Town of Bennettsville

I think all small towns are unique and Bennetsville is no exception when Marlboro County was founded the first
courthouse was down on the Pee Dee River which is on the opposite end of
Marlboro County from the lower end and over the years the residents who
lived in the lower part of the county complained about the fact that it was a
full day trip for them to go to conduct legal affairs at the courthouse so they asked that courthouse be
moved to a more central location and Bennetsville which of course did not
exist at that time but the area was chosen and the town was formed in 1819
December 14 and was named for the then governor of
South Carolina Mr. Bennet our courthouse is one of the largest
by geographical area in the state it is set on 3 acres
right in the midst of town and it’s assessable basically equally
from every area of the county we have a number of things one
is a walking to tour that you can come and do on your own there are 31 different places you can visit
in downtown Bennetsville with the brochure most of our buildings in downtown
Bennetsville are over 100 years old so you get to see a great architectural
display we have a museum complex here which
has 5 buildings in it I’m really quite proud of our museum and I
think for the town of Bennetsville it’s outstanding any town the success of any town or
its people and i think we have nicest friendliest
people you’ll find anywhere everybody is willing to help each other
and we do that frequently

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