Tourism in Greenville to broaden appeal using nature’s own

THEIR BUDGET FOR THE NEXT YEAR. IT COMES ON THE HEELS OF “NATIONAL TRAVEL AND TOURISM WEEK.” WNCT’S BRANDON TRUITT WAS AT THE MEETING AND JOINS US WITH DETAILS ON THE PROPOSAL. BRANDON… KEN…TOURISM BROUGHT NEARLY 219 MILLION DOLLARS TO GREENVILLE IN 2015. TONIGHT… A PLAN WAS SET WORTH THAT WOULD TAKE TOURISM IN THE EAST…. IN A NEW DIRECTION. “We’re seeing folks come to Greenville from Jacksonville, Cary, New Bern, just to come out here and paddle the tar river” FOR KELSEY CURTIS OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES ARE A WAY OF LIFE. SHE SAYS GREENVILLE’S FEATURES ARE UNIQUE. “Tons of wildlife to see you know we’ve got a little bit of flat water little bit of swamp land. We’ve got some pretty good sand bars that people like to stop and hang out on so our river has something to offer pretty much everyone” ITS THOSE TRAITS THAT GREENVILLE PITT COUNTY TOURISM DIRECTOR AIMS TO HARNESS. “We want to look at getting people out on the river whether their kayaking or canoeing or boating. Having them to be able to not only enjoy the river but be able to possibly dock here at the town commons maybe sometime in the future and then come in and eat in our restaurants.” SCHMIDT PROPOSED A BUDGET TO CITY COUNCIL THURSDAY NIGHT THAT HE SAYS WOULD MAKE TOURISM WELL-ROUNDED FOR THE EAST. “eastern North Carolina has a lot of nature a lot of wonderful outdoor assets birding trails so there’s going to be things you see here that you can’t see in some of the bigger cities and we want to expose that” CURTIS SAYS ONE THING THAT HAS TO CHANGE… THE IMAGE OF THE TAR RIVER. “A lot of people see the river and they automatically think about the different floods and stuff we’ve had over the years. I get a lot of questions why is the river brown. So I think having some more advertisements and more education on our river” SHE’S GLAD TO HEAR GREENVILLE IS OPENING UP TO THE OUTDOORS “I think it could really do big things as far as bringing new and different things into town.” CURTIS SAYS ONE THING SHE HOPES TO CURTIS SAYS ONE THING SHE HOPES TO SEE MORE RIVER ACCESS POINTS IN THE FUTURE. SHE SAYS IT WOULD ALLOW FOR MORE OPTIONS FOR THOSE LOOKING TO KAYAK… TUBE… OR PADDLE BOARD DOWN THE RIVER. BRANDON TRUITT NINE ON YOUR SIDE TONIGHTS CITY COUNCIL MEETING PUT AN END TO ONE OF THIS

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