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Did you know that thousands of people come to work here every year? What with the money they earn in about
Can you live the rest of the year? Do you know exactly the kind of work that
you can easily find or how much can you win? In this video you
we teach how a seasonal worker lives and how much can be earned. This time we are located in the Okanagan Valley, a region southeast of Canada in the English-speaking state of
British Columbia the region with the best climate of all this
extensive country, and a place where arrival spring, thousands of young travelers from different parts of the world find
here the opportunity to earn money from A fast way working in the field. For almost 40 years the region has
rooted a strong tradition around to the culture of wine, fact that the
it becomes a destination especially focused on wine tourism. If you want to know how much you can earn,
how are the days of work, and the day by day of seasonal workers who live with
minimum, in this video we will respond to Many of your questions. We are Sergio and Eva. In 2016 we left behind two fixed jobs and a stable life first we toured part of
Latin America hitchhiking then we started a trip of seven
months on a bicycle with our dog Mus, in which we cross Europe from Punta Sur to
far north. Now we are making a RoadTrip for North America with a
86 classic van. Are you coming? After spending the last three months in the USA on a trip that did not We had just connected, volunteering gave us the best taste of mouth with which we could say goodbye. Without
However, we are running out of visa time and Canada was waiting for us with the program
Working Holiday Visa, which would allow us spend the next months working and
living a life in the purest style Canadian … or not. First change of border. We are going to enter Canada. We have already entered, we have already crossed the border with Canada we’ve been having a good time with the agent
of immigration because I do not know … because we have not touched one very
nice. Now Sergio will give his opinion and well … With the permission of the Working Holiday Visa it is obligatory to take insurance of travel, as we hire the
travel insurance from Iati in January to one year and we have been three months in the USA, now they have given us only one nine-month permit for Canada
when in fact the Working Holiday Visa is one year. But as we do not plan to stay the winter here, well, nothing happens. We have left unharmed not We are not in jail, we have the Working Holiday Visa for nine months They have not asked anything about Mus, that’s a point and nothing … To work. De Mus what they might have asked that we did not have was a health certificate as the animal
it’s okay They have not asked you anything, huh Good thing they have not checked the van because … Because we are criminals because we were carrying the truth quite full of things and quite disaster Nancy and Dianne prepared that box for us to have food for the trip It was a surprise We are criminals, some outlaws We carry fruit and vegetables. They have not asked us anything but in theory you can not cross neither fruit nor vegetables from the USA here, but nothing preserved our apples and our
onion and our garlic I had hidden the garlic a little
true because I did not like the idea that I was going to have to get rid of
of four heads of whole garlic and the immigration agent would leave them. You have arrived in Canada When we did the smog-check and bought the van back in January of 2019 Two months ago, the mechanic when we told him we were coming to Canada laughed, he says the van is very good but it is very old, I do not know if you will arrive. Yes, it has arrived You have to have confidence, of course yes Man of little faith. Not you, the other. In fact, a man has just come to tell us, have you driven this from California? And we do … says, it was my last vehicle is the best Yes, it’s like a caramelito, very easy to repair and we, yes, yes … And I’ve seen on the road, when we were in Washington, a lot of people were looking at the license plate … But hey, let’s get rid of so much fun and let’s go to what really matters the workday always begins
early, around six thirty in the morning. we wake up after about 8 hours of sleep, and as the days in April are already relatively long, when we do it
there is clarity outside we sleep in the van, but next we have an old trailer where we leave the things so as not to have to be
keeping them and taking them out every day that’s where we change clothes As the only bathroom in the field in the that we will be working next
two weeks, there is a dry well that Sergio used every morning, just before
of breakfast. Punctual like a clock. the old trailer gives quite a grimace, but isolates us from the cool of the morning and the gusts of wind that both
they bother to cook, so inside we cook and start the day with a
powerful breakfast that helps us Energetically hold the first hours of work although not every day we eat eggs, if we do it quite often accompanying them with a couple of toasts
for each one that and of course, a warm coffee that we make in this old coffee machine that traveled with us from Spain at least for me, it’s impossible to get up
in a bad mood starting this day in mid-April one of the jobs
what to do about each of the Vines is tighting, which consists in tying the branches to the wires with this string but hey, you better see it now. Here the work we have to do is very simple and repetitive They are many rows, many vineyards and what you have to do is tighting or something called The work in the field is usually what foreigners usually do here, because a Canadian if you can opt for better jobs because will not work here but for foreigners … here we are all European or Mexican and we do much better than a
average salary in Spain so let’s go to the mess The work we are doing is the following, usually each vineyard three come, one is cut, two are left. You have to cut above the branches knots What we are doing is tight, which is simply tie the branches to the
wires so that the knots can grow well, that are not giving to the wire and leave here a margin between one branch and another that overlap, and so when they start to come out the leaves, grows in an orderly manner. When it comes the heat will start to grow very fast, you’ll see. The boss told us if we wanted him to pay us by the hour or by the line the first two days we were pretty
doubtful because it was difficult for us to make a row about a little over an hour
and a half almost an hour and a half, now we have gone down to 45 minutes then,
We have obviously told him to pay us per row because it does not come out
much better It’s not a very heavy work physically, it’s about 8 or 10 hours standing cutting and binding, the only thing is that in the end you leave your head free and not stop thinking so we use
podcast and in while we work we learn little things, so the podcast is an invention and as you can see we have very nice views here in the Okanagan area and very close neighbors curious and with enough pasta We have worked 4 hours, we are going to stop half an hour to make the sandwiches, get energy and continue with the vineyard,
no wait. We will do another 4 or 5 hours more and we will rest. the minimum wage of British Columbia to
as of June 2019 is 13.85 Canadian dollars the hour, that the change
It’s 9.20 euros. Working by piecework and learning the tricks to be able to go a little faster, we get make around 20 canadian dollars an hour it is a mechanical work and
repetitive that can be done mentally heavy, if you keep the
negative reading The positive reading is that we were in an academy where
learn a minimum of 8 hours a day although it is the area with the best
climate of the whole country, in April the weather it is still changing and unstable sometimes we enjoyed a sun that made
even more beautiful the beautiful views gigantic Okanagan Lake On other days, however, the fog got stuck in the vineyards surrounding us a sea of ​​clouds, which converted our
surroundings in something invisible a pretty gloomy picture we finished for today We have already finished today we have cured sack very fast huh We have done a lot. Yes, today very fast we’re leaving … well now you’ll come with
we we go there in front to get wifi from the street we do not get here almost almost miraculously for a few meters we do not reach here within the plot this we have to walk a little, but good we go there, we connect for a while and see what’s going on there Well this is where we have Internet, there’s the field, it’s a few meters away and this is the place that we come to … to go to the bathroom, because there are bathrooms and to connect There are public baths that come to us in luxury because there is water and we can go quietly to the bathroom In the base vineyard where we are the amenities are minimal, not even
we have access to water, so every two or three days we are going to fill in the
27 liter tank that we always have in the van and any extra bottles and here we fill the water that lasts for us
two or three days the vineyard where we are is 100 meters from here, it is very close. Well since we are then we fill any reserve of water that we have to take advantage of the trip today we have finished the day, it has been a long day and now we are going to shower What we do is fill the bag with 3 liters of water which is 4, and the extra, the fourth missing, we heat it, so we have water a little bit hot because it does a lot
cold still this is our shower trailer that is
made a christ inside and we use it to shower because we are more sheltered from the cold This is what I wear the worst. They say that
showering with cold water is healthy and it’s true that we have not had a cold
despite spending the winter in the van but I undoubtedly, I stay with the showers
hot water We are ready for the shower it is a rudimentary and uncomfortable technique, but infallible to reach the purpose of having a shower.
Basically stay clean Well you see that the comforts here
they are a bit fair. We do not have water current, we do not have electricity,
we have wifi, but that’s not so bad but this is the trick of coming to Canada to
work, and that is that we do not have to pay accommodation. Both in this vineyard and in
other farms you can live in the own site and you save all the
rental of accommodation, which here is very expensive. It is a very prickly area of ​​Canada
and the minimum you are going then 500 dollars minimum minimum per person, and this is what makes such an interesting site to come to work everything you earn you take it clean. Well, if you’re a festero and you eat very expensive, no, but we almost all that we earn we have clean for the next
project or for whatever, then yes which is highly recommended if you come to
work here, that you come to work in the field because it’s when you’re going to make more money. Here concretely pay for work done and we are being very profitable, we can get to win between 150 to 180 dollars per day per person it’s hard work, it’s 8 or 10 hours it’s a mentally a little job
tired because your head is going a thousand but we know that it is temporary and the truth comes very well, this vineyard let us be with him, he is accompanying us all day and where are we going, he falls asleep and
we started the row and when we finished he does not notice and he runs away
looking for us and nothing, that leaves us much calmer than not to leave it
locked in somewhere or pay a Hotel here has to be expensive, a dog hotel. But he is super happy, so
Musito? well we do not have electricity where
we are, then the portable ones they are a small problem because they consume more, but the mobiles and the lights with we can load them perfectly. We leave it here on top of the van and it’s all day
giving him the sun it also works for laptops but
this costs much more to load, several days of fact. In this field too
they have apple planted which is another of the star crops here in the Okanagan area, specifically this is Kelowna, I think we have already
saying. And as you can see they are some little houses so super nice, super cute surrounded
always of crops that tend to be vineyards, which is what gives the most money, and
also apples and nothing that, general culturilla We did not have electricity, but the sun came out every day and allowed us to charge batteries with the solar panel keeping the toilet living in a vineyard is a challenge, we will not deny it, even even for those hygiene habits that we do every one or two weeks Little by little it is getting dark, and although the field leaves us tired We took advantage of it for a while before going to
to sleep, to continue working … this time in our own project another one of the weekly routine of life
in the vineyard is the visit to the supermarket We usually go to the Walmart or Superstore, two of the large stores Where to buy food at the best price. Here at the Walmart from 8 o’clock or so They take succulent offers, let’s go If you wait late in the afternoon, they usually get fruits and vegetables with discount, and here the fruits and vegetables are the most expensive by far the activity that I like most of the day is
come to buy, because the truth is that it relaxes me go lie just let go because he just said, I hate to come buy Why do you hate coming to buy and tell lies to the camera? I’m sorry, I have a private life to keep good Walmart is a huge shopping center type carrefour for those who are in Spain, who has everything everything full of plastics, of course, everything all everything Canadians are first cousins ​​of the Americans and they also have their juices in industrial quantities of 3 or 4 liters their enormous milk bricks, like these, that is, everything to the beast and to the great come to buy from these sites actually
is what we like the least because there so much variety and there is so much thing and it’s so
big, you get lost and you lose a lot of time so let’s buy fast and we’re going we free one day a week, one day in the
that we take advantage of to make night in another place, and change the stamp of
so many vineyards for a little more white Where is the squirrel? there are a couple of squirrels, one there and the
another in that part and they are hesitating What happens? and then he’s going to smell them because he does not do anything to the quails, you know nothing, today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday we do not work and the guys from Verde by in either, and we have not stayed here on this site, at the Silver Lake to do some vanpooling together it is quite cold here, you can see that there is still snow and we are quite advanced in the season but we are a bit tall in the place where we were there
too much snow to go down to the lake, so we’ve moved, we’re going to
change location to camp they direct the next morning, we moved to
Municipality of Pentincton, south of the valley Okanagan, and where Flea Market is celebrated on Sundays Do you know what it is? We have come to Pentincton, which is about 45 minutes from where we work to good … to visit Pablo and Bea, the guys from Verde inside, you can follow their channel over here and we go to the Flea Market that they do on Sundays, which is like a trail second-hand things and see what’s I thought that this from the trail was a
very typical Spanish thing but no, also goes to Canada, selling second-hand things, cheap things I believe that Spain has copied a bit
of the American culture because in the USA there are also antique shops and … this is called Flea Market, which is like the flea the flea market and here there is everything, to have a position here they pay 20 dollars and that money goes to a protective
animals of dogs and cats, that is, this initiative is cool good one of the two things we want
share, the first is that this end of week … well today is Monday and yesterday
we were all day all day with Verde inside, with
Pablo and with Bea and for the first time in very much time we have had the
weekend feeling, that is to say that to feel like the weekend
for doing something different, stop work in the vineyard and such and take advantage of it
to rest from everything, rest from mobile, rest from work, do something
that you’re not used to and it’s a feeling that we really liked the
true. Being always connected means that we are always
working, because this you already know is partly our work Well, you’ve seen how it is … how our life has been these little more than two weeks that we have been here specifically we have been 17 days
working What did you think of the experience? Well, the truth is that it has been very good for me, you know that we were dragging, well we come
dragging a bit a decline in our desire to travel, in our
motivation, especially in the case of Eva and we needed a little this, right? having a routine feeling the weekend, which we had not felt for three years We really like Canada because you really do the work that perform, there is a respect towards
Awesome worker, bone … and where are you from Do the work you do, we in this case were fieldworkers good to me the truth is that yes I like to try different jobs because it seems that you do not but you learn, do not you? You’re getting faster every time, you know … differentiate vines a little, the type of work that you have, you value the work a lot manual work because we buy a bottle of wine and say u and how expensive or uh, how cheap, but it’s really impressive how much work is behind a bottle of wine, it’s brutal this is a very nice experience that especially for young people at the best, who want to travel for time and want a quick way to get money I believe that this experience is perfect for people who maybe are tired of work and he wants to change his life and he does not know
how to do it, start with a working holiday visa is very good, whether you want to continue traveling for a long time and using
that money that you earned as if you want to have a project to undertake
in the future, here you can generate your first income to then put them in
that project, or simply if you want take a sabbatical and you do not want
lose it, or you do not want to be doing nothing It is also a good opportunity, here there are jobs of all kinds What Canada has is that it is very large, it is a very large country but it has very little people, so they need people from outside to cover those positions now we Now we are going to another site that you will see, but we have also had the opportunity to work in other vineyards, to stay here and if we had wanted work in, I do not know, in a store or in a …
well, what happens is that We were looking for a place where we did not pay
accommodation or that accommodation It was included. The trick is that if you go to work and what you want is to do money, do not spend half of your salary renting a house because here They are very expensive, and really, it would not be so profitable. If you liked the video then hit like, if you’re not subscribed then subscribe like this you will help
let the community grow and you will have videos of this style every two times three. Click on the bell to get the notifications leave us a comment now of what you
Looks like this, if you would like to live this experience, if not, if you have already lived it and what
such was you, and we see nothing in the next video, which will also be
working in another very different site coldest that is still but good is another experience, we are going hunting experiences and this we already know
what is it, now to something else If you ask about Mus, you often do it Mus is here, he spends his day sleeping he spends the day sleeping Oh and they let us have it in the vineyard … if you travel with a dog not everywhere, they let you be with him, but you always find some place where they let you be with him, apart from we had to tie him or anything, he was with us working all day sleeping and … see you in the next video a family embrace, ciao! It gives you a little ass, does not it? make it look like you’re coming out of it Very good, welcome to our Travel and Roll channel where we are here with a bottom ass an ass the uncle you Uncle You, escort the uncle you escort and the xicons Hello and now we are going to tell a little thing that we
we have realized and we have realized this … that would be said in English, well … What’s wrong, bandarra? they are good of Apple And Eva has stayed there because it’s cold to travel in a cool van yes travel by van but it does not need to be the level of traveling and roll, a little bit more is cool too a sink inside the van that’s how we started and … that sometimes is fine and I say I do not know why this has not passed the quality controls. Yes, consumerism things the maximum style Buying on Amazon through the links you’ll find in the description of any of our videos we take a small commission without costing you extra money it does not matter whether or not the items that appear on the list is a way to help us keep creating content like this thank you

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