“Tours of Mexico” Eco Tourism

[Music] Hi I’m Valerie Johnson and I am Jeronimo Jergens Welcome to Tours of Mexico in the past you may have planned a vacation in order to get away from it all but now you may be ready to get back to it all I get away from man-made pre-planned good times and step into a world of more natural wonders virtually untouched by civilization this desire is known as ecotourism and if it’s something you’d like to experience than Mexico is the place to be [Music] the eco tourism opportunities are endless in Mexico there are some 58 national parks and biosphere reserves dedicated to help protect the diverse wildlife and natural resources that make the country such a unique vacation destination and there are thousands of points of interest you will see an incredible variety of ecosystems located throughout the country from crystalline oceans and majestic mountains to arid deserts dense jungles and tropical forests let’s take a look at just some of the phenomenal sites that await you in Mexico [Music] [water fall] if you would like to get an underwater perspective on nature there’s no better place to do it than in Mexico [Music] in fact one of the premier diving and snorkeling spots in the world is Cozumel an island located 40 miles south of Cancun. Cozumel offers crystal-clear caribbean waters with visibility up to 200 feet [music] you also find an unbelievable underwater beauty just off the east and west coast. the Pacific Ocean the sea of cortés and the Gulf of Mexico all hold within them unique treasures for the curious divers and snorkelers [Music] the oceans and seas that border Mexico host an abundant collection of thriving marine life to see the amazing reefs and plants is to witness a miraculous tapestry of natural art decorated with brilliant colors and interesting life forms [Music] these underwater arenas are filled with life because the sea of cortés serves the breeding place for Wales it has been declared a whale sanctuary and don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse of some whale sharks and the fish you see fish the range from small bright color tropics to 1,200 pound Marlin also see how the endangered sea turtles use some of the beaches that’s nesting grounds and how the sea lions feel right at home the waters of Mexico and ecological paradise [Music] Mexico’s jungle rainforest steep mountains dry deserts and lush swamps are home for countless forms of interesting wildlife experience how jungle tours bring you to the heart of nature [Music] the plentiful land mammals in Mexico will astonish you as you watch them in their beautiful natural habitat [Music] more than 1,000 species of birds flourish in this rich land they share the long stretches of on interrupted sandy beaches tropical forests and mangrove swamps see the graceful flamingos known for their exceptional beauty they are undoubtedly the aristocrats of the swamps Many other species of birds paint the sky and rest in the refreshing waters where they feed on the rich microorganisms Mexico is literally a birdwatchers heaven [music] the lush vegetation and moist atmosphere create a perfect setting for other creatures here in Mexico the many reptiles that dwell in this vast area will attest to that. [Music] the entire country is lavishly decorated with an enormous collection of vibrant plants and blooming flowers there are over 30,000 species of flowering plants [Music] the plant life provides the ideal home for many insects that live here including the multitude of Monarch butterflies that can cover the forest in Michoacan enhance your life by watching Mexico’s life [Music] there are many other natural wonders for you to discover and explore here if you would like to see the largest and deepest canyon north america four times the size of the United States Grand Canyon go to the copper canyon in Chihuahua shockingly pure and majestic [Music] mystical…. awesome.. Magical… for mere words cannot accurately describe the breathtaking sensational experience when you find yourself in some of the most incredible underground caves rivers and lakes [Music] these unusual freshwater sources are spectacular in a bright blue and green coloring combined with your ornate rock formations the speak of centuries of existence stroll through a cenote and become one with nature [Music] there are so many ecological areas to visit the boost stupendous sites you might want to consider the largest and one of the most beautiful sets of waterfalls in Mexico, Cascadas de Agua Azul located near the temples of Palengue you can also take advantage of the many nature trails and discover your own ecological delights [Music] weather are you thinking of making eco tourism all or just part of your vacation we urge you to consider Mexico you want to spend a few hours or several days Mexico promises of compelling adventurous experience. let Mexico change the way you view the world [Music]

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