Tourists gunned down in Tunisia museum attack 투니시아 박물관 총기난사

Time now for a look through the rest of the
global headlines we′re following on this Thursday morning. We′ll connect to Eunice
Kim, at the NewsCenter. Good morning, Eunice. Good morning, Mark. Horror in Tunisia′s
capital… after gunmen – wearing military garb – stormed an iconic museum and unleashed
gunfire… killing at least 19 people. The strike happened around noon local time…
at the National Bardo Museum, located inside a heavily guarded parliament compound in central
Tunis. The Tunisian prime minister said most of those
fatalities were tourists… foreign visitors from Spain, Germany, Poland and Italy.
At least one security officer was also killed… while several others were wounded.
Government officials said militants tooks hostages for a time… adding that security
forces entered the museum some two hours later… gunning down two of the attackers.
Local reports say at least three others were being pursued.
The militants have not been identified… nor has any group claimed responsibility for
the assault. In a national address, Tunisia′s prime minister
urged unity… saying the strike had an aim of destroying the Tunisian economy… which
heavily relies on tourism.

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