Tourist Visa Philippines Introduction

Welcome to Down Under Visas Tourist Visa Philippines
site. Do YOU need a tourist visa to Australia for
your sweetheart from the Philippines? Down Under Visa manage tourist visa applications
for loving couples from Philippines to Australia, along with partner visas and family visas. Visiting and spending time together in the
Philippines to get to know each other and to get a good introduction to Filipino culture
and to meet your girls family, this is an absolute must. And if you are ready to bite the bullet and
be together permanently then you should definitely be looking at a partner visa application. However if you are not ready yet, then the
logical next step is to get a tourist visa for your Filipina girl and spend some time
in Australia. Are Australian tourist visas hard to get? And if so, why? Yes, they are definitely harder to get than
most people realise. Most assume they are a bit of a formality. Fill out a few forms and pop them into the
Australian Embassy, and of course she can come back with you on the same plane. As if! Close to 1:5 tourist visa applications lodged
by the inexperienced person applying for a visa themselves end up refused, and the disappointment
is usually pretty profound. They are also not quick, nor do you deal with
the Australian Embassy in Manila these days. Why so hard? Because there are so many people from so many
countries..especially poor countries like the Philippines..who are happy to lie, cheat
and manipulate the facts AND people in order to get a foot in Australias door. Opportunities abound, and paypackets for even
menial work is comparatively very high compared to Filipino salaries. So you have to work hard to prove that you
DO have a genuine reason to visit Australia and to spend some time together to enhance
and to enjoy your relationship with an Australian. And its for reasons like this that there is
a requirement for visas. And its for reasons like this that they scrutinize
visa applications so closely, and its because of this scrutiny that we at Down Under Visa
put so much effort into getting information and paperwork from you as part of tourist
visa applications (and any visa applications at all). If you are genuine visa applicants with a
genuine relationship and a genuine reason to want to spend some time together in Australia,
then we need to prove that your Filipina lady is not preparing to breach visa conditions
and overstay in Australia. This is why we need to prepare a crystal-clear
picture of you and your situation so the Case Officer at the Australian Embassy in Manila
will find it easy to make a decision hopefully in your favour. We look forward to helping you both. Please complete our free visa assessment form,
and we will soon have you together in Australia.

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