Travel Gifts Ideas | What to Buy the Traveler in Your Life

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute.
With Father’s Day around the corner, we decided to do a video on gift ideas for
avid travelers. (light chiming music) Finding a gift for a traveler can be challenging, so today
we’re covering some unique and useful gift ideas for that traveler in your
life. Number one: Packing Cubes. This is one of
those products that I always recommend to those who travel a lot.
They are extremely versatile to use and fairly inexpensive as well. Basically,
packing cubes to allow you to compartmentalize your packing which
organizes your clothes and maximizes the space in your suitcase or backpack. There
are a ton of brands and sets available, so it’s easy to find one that can match
your budget. Number two: Multi-tool. This is always a useful gift. There are a ton
of choices out there, but the one I recommend the most is the Leatherman PS
keychain multi-tool. It’s not a multi-tool that’s going to replace your
normal tools or help you build a house, but is small and light enough to carry
without really noticing. And best of all, it doesn’t include a knife blade which
makes it safe for air travel and places where there are restrictions. Number
three: Scratch off map. This is a fun and thoughtful gift for the traveler that wants
a visual way keep track of all the places they have visited. They come in
various sizes and are a great way to decorate a wall and showcase your travel
destinations. Number four: Password manager. This is more of a nerdy gift, but
I’m a huge advocate of using a password manager to create unique logins and
passwords. With all the news of security breaches and hacks, it’s never been more
important to secure your passwords. I personally recommend LastPass and 1Password. Also, password managers are especially useful for travelers that want to
store and encrypt sensitive information on their phones while traveling, like a
scanned copy of their passport or ID. Number five: Travel wallet. There are a
ton of choices when it comes to wallets, with styles ranging from money clips
to waterproof passport and phone holders. If you’re looking for a place to start,
check out our video on “How to Carry Money While Traveling.” In that video we
recommend the Bellroy Card Pocket and Mitchell Money Clip Wallet for both
daily use and travel. In general, we are huge fans of Bellroy products. They’re
great quality and made from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials.
Definitely check them out. Number six: Portable travel safe. This is
another great gift for the frequent traveler. We also did a review of the
five liter Pacsafe Travelsafe, so check it out for more details. There’s
also a couple of other options available like a 12 liter size that can fit a
laptop, and the X series which doubles as a day pack. Number seven: Portable battery
charger. This is a must-have for any traveler. With phones and tablets
becoming a bigger part of our lives, it’s easy to run out of power while traveling.
And searching for a plug at the airport is never fun, so why not carry a portable
battery charger. There are a ton of options out there and I’m personally a big
fan of Anker. In fact, I always carry one of their tiny chargers inside my bag or
pocket, and I keep a larger pack in my car that can boost my vehicle battery if
needed. Number eight: Amazon Prime membership.
Amazon’s Prime membership allows you to get free two-day shipping on most items
and expedited one-day shipping for a discounted price.
In addition, membership gives you access to the prime video library which is
growing every day in original content. Number nine: Internet enabled security
system. This is perfect for the tech savvy traveler. Again there’s a lot of
options out there, and the price range varies quite a bit.
These systems allow you to monitor your home while traveling and can provide
notifications of activity and store recordings. We also did a review of the
Canary Security System, so check it out for more details. it’s definitely given
us peace of mind, not just when we’re traveling, but really anytime we’re away
from home. Number 10: Gift cards. You can’t go wrong with gift
cards. Some potential gift cards that are especially useful for travelers include
ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, Southwest, Amazon, Starbucks, REI, Spotify,
Apple iTunes, and App Store. Also, if you’re a points collector, then it’s
definitely worth buying your gift card with a credit card that can earn you
extra points. Check out our recent video on the topic. I’ve included a link in the
video and the description. I’ve included Amazon links to the products featured in
this video. I do get a percentage back if you use my link. It doesn’t cost you
anything but it helps us build content for this channel. Do you have any gift ideas?
If so, please leave them below. Also, let us know if you have any questions or
comments. As always if you enjoyed this video and found it useful please hit the
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  1. I LOVE the packing cubes from Flight 001. I find them to be lightweight but sturdy. They say they offer compression, however I haven't found that to be the case. But like I said, they are very sturdy and well made. Something else I love about them is that even the containers they come in can be used as a packing pouch!

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