Tourists in Miami-Dade upset over closure from Golden Beach to Haulover Beach

tourists who are upset they can’t enjoy the Sun and sand our Tod Tongan is live to continue our team coverage Tod the beach here at Haulover is relatively deserted and that’s actually a good thing my photographer and I Bob Palombo have felt some of the effects from the red tide it G is watery eyes tickle in your throat coughing and even a headache so it’s a good thing that people are staying away from the beach the beach is closed due to the red tide miami-dade County has taken the unprecedented step of closing all public beaches north of Haulover inlet until further notice we’ve got these findings very late at night there was a moderate level north of Haulover so we took decision let’s go ahead and close the beach this morning and take all precautions ten flew over the desolate stretch of beach and even spotted a large clump of reddish brown algae floating just off all over Inlet and you could see the blooms of the toxic algae lapping against the jetty the closure area extends from Haulover inlet all the way to golden beach in the Broward County Line I’ve been working ocean rescue for twenty years and this is our first closure and miami-dade County for red tide that I could recall Matthew Sparling from Miami Dade Ocean Rescue says they along with police will be enforcing the closures it’s pretty crazy a lot of people have come from the west coast to escape some of the red tides to come on the East Coast to enjoy the beaches and I have to tell them that we’re closed and they’re completely shocked we spotted people working along the beach wearing protective masks we even spotted a police officer on an ATV wearing a gas mask how does Beach Patrol it’s crazy I’m here from Delaware and we can’t even get any closer to the water it’s kind of scary officials say a strong easterly wind is blowing the red tide in from the Gulf Stream blue current and the longer it lasts the worse it is for Beach business there’s really nothing we can do I mean yeah we just stayed at the pool today and that is the scene that County officials just don’t want to see rental chairs and umbrellas stacked up not being used nobody on the beach and they don’t know how long these beaches will remain closed it could be through the weekend for now we’re live on Haulover Beach Tong and local tennis could be tough on the tourists okay thanks a lot

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