Tourist Attractions around Cebu City – Philippines Vlog (Episode 2)

right now, we are in the Philippines. Rain follows us everywhere. in the pervious video we were in Cebu City and now we are in
Cebu Island I mean the same but we left the city and we are going towards the north to Sirao there are some attractions we are
going to visit some of them like temples and garden hopefully, we can hike. and also there is a
garden we want to visit Today is not sunny
I’m not sure how we can do it because apparently the garden is famous
for sunflowers and they are nice when it’s sunny
and I don’t know. Let’s see but here it’s raining hopefully the weather gets
better and now we are on our way we are in a taxi because when we
were searching how we can go there we found out you should go with your
vehicle or you can rent a motorcycle and we don’t know how to ride a motorcycle
never did it. that’s why we got the taxi and he’s going to bring us and for for
the price of 2000 pesos which is going to be 30 pounds for the whole day We at the top view point of Cebu. The entrance fee is 100 pesos per person It is foggy, but at least it is not cold Let me show you the view, because the view is amazing we are back into the car we left the view
point, you could just have a panoroma of Cebu City there’s nothing else to do there. we are on our way to the next stop I don’t know where the taxi driver is taking us. It is a surprise. We told him where we want to go and he said he would take us We arrived in Sirao flower Garden and we bought our tickets can you see that flower, it is my ticket. I don’t want to keep you waiting because this garden is so beautiful and it’s better
to go and see let’s walk to a tower or a
treehouse or whatever they call it there is no one here can you see the view
that’s so cool I never been to any treehouse before. I think this is the first one This place was so beautiful
if you are in Cebu go and check Sirao Flower Garden out It was the furthest place we have been
today now we’re going to stop on a few places on the way back actually we were right we made it to the
temple I think this one is the temple of leah apparently we are going to visit
another temple. Each attraction has different entrance fee for the garden
ticket was 50 pesos per person and which is less than a pound and also
this one’s the same (50 Pesos) the most expensive one was the view point and there was actually nothing we finished visiting the temple it was
quite different from any kind of temples I visited it before. It was just one hall and I think it is under construction hopefully next time when we come back, we can visit inside we made it to the second temple. Cebu Taoist Temple Visiting Cebu Taoist Temple is free of charge There is no entrance fee and we can just visit and that it looks nicer I
like this kind of temple you can see outside of the temple I can not bring you inside with me We are not allowed to take photos and videos inside, because this place is for worship can you see the fruit behind me I don’t
know what kind of fruit is. I taught this is coconut but it is not coconut I hope you enjoy seeing around the
temple actually to be honest I didn’t go inside because inside the
temple is for worship and around was so beautiful I just stayed out and I
went around hopefully tomorrow we are going to another island we leave Cebu Island. Don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell and you get notification when I upload the new video. Thanks for watching see you in next video

40 thoughts on “Tourist Attractions around Cebu City – Philippines Vlog (Episode 2)

  1. It looks a very beautiful place but how did you feel when you were there as the UK travel advise still isn't that good.
    It would be interesting to know your experience of the trip. Did you take direct flights from the UK?

  2. That tower outside the Taoist temple looks so similar to something that we have in temples here in Goa. Need to know more about that now 🙂

  3. hey ..Great Vlogs But your Videos and channel are not getting views? as you are working from last 1 year??? Do Something Boost your videos by promoting it through ads.

  4. I have been wanting to go to Cebu for a long time now. A lot of friends I met here in Gili Air, went to Cebu and had an amazing experience. Now I know why

  5. I appreciate you mentioning how much each site costs and the value. Loved the views too and the temple, the Taoist, was spectacular.

  6. Wow, such a beautiful garden. Well worth the trip out there. Great footage of the Taoist temple as well. Wish we had seen more f Cebu island when we visited a few years ago.!!

  7. There are about forty million WOMEN in this country but as far as I am aware there is only one LADY in Philippines.

    Her name is Imelda Marcos. 🙂

  8. Hi this is Mujeeb Ali from pakistan, i need some info about your equipment, i m also want to making some vedio of Northern areas of pakistan like Hunza and Chitral

  9. Cebu is orettt awesome. I love this culture, such a sense of humour and always enjoying life. This country is very high on my list right now.

  10. You need to some food tools for editing, recording/filming and voice quality is also below par. You need some effort plus make collaboration with some famous you tubers it will benefit in-terms of subscribers and to attain the skills. Good luck

  11. hi dear. I hope that you will be fine. dear you come on Pakistan and travel Pakistani historical pleases because you will enjoy and pleasure of pak historic places.

  12. @Mansoureh…The big green fruits that you think we're coconuts are actually not native to Cebu. Locals call it 'miracle fruit' because it is reportedly a cure to cancer and other illnesses. It is is so hard to break you need a heavy-duty saw to cut the fruit into halves. It's white meat inside is said to cure cancer.

  13. I was born and live in Cebu City but i never been visited that place you visited here in Cebu City. Haha. ^_^

  14. I love your video😊
    Thank you for visiting my beloved country😊
    We Filipinos are friendly, so i think everyone can visit Philippines too:)

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