Tourism | 2018 RFI Student Serviceship

(soft music)
Rural communities are really the backbone in Nebraska
and they have a lot of really cool things to offer. Tourism is so based in what assets
you have and what differentiates you from every
other community. (soft music)
I think especially in Nebraska people don’t wanna visit
other rural communities because they think there’s nothing
to do or they come from rural communities so they think
they’ve already seen the rural community and they wanna go somewhere bigger
with more people and maybe a little bit more to offer them. Or that’s not true. (upbeat music)
They didn’t leave anything off the table. They shot high, I think one thing
that rural communities do sometimes is we sit the bar too low. They went and made calls to people
that I wouldn’t even have fathomed. (upbeat music)
These guys came in and did that research, laid the groundwork, so we can actually
move forward. ‘Cause I don’t know when I would ever
would have had time to do it, honestly. We bring it to the forefront
that there are all these things that you could do,
and trying to get the people in power and the people who have made the influence
to take action. Tourism in the future, I think that
people are gonna be expecting more and more
of those bespoke or specialized experiences, they’ll really wanna be immersed in
a setting. So as soon as we hone in on what makes
us special and encourage people to discover so
much more about our state and what they’re gonna
learn in their typical history books,
that’s what gives you even more appreciation and understanding about what rural
America is all about. What I would be interested in doing
long term is figuring out some sort of app that
notifies people about a particular historical
site and why it could be adventurous to
them to explore further. Visiting rural communities in particular
is exploring Nebraska in so many different ways on so many different levels. People should definitely be interested
in visiting rural communities because of all the
cool little great things they have to offer. When we came here, we had this other
perspective of seeing all these new things. And this place really is valuable. Their impact has been sort of
giving me the momentum to push forward with these things that we’ve been trying
to get accomplished for a few years. We’ve definitely came up with some
new ideas that maybe people that we’re working
for haven’t really though of. It’s helped me recognize how special
Red Cloud is and that all this stuff we’re putting
into it is worth it. They came up with action steps,
they executed on the action steps. And that’s a product of the University,
it’s a product of those two coming from a rural community,
and it’s a product of RFI. I’m honestly very excited to come back
here in five or ten years, see how things
have changed. We hope to see you here. (soft music)

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