Torch Tours Donation Testimonial

hello welcome to the Red Road Foundation my name is Rachel Reggio I’m the founder here we have been a school up and running for the past five years as you can see we built our school out of trash it is an Earthship the guys down at Ocean Cambodia helped us out we had 25 volunteers for three months building this school using all of the trash here in the countryside we are situated on a farm of Moringa lemongrass and turmeric cumin and we also have a glass cutting operation that we run here our entire goal in the long run is to become a completely self sustainable school where the money that we receive from the products that we make on-site will fund the teachers it will fund the caretakers the kids and all of the needs that they’ll have we met torch tours and they were kind enough to come along and double our solar panel system and that is a huge huge amazing help for us we are so incredibly grateful for this because it’s with the electricity that we get out here that we cut the glasses from the glass bottles to make drinking glasses lampshades as well as ashtrays and a couple other different art projects but those are our main sources of income with the glass and then we’re currently making a Moringa and tumeric pills and oil so we also are using you the electricity for the generosity of torch tours was absolutely amazing we’re incredibly grateful we’ve truly been able to double our system get double our work done and get closer to achieve achieving self sustainability through this amazing donation we’re very very grateful we thank you we thank you so much and yeah this is our project and we’re always open for volunteers or anyone that wants to come and collaborate and help us make the world a better place

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