Travel Professor – Sex Tourism – Amsterdam

In this video I look at sex tourism
while I’m in Amsterdam. With the video I look in a few sex shops so if you think
you might be offended by something you might see in there. I think it’s best if you
click away now. Set tourism is quite a complicated topic. Some of the more well-known sex tourism destinations include Thailand and Philippines as well
Amsterdam. One of the issues is sex tourism is often related to issues of
exploitation, trafficking, in fact it’s very rare to find a Dutch girl working
there in Amsterdam. The girls seem to be mostly from South America or
Eastern Europe. One thing that Amsterdam has is sex tourism. Now some scholars have said that sex tourism is in many different destination. The difference in Amsterdam
is it is very controlled, essentially concentrated in the red-light district.
Lots of sex shops there’s other other things like live sex shows and then
there’s the famous red windows that we might see a bit later. The red lights in
the red-light district comes from the light outside of the windows. Street
prostitution was illegal so they move behind these, some 300 windows, in
Amsterdam. It’s quite regulated. The girls have
regular checks, health checks and there’s even a union they can join. In terms of the
prices about 50 euros for a 15 to 20 minute session and the rooms cost about
85 euros in the day shift and 115 for a night shift. With respect to pimping,
the girls do work as independent business people but there are reports
that boyfriends are coercing the girls into some of this work. So the
girls are registered as independent business people and they do also have to
pay taxes. So I tried to go undercover and ask one of the girls in the windows if I can pay the same money but have an interview instead and record it
but I’ve asked about 3 or 4 and they all say “No”. The Amsterdam council has
tried to clean up the area with a lot more police presence and the
installation of CCTV. We can see the commodification is sex in other tourist
attractions. Here are three museums. Another example, apart from the
girls, not only the girls where lots of different types of tastes can be catered
for, we also have a museum, again catering for the tourists. So that was the Museum
of Prostitution. Here is the Erotic Museum. It cost about 7 euros to
get in. And this is the sex museum on the main drag, just outside the main station. So you got the Sex Museum, the Erotic
Museum and the Red Light Museum of Prostitution. Okay, this shop is all about condoms. Lots
of different types, Condom theme. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to go inside. So that was a quick look at sex tourism while I was having a quick look around

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