Tourism meeting discusses plans for Montana ExpoPark’s future

well community leaders and stakeholders in the Great Falls area met this morning to talk about improvements at Montana Expo Park last month cascade county commissioners approved funding to expand on a study that was already done for the grounds the study began in 2013 it found that Great Falls could benefit from a multi-purpose Event Center this new portion of the study will focus on possible locations for a livestock zone people also had questions about parking how this could affect at the rodeo and horse racing and how the multi-purpose Center would be used there’s a lot of diseases that are out there in the state of Montana and people are driving all over telling them you know when Paul McCartney came to Missoula I know Missoula is a great place this was a great false they sold 30,000 tickets and then we ran the spots dry camp spots and print because everybody was going so these venues they get to be this large I mean we have to look outside the box and we have to say if we do build in people world organizers are hoping to have something on the ballot by November of 2020

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