Total Drama World Tour – Ezekiel’s elimination (HD)

Team Victory, you came in last, and lost your reward on the way! Zeke… So, it’s vote time! Up in the loser class
bathroom you’ll find six passports. Unless Zeke already fed them to a
crocodile! I said sorry, homes! Step the passport of the team member you’d like to send home! Got it? Lindsay? Of course! I so get it! Cha- cha- cha-! I’ve got the results of your vote right
here, those staying in the game will get in flight snacks. Mmm… Barfy! The following players are safe: Leshawna, Harold,
Bridgette, Lindsay… …and the last bag of peanuts goes to… DJ! What? You’ve got five seconds to strap this on, or the drop of shame, will become the drop of pain! Haha! Yo, that’s unbelievable!
Some team! You guys are all a bunch of- I knew that would be satisfying! I’m not going anywhere! This game’s mine, eh! MINE!!! Sucks to be Zeke.

33 thoughts on “Total Drama World Tour – Ezekiel’s elimination (HD)

  1. All votes:
    Lindsay – Everyone
    Ezekiel – Dj(He should have vote for Harold)
    Dj – unknown
    Leshawna – Ezekiel
    Harold – Ezekiel
    Bridgette – Ezekiel

    All the Elimination just for that stick damn, gosh sometimes i think Ezekiel is more disrespected than Heather does

  2. O my gosh Lindsay voted everyone which means that DJ would got another vote so would that mean leshawna Harold Lindsay Bridgette would be in a tie Chris rigged it to get rid of Ezekiel

  3. Lindsay: Everyone
    Bridgette: Ezekiel
    DJ: Unknown
    Ezekiel: DJ
    Harold: Ezekiel
    Leshawna: Ezekiel

    There have might have been a little chance for zeke to be safe, because dj could have voted himself because of the curse thing.

    That could have been great. Like zeke and dj do a little contest and imagine zeke winning!

  4. I think we have Feral Zeke because of Harold. If he don't sing, Zeak don't "feed" them with the stick, and don't eliminated, and don't gonna feral.
    (Sorry my english, I'm hungarian)

  5. This is a unfair elimination Harold should have gotten the boot at first he poked Ezekiel with a stick I think the Writers just hated him

  6. I can already tell that, if total drama would have been a youtube series (Like BFDI), Harold would have gotten the most votes.

    But sadly, this wasn't a viewer voting series… i could do a series like it though…

  7. Harold should have gone first this season. I mean he ended up getting voted out second anyway so why keep him around for one more episode. Fuck ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think the writers donโ€™t like Ezekiel but idk ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜‘

  8. Ah yes, the worst moment in total drama. This boy was still developing but THAT FREAKING CROC.

    0:02 Wait what is Duncan doing there?

    (Edit) I found a mistake, at 0:29 Lindsay stamped her blue whatever, but at 0:57 the mark is gone and itโ€™s only been on for a few minutes…

  9. I must save you! Ezekiel hang on! I am coming! Chris: what? How?! Ezekiel: help me! Hope: give your hand! Ezekiel: * grabs hand * Hope: got you! Your safe now. So…* puts him in bag *

  10. Chris: some ideas for the next season?
    Heather: can me win?
    Chris: y e s
    Ezekiel: can I please get in?

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