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One of the main places I really wish I could go and if I had money to I would sprint there *music* I would do to the Alaska Arctic Wildlife Refuge It’s really Alaska’s crown jewel There’s 19.6 million acres It is the US’s first ecosystem sized preserve so this whole area was protected to begin with in WW2 because they were afraid that the atomic bomb would distroy too much nature In 1960 the Eisenhower administration put protection on 9.6 million acres in 1980 they added 18 million more acres The name changes from arctic nation wild life range in 1980 to Arctic Nation wildlife refuge (ANWR) Now for the fun part. What I’d actually do there first, off I’d land in Fairbanks and explore their birch forest Then I’d reach the western edge of the refuge Then I’d hike, raft or kayak the antiguen gorge because this is the closest point to the refuge from the highway. I’d then make my way to kaktovik It’s on the northern side of the refuge and then I would charter a tour for polar bears I’d then find myself a charter plane because that is the only way into the refuge. There’s no main roads or trails or anything. you have to you have to hike in or fly in. I’d spend the next few days trying to see as much wildlife as I possibly could. This refuge is home to 36 fish species. They are home to 36 mammals they are home to 9 marine mammals They are home to 160 bird species This includes migratory birds and residential birds that stay there year round the migratory birds come from four different continents to be here This is the most important location in all of Alaska for polar bear denning It is a critical calving area for porcupine caribou really I’d spend the next 4 or 5 days or as long as possible Just trying to photograph all these animals be for they are…. ….(not wanting to say perish) lose their home. So I hope you consider this location for your next eco tourism tour. To get as many photos as you possibly can because it’s fleeting down below you’ll find petitions to hopefully stop these oil drillings that could happen in the leading months remember to like and subscribe I post every week. Fridays and Saturdays About easy self care, eco tourism, and animals and conservation please consider traveling to these parks that are endangered please get all the possible petitions to sign These places are fleeting and again there’s an increasing amount of extinction Sorry to have sort of a down video, but I’m pretty upset about whats going on now and with alaska they don’t have They don’t have a sales tax or an income tax so they get most of their income from oil drilling and I’m not sure if this is rite or not but residents get compensation for oil drilling and with recent legislation, they snuck in this oil They’ve been trying to do it since 1980 and they are finally succeeding but we still have a few months So PLEASE check out the links below see you next time

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