmm. Another mistake I would say is booking parts
of your trip in the wrong order. I think it is very important to start with
the big ticket items and then kind of like work down to the smaller things. So maybe look at flights first, then your
hotels and then your tours because if you have more flexibility with your travel dates
you’ll be able to get better deals so yeah start with big ticket items and then work
your way down the list. Mmmhmm. That is a very good one. It helps you budget like yes plan everything
better. So packing proper footwear and packing for
multiple seasons and seasonally. This is kind of a big mistake especially like
for example you’re in a tropical warm climate and you think it is going to be sunny. So you pack all of these cute little sunny
things but it rains in tropical climates as well. So packing umbrellas or rain gear because
if you’re doing activities and you don’t have that stuff you’re just going to be miserable,
wet and with a plastic bag typically over your body which is you know who really wants
that? Um also like proper footwear you’re going
to be walking a lot when you travel. So bringing proper footwear. Footwear that you’ve like worked in. Yes. Like you know that you can walk. Not like brand new shoes that you’re like
testing out. Brand new sandals like have solid footwear
on your feet because when your feet get blisters and they hurt. That is the worst. You’re not going to want to do stuff. You’re goin to want to just not just do stuff. Lie in bed with your feet up. Forget sightseeing. It doesn’t make a very enjoyable experience
so um and also packing like footwear that is multi-purpose and that fits certain different
types of activities. Packing like a good sneaker running shoe that
you can use for like sports or higher activities like hiking packing like a nice sandal. Like a good walking shoe is really really
important. And then I like to pack like a nicer shoe. That is for guys and girls. Just having one like nicer pair of shoes. A fancy dinner or date night. They don’t have to be the craziest fanciest
heels but more of like a wedge. I love wedges because they are a versatile
heel that you can kind of wear to dress up and you can just wear for like everyday stuff. Okay so this next one is a mistake that I’ve
made several times. I don’t seem to learn. But often times I forget to look up how to
get from the airport to my hotel. And then I’ll arrive at my destination. It’ll be like 2am in the morning and it is
like oh crap what am I going to do next. So yeah before you leave on the trip like
find out is there a train, is there a metro, is there a bus. Like how are you going to reach the city centre. Are you going to pay for a taxi, do they have
uber so that you’re not stranded there stressing out. Like what am I going to do tonight? Yeah. This has happened to me so many times. Like in Panama. I was in Panama and I didn’t know how I was
going to get there. I was like talking to cab people and this
guy wanted 30 US dollars to get me to my hostel and I was like I just saw these backpackers
and I was like how where are you guys going? And they’re like we’re going to take this
like public bus that is a dollar fifty. Woah. To get there. And it is like a couch bus. It wasn’t even like the public bus. It was a couch bus. And so I just tagged along with them. I’ll do what you’re doing. Yeah. And they like dropped us off and it was a
10 minute walk and boom for like 29 dollars saved. There you go do your research. Tipping. I another big rookie mistake that I’ve made
multiple times is when I’m in a country and I’m sitting down at a restaurants I didn’t
look up the tipping etiquette of that country because it varies widely per country. Some countries there is no tipping. Some countries it is 10 percent and some it
is 5 percent. Some it is 10 percent. It is only the meal is absolutely amazing. Sometimes it is only cash. Just sometimes it is a little bit of spare
change. Sometimes it is rounding up. Yeah. There is a variety of tipping methods and
you don’t want to be like stuck in a restaurant paying your bill and being like ought oh what
do I do? What is it? Haha. Then you come off as a rude customer overseas. So another tip for me would be to always grab
your hotels business card before you walk out of the door because if you’re a little
distracted like I am you may start wandering around and then when it is time to get back
you’re like oh where am staying again? What street was it on? And it actually happened to me and Sam when
we were traveling in China. We were in Guilin and we were just super excited
to get out and go sightseeing take the cameras that we lost track of time and we lost track
of where we were. And then we spent like half an hour trying
to retrace our steps. So never again getting lost in China or anywhere
else always carry a business card with the address and some hotels also have a little
map on the back of their business card that you can show a taxi driver. So that is your tip. Unrealistic expectations of your physical
fitness. Mmhmm. So I don’t know what it is but sometimes when
we’re on vacation well I know what it is. You want to plan a lot of fun activities and
things to do. However if you’re planning like kayaking,
standup paddle-boarding, hiking, biking, scuba diving. Like all of these crazy fun activities. It is great but sometimes we overestimate
or was it underestimate our physical fitness level. And these can be quite exhausting. Especially if you’re in a hot tropical place
and you don’t realize how much the heat takes it out of you. Or even if you’re in like a colder place how
like cold the weather is. Essentially it is like playing up your physical
strength and your fitness level in those activities especially because you’re trying to like but
I don’t know about you guys but I like love trying new things. Trying new things I don’t know how difficult
they’re going to be so you know just not being too overachieving. Pace yourself. Pacing yourself. Yes. I think another mistake a lot of first time
travelers make is underestimating distances between two places. Like you may be looking at a map of Europe
and thinking hmm Porto to Madrid that is so doable. And then you get yourself into a bit of a
pickle like Sam and I recently did when we thought maybe I don’t know a bus would be
like 5 hours and then we realize this is going to take us 2 days to get from point A to point
B because there are no direct connections. So always make sure to check like is there
a bus. Is there a train? Is there a something connecting these two
cities. Also keep in mind what are the road conditions
like? Are there going to be highways or are these
dirt roads? So don’t just think that because two places
appear close on a map that it is going to be smooth sailing. Small change. Small change especially in like a cash based
place is always so important to have on you and the problem is that most ATMs give you
the biggest bills. Mmmhmm. And a lot of the like small vendors, the like
transportation you just need the smaller bills. The smaller change. So I’m always on the lookout that when I get
those big bills is to try and exchange them as soon as I can and as quick as I can and
I’ll do these in like the bigger shops like bigger grocery stores or like bigger like
shopping places um that I know will have that change on hand. That I’m not like wiping out like some small
like vendors. All of his like change and sticking him with
this one bill. It is just so important to have smaller bills
and just for like side tips too. It is really important. Okay I think another common mistake is only
doing what your guidebook says. And your guidebook is going to be very limited
because often times they just cover the main attractions. You know. They only have a few pages where they can
give you information and then they may suggest a few restaurants but that is where everyone
is flocking because everyone is reading the same guidebook. So I would suggest you know maybe asking locals
for their suggestions of what you can do in a city. Ask your receptionist, ask your taxi driver. Yeah. Yeah. It is just the simple anybody that you meet
that literally lives in that country or that place will have their own personal recommendations. Yeah. And it is as simple as that. Mmmhmm. Buying your souvenirs on the day 1. Especially you have a longer trip and if you
have a shorter trip it is not really that big of a deal but if you’re like going for
like a few weeks, a few months then buying big souvenirs on day 1 you’re going to be
carrying that around with you for the rest of your trip and you don’t think it is going
to be a big deal but it is. I’ve done this multiple times. I bought paintings in Brazil, I bought like
this Venetian masks in Venice, I brought these Turkish lamps. Oh man. These Turkish lamps. Those are so difficult to travel with. I’ve done the same. It is the worst. Um so try to avoid buying them on day 1. If you do find something that you really really
love ship it home. Yes. It might cost you a bit more but then honestly
you’re going to save yourself so much travel. Or like so much hassle I should say in carrying
it with you for the entire rest of your trip. I think another very common travel mistake
is planning an itinerary that is just way too busy. I know if it is your first time traveling
to a particular region it is easy to get very excited but if you want to see like 7 European
countries in 10 days you’re just going to be exhausted like rushing from one place to
the next. Also you can’t really see a country in a day
or a day and a half. So I always think it is best to like focus
on a smaller region or just choose one country that you really want to you explore and you
can always come back. You can have future trips where you see the
rest of the countries that you’re kind fo like ooh that looks interesting. Laundry. So if you’re going for a trip longer than
a week chances are you’re going to be doing laundry because packing more than a weeks
worth of clothes it just doesn’t make sense. Like as a traveler you honestly only ever
need a weeks worth of clothing because you can do laundry. Laundry is available to you. There are multiple different ways to do it. Sometimes hotels will have a laundry place
that you can do. I wouldn’t recommend doing the like individual
piece laundry that can get very expensive. Yeah. That hotels offer but there is also external
laundry mats that you can go to if you’re staying at like hostels. Book hostels with laundry facilities. I always kind of like to have a plan for my
laundry so I know um around that one week timeline you know making sure I know where
I’m going to do that. And then I’ll just kind of reciprocate that
on my way or you can go a week and a half like you can re-wear the same things over
and over but make a plan for laundry and bring some wash packets with you yes because you
can a little bit of sink laundry. A little bit of bathtub laundry. I only discovered those recently. Like earlier this year you can buy like these
little packs with laundry detergent and if you’re doing like socks and underwear in the
sink you’ve got detergent instead of a bar of soap. It is so good. I was like what? They sell these. Mmmhmm. So yeah good tip. And last but not least I feel like we should
mention travel insurance because if you can afford to book a trip you can afford travel
insurance. This should be like mandatory because if anything
happens overseas. You get into an accident or anything you could
end up paying a lot of money. Yeah. Thousands. Tens of thousands. Maybe even hundreds of thousands like if you
have to get evacuated or something like that. And I mean there are certain countries out
there that will treat you for free because there is like public medical healthcare systems
but more often than not you’re going to end up paying so don’t take any chances. Alright guys so I hope you enjoyed those travel
tips for first time travelers so you don’t make the same mistakes we made. So thank you Nadine for coming over to our
channel. If you guys want to check out her videos we’re
going to have the links in the description box and little things popping up somewhere
around here. So yeah go check out her channel. She has some really cool travel videos and
lots of very informational travel tips. So thanks for watching and we’ll see you next
time. Bye. Bye.

43 thoughts on “Travel Tips for First Time Travelers with Hey Nadine

  1. I can safely say I've made most of these mistakes too! Especially over-estimating my physical capabilities. I went on a long hike in Mesa Verde once (in Colorado) and I remember I wore totally the wrong shoes, was not used to walking, and did not bring water…it was a disaster. But that's what I love about bad experiences. You learn and get better at traveling. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Pretty useful thing I use is CityMaps2Go app whenever I am travelling…

    1) pre download the relevant city maps into ur phone storage

    2) plan ur itinerary & Pin all the locations u wanna go in the app

    3) it uses telephone signal to triangulate ur position….so is basically a gps u use to navigate ur way around the city without the need to pay for 4G data plan

  3. Good video. I get travel insurance every time I travel problem is we don’t know how good are it is until something happens. I’m in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 now 🙂

  4. Hi Nadine & Audrey, thanks for the tips!
    I just have a question, what do you think is a reasonable amount of days to explore a city? Cheers! 🙂

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  6. Great Upload. Must admit, i`ve made a few of those same mistakes myself – Like arriving in Vietnam, only to find none of my credit or debit cards would work. Spent a few, very expensive and frantic hours in the Saigon Post Office ringing my Banks to confirm who i was. For some reason i don`t seem to have to do this anymore.

  7. I've definitely made some of these mistakes too! This is a great reminder not to make them and be aware of them again 😀

  8. This "contact your bank before you travel" advice must be an American peculiarity. We don't have this in Europe since we are used to travel to different countries.

  9. Great tips! I follow them all lol. The tipping part is very important. Here in Brazil we used leave 10 percent of the restaurant bill to the waiter. But for cab drivers, for example, it is not common. But in the U.S. for example, cab drivers expect a tip. It is always good to check and plan things in advance

  10. Great tips! Don't know who this other traveler Nadine is, but I hope she doesn't dress like that while traveling! Lol. She'll definitely be attracting a lot of perverts in some countries, and that could be very unsafe for a female traveler.

  11. Very true about the small change problem. It's best to get change at the local grocery store, except I always feel bad using large currency even at the store. I also keep all my foreign change so I'll have loose coins the next time I visit that country.

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  13. Great tips! I would also add: make a list of everything you pack into your suitcase so you don't have to think what to pack in future trips. And also: keep an organizer in your backpack for all your documents, boarding passes, credit cards, etc.

  14. I ALWAYS get travel insurance!!!
    Exactly like you said if you can afford to travel you can get travel insurance!
    99.9% of the time you don’t need it but the 1% time you thank his you have it!!
    Better to be safe than sorry!

  15. The “contact your bank before the trip” isn’t necessary in Europe any longer. We did face this problem in Indonesia years ago, when my card got blocked. But recently, when I contacted my bank before traveling, they clearly mentioned that it is not necessary. We haven’t had any issues lately in this regard.

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