Tourist Express Kidnapping – Episode 49

Safety Scouts Advice: Tourist “Express” Kidnappings Scenario: Some thieves, either loitering in the streets, or after luring you into a cheap or grouped taxi or pedicab, abduct you and force you to pay your own ransom at the ATM. They can also conduct a “virtual kidnapping”, where they use your information or your mobile phone to call your family, pretending you have been kidnapped and asking for ransom. Advice: In countries where kidnappings are frequent, here is what the local police advise: Don’t give your mobile phone or your personal information to strangers who could use it for a virtual kidnapping. Avoid non-official taxis and pedicabs, or taxis with other passengers already inside. Limit criminal attraction by traveling light and not showing off your cash, brand name clothes, jewelry, or expensive electronics. Limit your vulnerability by not walking alone at nightfall, using an ATM at night, or hanging out completely drunk. Take self-defense classes in order to learn how to raise your situational awareness and avoid dangerous situations. Script & Animation: Christophe Gadenne

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