Tourist visa when you wish to marry

Tourist Visa when you wish to marry? There is a common misunderstanding about the
purpose of an Australian tourist visa, and that it is the
“entry-level” generic visa. The thought is also that once your lady from
the Philippines sets foot on Australian soil, you’re halfway there. You’re on the home stretch to being together
permanently. Sorry to say, but this thinking is not realistic
at all. I know what drives it. Fairly obvious. A partner visa is
a costly visa, no question about it. I’m sure that 99% of those who see that the
Government wants $7,000.00 for their fee alone are in shock
and disbelief. If you could possibly get out of it, of course
you would. And not everyone has that amount sitting in
a stray bank account. We know this. But is a tourist visa really a good alternative
when the issue is that of money? Good reasons for a tourist visa application
Tourist visas are popular amongst our clients. We process many hundreds every year, and we’re
very good at preparing successful applications
for Australian Filipina couples. A tourist visa is a temporary
visa for a temporary visit to Australia. Normally for a 3 month visit. Plenty of time to get to know what
life in Australia is all about, to visit friends and relatives of an Australian boyfriend,
and many of our tourist visa holders contact us afterwards
saying they’ve decided to take the big plunge so they can be
together permanently. I would think most end up marrying and applying
for partner visas in time. And we would never push a couple who are uncommitted
into a partner visa. Partner visas by their very
nature require commitment, and if that commitment isn’t there then they will most likely fail. Tourist
visas? You should be should be in a genuine relationship,
yes. Boyfriend and girlfriend, most definitely. Wanting to spend time together with a romantic
partner, yes. Wanting to see if what you felt on a 2
week visit to the Philippines is the same when you’re in a domestic situation in Australia
for 3 months, yes. And then back home to the Philippines at the
end of that visit. Bad reasons for a tourist visa application
“Bad” as in “will not do what you hope it will do”. Not bad-intentioned. In my view, if the two of you are completely
committed to each other and to leading a shared-life on a
permanent basis, a tourist visa will be like a bandaid on a gaping wound. A bit of temporary relief, but
nothing more. I like it when we can do something for a client,
and they end up happy and settled. Knowing that it will only contribute to them
being apart for years, it leaves a less than satisfied feeling in
us. And this is our vocation. We love seeing couples together and families
being built. So what we see is ladies heading back to the
Philippines, and both Australian man and Filipina lady
asking me how soon they can be back together! The couple end up right back where they started. No
further forward and no better off. The other issue is that while they are getting
some temporary relief from missing, it’s costing them
money. The lady could get three tourist visa applications,
with three lots of airfares and the cost of being
together in Australia, or……well…..could probably spend that total amount on a partner
visa. And that
means you end up together permanently, which is what you want after all. Again, if you’re not 100% committed and want
to take more time? Sensible decision. Sometimes couples
spend three months together and realise they make each other miserable. In which case they are most
grateful they didn’t take the big plunge with a partner visa, and are grateful they got
to find out via a temporary visa only. And sometimes there are divorces and annulments
to sort out. Tourist visas are
great options when you want to be together, but a permanent pathway simply isn’t open
to you yet. Again, we process a lot of tourist visa applications
and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. What can you do to get a partner visa? If you’re really not in a hurry (and some
couples are fairly patient), and wish to get a tourist visa for
now? We’re happy to help you. But if you’re hoping she can simply stay on
a tourist visa, then sorry but you’re heading for disappointment and an emotional
rollercoaster. We’ve discussed the mistake in thinking you
can put a partner visa together late in the tourist visa stay
in Australia in a few of our BLOG articles. Partner visas take months of work, and the
Department are very unforgiving about poorly prepared applications
which result from last-minute rush jobs. Yes, we can
help with onshore partner visa applications, but you need the time to do them properly. But spending all your savings and earnings
on airline tickets instead of on saving for a partner visa
application, this will just make it harder on you. You would be better off just biting the bullet
and saving your money. Work overtime. Get some part-time work. Live a lean existence. Do that until you have a
downpayment on a partner visa, which is probably less than the costs of a 3 month visit anyway. Then
continue to live frugally over the following few months whilst preparing the partner visa
application. They do normally take that length of time. Or do what many have done. Borrow from relatives. Sell something. Or note the link to Fox Financial
Group on the assessment letters that are coming out now, and take out a small loan. Probably most
people borrow for a car. Why wouldn’t you borrow to bring the love
of your life from Philippines to Australia? If it matters enough, normally we find
a way.

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