Trains, Bus in Kyrgyzstan | Useful Apps for Tourist

I am Varun. I am from Delhi In hostels, there are mixed dorms where boys and girls can stay together but you Don’t get excited You have to follow some rules I didn’t understand what he said Now we are going to Osh bazaar She is saying that prices are negotiable What the Hell am I doing! We just met all of a sudden I was searching for buses going towards my direction Which bus goes towards my hostel? Then he started searching for me then he said, come with me I have a car. I’ll drop you I was waiting to sit on that side of the car I thought he is going somewhere in my direction but he went back to the same place where we met now I am going inside my hostel today I am going to check out i stayed here for almost 5 days enjoyed the laid back life here This is how I am going to travel this time I have ample of time This is a wooden bridge And this reminds me of my grandmother she used to call these bridges something else It’s not easy to survive in a foreign country if you don’t know the local language though it’s not impossible if you use apps like Google translate Let me share my current experience I was waiting for my bus at the last bus stop I cannot make the local people understand about my destination So I left many buses which were going to my direction But ultimately I had to take help from my smartphone Then I came to know a lot of buses were going in my direction And I had already left many of them Now I’m just going to use my mobile apps to Reach my destination Very few people understand English in this city even the youngsters do not speak very good English I came here to explore this mall Probably this is written, ‘hypermarket’ in Russian It was a wild guess I couldn’t accept anything from them. As they were students

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  1. You were very rude to not accept that Apple. Could have just taken it from them and put it in your bag and throw it away later if you're scared of it being contaminated

  2. First of all love from kolkata, your videos ard highly enthusiastic but I/we have a boundation call money, so can you please make a detail video on highlighting all the trustable methods that you have!😀

  3. Nice video . Even you learnt russian well eg you guessed correctly written in russian at 5 mins of video that is gipermarket which is translate as Hypermarket in English.
    In front of this the mall situated is Tsum in russian contains Ts that is pronounced as S स in english U उ and M एम . Produced सुम Ts stand for Central
    U stand for Universal
    M fir magazine मगाजिन
    In Soviet era when ever this is the center where you can found all kind of products in a single roof store. Now a day mall is example for it

  4. So we love u varun bhai…Loved your emotions ki Students se kuchh nhi lena chaahiye balki unhe dete rahna chaahiye…Loads of love & regrets to u bro…

  5. Bhai jo bnde ne lift di uski car ka string left side aur buses ka string right side, video flip kri h ya traffic rule ajeeb se h

  6. Bhai kya kahein bus aap na hote to hamara kya hota.. Ye duniya hamein kaun dikhata.. Aap hi ho travelling ke vidhata.. Jai ho varun bhrata

  7. Sir aapka andaaj me hi jadoo hai 🙂 ! Aapka ye nature hum sabhi ko inspire karta hai ! AAj to aapke gopro se dekh raha hun 🙂 and Apne desh ke bad fir foreign 🙂 apni aako se dekhunga !!
    Thank You sir!

  8. भाई इतने रुपये कहा से आते है,
    आपके पास यह सवाल मेरे मन मे चलता है?

  9. Hi how are u I hope are u fine I am from Pakistan I am your big fan i watch almost all your videos varum bhAi why u not visit China please visit China and explore China

  10. Thanks for uploading your video on Monday as it is stress buster for me very important informative background music is best
    You are my favourite travel blogger and my dream is to travel with you
    Please visit Mumbai
    Please upload regularly as your videos play very important role in my life

  11. Sir where are you right now?? I'm in issykul region, cholpon ata right now, from india,,,, please reply to my comment sir,
    Thanks in advance

  12. I really love to watch your videos. Your way of speaking so nice. So humble person you are varun sir. Keep going sir. Best of luck for all your future travels. May God bless you with all the success in life👍

  13. Bhai yaha per jo bhi tourist attractions hai wo bhi bataya kijye jis city mein aap jaye kyun ki bahut sare Travler itna lamba nai reh pata kisi bhi country mein ziyada se 7 10 ya 15 din to aapke liye bhi jankari diya kijye ki aap kaha ghoom sakte ho itne din mujhe pata hai aap bahut ache se ye karte hai aur ziyada bhi kar sakte hai shukriya

  14. Best trevel videos ….But one thing Varun Vai plz upload videos soon…..ur videos are comming late …i mean ur uploading weekly…

  15. bhai visa ma kia issue hua woh to bataya nahi 😌 insta or fb par daikha k sirf visa kafi nahi agar 30 days say above rukain to…

  16. Varun bhai video jldi jldi upload kiya kro .wait nhi hota itna .

    aap ke channel se m sare desh dekhna chahta hu.

    Aap ki video bhut hi achhi and informative hoti h .

    Maine aapki sare countries ki video dekhi h, achhi h.

  17. Your video is truly inspiring ….It's been a boon for me to travel and explore new places and more importantly trying to share the same with the world…Thank you so much bro…

  18. Gum and tsum come from soviet times, in Moscow there is the famous gum and tsum mall. These are built in all soviet cities by government during Soviet Union. If you see the gum and tsum mall today in Moscow, goodness!! It’s the most luxurious mall in the world . Located inside red square

  19. Bro pls upload videos regularly views are getting down. I know its hard to shoot and edit. Love your videos keep going.

  20. Love watching your Kyrgyzstan series, Currently I am Baku, Azerbaijan and there are lot of similarities I find here from Kyrgyzstan. 🙂

  21. I was extremely depressed after loosing someone my best watched ur video n it relieved me from that pain n brought smile on my face. Thank🙏💕 varun.

  22. बहुत सुन्दर वरुन जी आप से बहुत प्रेरणा मिलती है "मेरा नाम वरुन वगीस है और मै एक धुमक्ड हूँ, मेरा मानना है कि दुनिया को आज घुमक्डो कि बहुत जरुरत है " बेमिशाल अद्भभुत बेहतरीन प्रभावशाली शब्द!!

  23. कठ पुल नहीं कहती हैं दादी कठऊआपुल कहा जाता है और दादी भी यही कहती हैं ।

  24. Stop comparing YouTubers here, everyone's unique and have different content. A creator never feels good when he is compared.

    Very informative video Sir ji. Love from a travel vlogger♥️

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