Trans Travelers: Transgender Teens Travel the World

Hi I’m Erick And I’m Imogen And we’re going on a year of traveling together We met in 2015 A life of travel was definitely something we were after Since then we’ve just been planning up this most amazing year of traveling around Central America We’re first gonna be together on August 9th in Costa Rica where we’ll have a mini holiday for 10 days before heading off to Nicaragua And in Nicaragua we will be based in a little town– actually, quite a big town – called Granda, where we’ll be doing a 10 month volunteering position where we will be teaching English to kids in schools around Granada And hopefully I will learn lots and lots of Spanish Erick’s already quite good at that Even before I met you I knew that I went through a gap year So soon as we got together I was like: Right, I’m doing my A-levels then I’m going traveling, so it was a really quick decision for us to be like Okay, we wanna do this together What we wanna get out of our vlogging series is just showing people how travel affects transgender people, such as documents like passports handling hormones when you’re going away for long trips and it’s really just about anyone who is interested in travel whether it’s long term, short term or just interested in travel in general, and just to see what we get up to We’ll hopefully be vlogging all of our journey, talking about tips for transgender travelers small tips for small trips and also making destination videos around there I find there is always some fear whereever you are in the world that people are gonna have prejudice against transgender people but that’s another thing we wanted to do when we go away is to explore how gender is perceived throughout the world Because I was nervous to go traveling on my own and especially as trans people together we can look out for each other in the same ways Because we already see each other every single weekend and pretty much every day during the holidays, but we’re gonna be living together every day Ooh, it’s gonna be amazing And doing everything together So it will definitely make us stronger

8 thoughts on “Trans Travelers: Transgender Teens Travel the World

  1. We hope you enjoy this short introduction! Don't forget to join us on for Live Updates from Imogen & Erick ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hope you guys have an amazing time over the great pond. And it certainly will be interesting to learn how people perceive gender in those places you are going. Just promise to be careful.

  3. You two are giving me a cavity over here. So sweet <3 I hope you have a wonderful holiday. If anyone gives you any crap just tell me, I'm a angry Latino lady who wants to use her powers for good ๐Ÿ˜‰

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