Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 7: Pasatiempo Golf Club

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  1. There were about 4 times if I didn't know if it was Big Randy or Kuch playing out there. Now all I can think about is Kuch in all orange next week and I'm excited.

  2. In the lab forming a piece on my conspiracy: Large Randalls putting stroke is the "it" that is always darker out here than our cameras make it look

  3. A lot to unpack here gentlemen
    – Neil sitting in the RV deflated without that Icarito twinkle in his eye made a little part of me die
    – Tron only being comfortable he's $200 down makes him a matchplay assassin & at the same time always will go deep in the game, getting his moneys worth from his green-fee, very on brand.
    – Randy hitting the hole on those crucial putts but none of them dropping could maybe be karma for the shady strapped deals that have been going down
    – Fire at the end of the episode and finishing the round in the dark gave me big Survivor vibes, would love to see some NLU bandanas to mark the occasion

    Bonus off topic comment
    – Tron on the latest pod saying his puke was "Non Stinky" is adjacent to Sergio spitting in the cup but saying he made sure it didn't touch the sides. Scummy.

  4. Neil should send that last credit scene into CMT to see if they could include that in the next Chris Gaines music video.

  5. Isn't it fitting for the Big Guy to fade out late like his idol, Rickie. Now he gets to dress like him too. Now needs to drink a Sh0ck Top beer (sorry, no free advertising)

  6. TC looks like bill Murray from what about bob at the beginning 😂 (also) even more excited to watch this again because could be the 🐐of your videos 🙌🏻

  7. Sucks for big Randy, but I'm looking forward to seeing big Rick's older brother make an appearance next week. Shit will be Juicy! 😎🏌️⛳

  8. I should have known that thinking Randy was "too big to fail" was a mistake… In lieu of flowers please send donations to Lehman Brothers.

  9. Big Randall,

    Confront the dark parts of yourself
    Work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness
    Your willingness to wrestle your demons will cause your angels to sing.
    Only then will you boldly cast out those demons
    And calm the raging sea within.

    Always your friend,
    The 14th Club.

  10. Neil, please give my grandmother back her Blue Blockers. It's uncomfortable for her to drive without them, and you look like a homeless Bono impersonator circa 2001.

  11. With Randy channelling his inner (and outer) Rickie, hopefully he can help out his Strapped buddy Neil with his newfound understanding of what "PMI evens means" – Private Misclub Insurance.

  12. I appreciate DJ calling Randy “Mr. Landes” and yet also calling Tron “Mr. Carter.” It’s truly as if Tron and Neil actually are no longer brothers.

  13. Gotta say, I’ve binged a good amount of NLU YouTube content lately, and with the Strapped: Sanctions episode still fresh, I really wanted Big Randall to get him. Can Tron and the narc both lose next week?

  14. Dearest Randy,

    It has been shown through the seventh chapter of the third season of the honorable Tourist Sauce
    that you have died gloriously on the field of Pasatiempo.
    I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile
    you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the
    consolation that may be found in the thanks of the followers of NLU.
    I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave
    you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours
    to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of the golfing gods.

    Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,
    A Fan

  15. Tron putting the entry level uprising to bed and flexing the C Suite muscle. RIP to Randy looking like a giant creamsicle at some point.

  16. With all the highs and lows, the drama unfolding I cant get the fact that in the opening scene Mr Icarito has a smile on his face that is far too big when buying a case of light beer. If Australian Border Control ever see this footage, he might not be allowed back in the country – sorry big fella

  17. “And if you gaze long enough into the barranca, the barranca will gaze back into you.”
    – Phil “Big Nietzsche” Landes

  18. Was so waiting for DJ to give us the “it’s a lot darker than our cameras appear” as the blimp flew overhead in Big Randy’s back swing. Neil giving up a d slap from Tron to hang out with Randy the next round and drink is the friendship I look for. Big Randy in all orange for the loss is the Ricky performance on 18 with a match all square we expected. #cutcostrong #strapped

  19. When Randy gets Jebby it isn’t just him that loses. We all do. Hang in there big guy, a mega bonus is in your future.

  20. Nothing I’d rather watch than the big fella grinding out putts in the twilight. I’m sure the course was even darker than the camera made it appear.

  21. This felt like watching Old Yeller for the 10th time; hoping Randy survives but knew Tron was going to put him down at the end.

  22. Big Randy with the Foreshadowing that led to his demise. In the Wolf Hammer video he clearly says “Bad news, Tron isn’t comfortable until he is down $200”.

  23. A mile from Pasatiempo there is a tourist attraction called “the mystery spot” famous for the optical illusions produced by the amount of tilt and slope the site is situated upon. In 2004 I drove a silver PT cruiser with wood paneling down from San Francisco, walked into one of the cabins there, and got so immediately disoriented that I became nauseated and threw up.

    Some 15 years later I returned to the area, and on a breezy, sunny day in June, I managed to leave myself above the hole at 16. Time is a flat circle.

  24. “A giant Rickie Fowler look-alike drove an RV through our landscaping – Seen it, covered it”
    WE ARE FAR****. BA BA DABA BA BA BA (no free ads)

  25. The Year of Randy didn’t quite pan out. Was hoping Gankas would have emerged on the back 9 just in time to turn things around for the big guy.

  26. FOLKS,, we haven’t seen a mid-air press like the one we got from The Golf Hawk since Icarito flapped to the tee at the 300yrd par 4 18th at Pacific Grove with driver in tow

  27. The big guy getting buzzed by the blimp on the 18th tee was not cool. Crooked Tron with the text to the pilot on the walk from 17 to 18?

  28. Trap Draw Episode 26: "We're on to 2019"
    TC: Sets personal goal of improving relationship with brother Neil

    Tourist Sauce Episode 7
    NS: Openly roots for brother Tron so he can spend more time with Big Randy

    The level of savagery only the Franchise can appreciate.

  29. Through Pasatiempo a little standings update as described by @pooshdaddy in the theme song.

    Neil (merch daddy) “bet you never left a goodbye note” early exit from the tournament and an homage to the days at google

    DJ Pie – after gaining speed with Gankas “you’re moving too fast, now you’re outta control”

    Soly – waiting patiently his turn at the championship “Don't act like nobody told ya, you're already gold”

    TC – battling back in every single match, winning on 18 two matches in a row “You're trying to get your head right Never been so hard for you”

    Big Randy – after a very tough putting scene at pasatiempo. (Lyrical liberties taken by me here) “You've probably burned a PUTT or two Chasing down those dreams You'll probably find out the hard way It's not all what it seems”

  30. Watching all of these videos of rounds so far, what's the average time per round with all the video and production surrounding the round of golf?

  31. The nice thing about watching/listening to NLU content you learn something, hearing Soly describe the canyon/valley/ditch as a Barranca, now I need to know if I can use that term on and off the golf course? Like "check out that bridge over the barranca" while driving over an interstate over a bridge over a canyon???

  32. I hope the loser’s punishments form some sort of sentence cause I like the start of Juicy Orange… or Juicy Rickie

  33. Is it even possible to be "C-Suite Muted"? — developing story. And what about the no free ads? This isn't the Big Puma, shouldn't it be the Big Tang or Big Orange Crush since no one buys any of that any more. Scummy on all parts.

  34. Boy I wish I could actually SEE the back nine, but you guys choose to play at twilight and/or not adjust the camera for every other shot. "Better production quality this season" lol

  35. I really think Tron needs to fully embrace the work horse mentality. Starting slow, but then overtaking his opponent.

  36. Time for the big guy to go full
    Dreamcicle. Bonus points for a ‘stache and a Rocket Mortgage in the back pocket.

  37. Big Randy's shanks are so pure that the sound it makes resembles the purest iron shot ever, even tiger wouldnt dream of it #shankweek

  38. The Five Stages of Big Randy's swing sequence: Hope at address – Denial in the backswing – Depression at the top – Bargaining in the downswing – Acceptance in the follow through.

  39. Content I’d love to see:

    Neil off the tee
    DJ’s fairway to green
    Tron’s short game (100 yards to fringe)
    Randy’s putting

    (Soly sits it out)

    I’ll set the Over / Under at 17.5 over (bogey golf).

  40. The punishment is too good. Randall is just like Rickie being in the final pairing on Sunday only to disappear from the broadcast before the turn…

  41. Epic – as usual guys 👌😎
    Pure class all the way – from a friend across the pond in the UK 🇬🇧
    It’s currently 11:48 am and myself and 11 buddies are teeing off at Royal Dornoch in 3hrs 😃
    Keep up the great content, love the banter 😎😎
    Clive aka “Johnny Balata” 😁

  42. Wouldn’t be surprised if Big Rand gets approached by a car dealership next episode to replace their inflatable man.

  43. The odds on winner for best dressed at the end of the season is currently making a run. Hold onto your bucket hat folks we are in store for a barn burner.

  44. Very on brand. C-Suite completes route of Strapped while we are blessed with “Holding Company-esque” camera angles. #protraj

  45. I was pulling for Big Randy, man that chip on 16 hurts no doubt about it! Love the channel and the content gents-awesome stuff! Anyone heading to The Northern Trust?

  46. Murderers’ Row Food Network/No Laying Up Edition:
    -Chopped (Yipped: a deep dive into one man’s life long bout with the yips)
    -Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (Drivers, Chip-Ins, and Rig)
    -Restaurant Impossible (Rigarito Impossiblé)
    -Cupcake Wars (Schuster Wars)

  47. I dig the Slenderman but watching his putting stroke from the hole view makes me hold my breath. I was pulling for you big man but as a Fowler fan I want to see you in the Big Orange for Episode 8.

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