Tourist Overcharging – Episode 45

Safety Scouts Advice: Tourist Overcharging Scenario: Unfortunately sometimes dishonest people attempt to use various techniques to overcharge newcomers. For example: this can be not posting prices and asking you 10 times the normal price, pretending to make a mistake on your bill, pretending you have not prepaid your bill, or that your credit card did not work, so they can charge you twice, swapping your banknote, skimming your credit card, etc… Advice:
Before going on a trip, research average prices for transport options or items you would like to purchase. Avoid tourist shops who do not post their prices, or use third parties to bring in customers. Always read or ask for the price and check the bill for mistakes. When you pay, keep an eye on your credit card or banknotes. Keep your quotes and receipts. And finally, don’t let anyone pressure you into buying items you don’t need. Script & Animation: Christophe Gadenne

2 thoughts on “Tourist Overcharging – Episode 45

  1. How to avoid tourist overcharging?
    Please leave a comment below with your own story and tips, in order to help fellow travelers!

  2. Hi there just posted your video on my web page : Sisi Afrika Travel Assistant, to help travelers. I hope that's ok. Also just subscribed too.

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