Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 7, Cruden Bay

51 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 7, Cruden Bay

  1. Did the guys consider playing the Castle Course in the St. Andrew's group? It's by far the most scenic of the 7 at St.Andrews. Loved the series!

  2. Another fantastic episode. Bits to watch out for – Big Randy doing his best baby giraffe impression down the steps, two extremely underappreciated short-game efforts at the 4th, Tron's three-putt from 12 feet that probably traveled 50 total feet at 14, and the varying volumes of whiskey in everyone's bottle towards the end of the round. I might be a birdie sip truther, haven't decided yet.

  3. "It's only blind the first time you see it." Respect that quote. Agree that I don't love blind golf either, but if a course is blind because of it's raw, natural elements, I'll accept that much more easily than if a bulldozer made it so.

  4. Next trip, please bring a better camera than a potato phone or GoPro on a weird stabilizer. Content is great but video quality is meeeeeh. Keep up the good work!

  5. I don't know which Randall-directed quote I like better: "How'd that stay out?" or "Like a daft American." The new captain is a human highlight reel, and he sets the bar high right from the start. Such grace and elegance on the death-defying downstair decline.

  6. Great vid! Just about my favourite Links course, it's great to play in June when it stays light until late, those dunes are so how mystical late in the evening. If you do play Cruden Bay, stay at the St Olaf Hotel which sits above the course and has tremendous views of the course below

  7. Maybe not the best idea to neck a few miniatures, then a pint or 2 at the 19th then drive home considering the extremely low drink drive limit here in Scotland, just saying for anyone visiting Scotland. Zero tolerance given by the 5-oh!

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