Top 7 Travel Tips for South Korea

majority of our videos are of the perpective of people living in Korea but we know that a lot of the people that we
talked to out on the street whenever we meet them wined up saying that they are just visiting Korea. So today we’re gonna give you our best tips and tricks if you are
gonna visit Korea and by visit you mean vacation? You keep using this word visit, like as if you are going to your aunt’s house. [S]yeah …[M] “I am going to visit” All right Hot Tip number 1: so you’ve just
arrived at Inchon Airport and you are all ready to go to your hotel you’ve got your google map you’ve got the address in your phone and then you realize that Google Map does not work in Korea. Apple maps isn’t really working in Korea
either. [M]Please, please, please come prepared with the address of your hotel
written in Korean because the taxi drivers if you’re taking them,
anywhere, they will not know where you’re going. There are so many tiny hotels and
hostels all around Korea. So if you just mention
the name of it to your taxi driver, they probably won’t know, unless you are at a really swanky place. And it’s a lot safer to have the address of your hotel than the move of it.
So tip #2: For us whenever we travel to other
countries we tend to get little wifi eggs that we could stay connected to the
Internet. In Korea you you can get those but you don’t need it.
Because there are so many open wifi spots everywhere. [M]Everywhere. No passwords on them. As opposed to
if you go to Japan, whenever we go to Japan, I can never find any open free
wifi anywhere and I need an egg. You must get an egg if you go to Japan.
[S]Yes. [M]You can easily pick them up by like ordering them online at the airports. -Korea -really it’s a waste of
money for you. [S]Right. [M]You will be wired up everywhere you go. So don’t worry about it. [S]If you’re in a city that is. If you’re out in the sticks and you might not find
that many wifi hotspots. But in Seoul I think you gonna be alright. But who is gonna come to Korea and go to the countryside? [M+S] eeeeeh….. Tip # 3: Get this App! The Jihachul subway app. It is very very
useful for you when youy are in Korea, more than likely you gonna be using the subway because the subway system here’s almost perfect. It’s like webbed-out to every region guys. And this is the best subway app that I have ever seen in any country. If you wined up clicking
where you are and where you wanna go it’ll tell you exactly how to get there, how
long it’s gonna take you to get there, what time the subway is gonna come, [M]How much it gonna cost, [S]How much it gonna cost, [M]depending on the route you wanna take [S]and here’s what’s great about it: if you have any transfer points in between it’ll tell you the transfer points and it will
even tell you what subway cart to be on and
what door, so you could be closer to the exit when you transfer. It’s brilliant. Ultra useful better than anything I’ve ever seen in anywhere else in the world. Besides the subway app, which is super super helpful, there is also a really cool bus app, which might be for more adventurous people that wanna get on the bus. But the buses and subways are connected with the theme card. So when you come here, if you decide to get the T money passcard, which I recommend, because it’s
easy to use, you can beep on the bus, beep on the subway, you beep off the bus, you beep off the subway and it takes you all over Korea cheaply. And the app for the bus actually shows you
when it’s showing up, what time, where you can catch it from, and when you use the subway map, you can press like, the search nearby and it’ll show you all the places that are nearby for you to get on the subway or to catch the bus. Tip # 4: A lot of people are now
traveling with many more electronics than before and I’m not sure
if you’ve had this experience if you go to a hotel and you try to plug in
your devices you might have five divices but only two outlets, and you are screwed! [M] And the rest of them are like behind the bed, and you’re like: why would you put that there. So then you go on this rotation; and you got like plugin to over here and you got a plugin one over there, in the bathroom. [M]and you ..what percentage is your phone at, mine is at 32. [S] OK I got a solution for you, [M] mine is at 25. This thing right here, we wined up getting it. It’s a 5 USB device charger. Right here its got a back thingy, and usually comes the cable. These are usually universal 100 and 240 watts If you have an adapter for it won’t blow out
your devices. It could charge 5 devices at once, through 1 wall outlet. This is
great, I bring this with me everywhere. It makes things a lot easier. You will like it. Hey, get one of these, travel with them,
they’re great. Tip No. 5: Time to go over money stuff, because we’ve had a lot of visitors come to visit us, and we’ve seen the stress people went through. [S]yes. Number one: a lot of people want to wait until they arrive at the airport to convert money when
they are in Korea. It is actually better for you to convert money back home, because the airport will usually rip you off with the worst possible … what it is called? transfer.. [S] Yeah, transfer rates, currency rates, fees, everything. I never transfer money at the airport unless crushingly desperate. But do that
ahead of time. It’ll be easier for you. Tip No.2: please make sure, if you’re gonna use credit cards in Korea that you call your credit card company before you leave for Korea, to let them
know that you are traveling. [S] It seems so simple and a lot of people forget about
it and then they come here and try to buy something with a credit card and it gets declined. Just give them a
call it’ll take you only like three hours of being on hold. So say you are not a credit card person and you took out all the cash, and already spent it all, and now you need more cash while in
Korea. This is gonna be a little bit tougher Not every ATM machine in Korea will
accept your foreign crads. So you’ve got to make sure that you find the ones that except it. They usually have a little symbol on the back of your card, and if it
matches the symbol on the ATM, you could use it. If you don’t wanna go looking for every symbol, go to a Citi Bank machine. [M] C I T I [S] C I T I bank. Those usually work and they will
be able to accept your card, and give you the cash that you need. [M] Yes. However it’s not always easy to find them. I remember when my sister and her husband came down, [S]yeah. We like went all over the city trying to find a stupid
freaking Citi bank. And we ended up finding one at like a random 7/11 It looked like one of those little tiny ATMs that are set up by the mafia, but it was a real ATM. Also, important for you to know is, if
you do wined up using your bank card in Korea, make sure
you speak with your bank beforehand, and know if your bank card is usable
overseas because some bank cards cannot be used overseas. I remember with our korean bank account we have to ask them specifically to give us a card, that we could use in Japan, in Canada and all that. So make sure you ask your bank if your card is capable. [M]But one really good thing about Korea is that majority of
places do accept like credit cards and debit cards. So unless you are going to like a small
street food stand or like you try to haggle for clothing you can pretty much use credit card everywhere, like coffee shops will accept it for like a two dollar purchase.
There’s no like extra charge or anything. [S]Convenience stores and everything you can use your credit cards. [M]However, when you go to Japan [S]yeah. [M]You are screwed if you do not have cash on you. [S]Even for major franchizes. Like you go to a Coco Curry which they have them almost everywhere.
They only accept cash, which really was frustrating for us because we didn’t
plan this one in advance. I wish I would have seen this beforehand. [M]Yep. Korea
is very wired up when it comes to credit cards. [S]So we’re making this seem all very doom and gloom, we’re just trying to prepare you. But more than likely you gonna have
no problems with shopping in Korea. [M]Speaking of shopping. Tip no. 6: our last tip had like 18….[S]It had subtips. [M]subtips if you will. When it comes to shopping a lot of people hit the major touristy areas, like Myong-dong, because the clothing there is pretty cheap. If you go to a department store in
Korea, where looking at like name-brand places, you know you can try on the clothing, you can use your credit card to purchase it, but you might find that Myong-dong will
give you a better deal. However that usually means cash
purchases and they won’t let you try on the clothing. [S]yes. We run into a lot of people who say
things like: oh, because I am a torusit they won’t let us try it on. [S]They don’t like foreigners, and what not. That’s not the case. It’s not anything specifically against you or your race. [M]No, it’s actually
just like it’s such a cheap kind of like quick exchange of goods place. If you try on the clothing, first of all
people get make-up smuged all over it. So they don’t want you to try it on, but a lot
of places don’t have the language to express it. So they’ll just do things like no, or like you can’t. So people feel like
it’s really rude when in reality it applies to everybody
living in Korea. So cheap clothing is great but might be inconvenient so I
would say where some kinda clothing that can help you push it up against your body to try to
eyeball it, and be aware of free size. The F, which means one size fits all
which one size is not fit all. [S]Free size usually just means
that I’m the designer, I made 1 size and if you don’t fit it, then you’re free to f*ck off. [M]That’s what it feels like. [S]yeah, that’s what it means. and unfortunately free size is you
usually what you find in areas like Hongdae and Myong-dong. So it’s fashionable, it”s cheap, but it probably won’t fit you. [M]~despair~[S]Hey, hey, there there, there there. I know you don’t fit things here. Hey, I don’t fit things here, I’ve totally given up on that. [M]But I am a girl. [S] How about a double XL from the Nike store recently, and it’s like, my sweater thing, it’s
tight at a double XL. If I bought a double XL in the US I can make a tent out of it. That’s what happened when Lee brought back pants for us. [S]Yeah, Lee brought us some double XL pants and they cover my nipples. [M]They are pajama pants. [S] The pajama pants go up to..and I just put them in and… Each of us could.. you could do the left leg, I could do the right leg, and we could create like a uni in the blanket. It’s like a snuggie blanket. XL in Korea means more like a medium in the US. [M]And tip no. 7 is when you leave Korea. So when you leave from Incheon Airport,
before you go through security, there is a lot of like bakeries, there is even like convenience stores where you can buy snacks and stuff like that But once you get
through the other side of security, [S]There is barely anything to eat it. [M]Yeah, it’s mostly like namebrand shoppings. So if you are into buying designer stuff, then enjoy eating your
designer out of a bag but other than that there is pretty much one food court, which is painfully overpriced, and not very… it’s like 11 or 12 $ for
a simple roll of bibimpap. [S]It’s a huge rip-off There’s a Starbucks, where you’re like okay and then there’s some really shoddy food stands. So what I recommended is before you go through security get yourself like a freshly made sandwich
or a salad or get some like snacks from the convenience store anything that’s not liquid beacuse obviously it won’t make it through security. And then you’ll have something on the other side and you will thank us because we’ve been through that airport so many many times. Seriously pick up some good food on the
other side of security before you go through. So that’s it for our 7 tips and tricks if you plan on visiting Korea, we’re gonna talk about a few more in a blog post. So make sure to click on a link here, if you wanna be fully prepared for your
visit to this country. I feel like the blogpost contains the most important vital parts of information. [S] I know. [M]So my question for you guys today is this: Think outside the box. Imagine someone is
coming to visit your country. They’re arriving at your airport and they’re trying to get to your
city and get a hotel, do touristy things. What is one or two pieces of advice you would want to give them that they do
not know from like the normal touristy travel guide. Think about it as if you’re advising us
because we do a lot traveling. There is a good chance that we might visit some of
your country this year. [M]For our last TL;DR we talked about bakeries in Korea and how different the breads are than what we’re
used to back home how much we miss it. And we’re talking about how we miss the
Canadian breads and what not. We had an awesome comment specifically from Akichan, who is from Iran and she wined up saying that they hate US bread which is surprising to me
because I miss it, I love it. What is it that you
hate so much about it?[M]But you know what is interesting is what I was reading through the comment section a lot of people said
things like when they went overseas to North America, the bread was so soft, [S]yes. [M]Like the sliced-style,
it is squishy. They said there was like no texture. As opposed to like Scandinavian bread, that’s really really dense. [M]Yeah. So people are used to like a grainy taste
and they have a North American bread and they are like what did this crap. It’s so interesting, right? Like we miss bread, you guys miss bread, people miss bread. We miss it for different reasons. [M]yeah. [S]Also we had a really interesting comment from xDareDBx who we see in lots of
our videos, thank you for commenting all the time. We really appreciate it. [M]yeah, they left a
really cool comment saying that in their international business class in Korea they learned that the person that
found Paris Baguette [S]yes. was actually found because McDonald needed people to
make their bun and all the A and B level bakers in Korea… [S]refused [M] were like, no we are not gonna help you out. And then he was part of C level. [S]He agreed to do it and then afterwards used that knowledge to make Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant and they became A MILLIONARE! Who is laughing now A and B class bakers! You got nothing! Even though I still don’t like Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant’s food. I can still respect that this guy is totally laughing at all the other people
that snob McDonalds.

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  13. I live in California, the San Francisco Bay Area to be more specific. The two tips I would give to people visiting the Bay are #1: Get a clipper card (It's much like your Tmoney card). This will take care of almost all of your public transit needs (all three commuter rails and pretty much all public buses) and can even be used for parking in some places. #2: don't be fooled by distance. Nothing is as close together as it appears on TV or in movies. The "Bay Area" is actually HUGE! Google maps is your friend. It can tell you directions for driving, walking and public transit. Just like the app you guys mentioned, it will tell you times, transfers and costs and it goes between all of the types of public transit, so far as I can tell. It's a lifesaver to have it on your cell phone! If you haven't already visited here, please come and give us a look!

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  17. I'm from Singapore so here are a few tips if you plan to visit!

    1. Despite what you might hear, we are not part of China. Many of us speak English as a first language.

    2. Most hotels here are very VERY EXPENSIVE. I highly recommend looking for an AirBnB place to stay in. Not only isit way cheaper for you, it'll probably be in a more accessible location as compared to many of the hotels. By that, I mean the train lines and bus stops are probably closer.

    3. Train services aka MRT as they are called here, are very much affordable and in my opinion are your best way to get around anywhere (I am personally not fond of our buses, I think they take too long to arrive). They are super fast and the usual waiting time is less than 4min for the train to arrive. All our lines are owned by the same company as well so there's no need to buy different cards.

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  36. I'm from Israel! 🙂 A few things to know before coming to visit:
    1) most people know and speak english preety fluently here (it's not like there's anywhere else that speak hebrew in this world) so don't worry about it.
    2)Do not start politics talk, you won't come out of it… not in a bad way but on the contrary- Israelis LOVE talking about it and they probably won't change the subject 😛
    3) we are as warm as our country (btw- don't bring forigner sunscream, it won't handle the sun.) Explain on your first encounter if and how important is personal space to you/. Our first acussation is that it doesn't 😀
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  40. in this video, she said you're screwed if you dont have cash on you in Japan. False, i just spent 2 weeks in Tokyo, Japan and used my card almost everywhere, and every atm i used worked just fine.

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    3. What's the weather like in early June?
    4. The google maps not working but has me worried as that's been my survival tool whenever I've traveled. Any other equivalent app in English that can help with getting around?
    5. Where could I pick up a sim card to use for the 20 days I'm there?

    Thanks in advance guys. Love the videos. Stay awesome.

  42. Please make a Japan version of this. 😊 Philippines travel tip; bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE 😛

  43. Very useful tips , if not at the airport where can I get the currency if it's not available in my country ?

  44. Hello Guys, you may visit also my vlog for those who love KDramas. There are lots of KDrama filming locations during our vacation in South Korea (July 14-18, 2017). I also inclded the itinerary and actual expenses during our tour. Enjoy watching 🙂
    Day1 : Nami Island| Petite France| Garden of the Morning Calm

    Day2 : Gyeongbukgong Palace| Insadong| Bukchon Hanok Village| Pungmoon Highschool (Goblin & Bride's first met)| Unhyeongung Western House (Goblin's House)| Heo Joon Jae's House in Legend of the Blue Sea| NSeaoul Tower

  45. Tips for travelling in Vancouver, BC : When you get out of the airport do not take a taxi! It will almost cost you a kidney they are so expensive. Instead take the skytrain, it takes you right downtown and you can easily connect by bus or walk to your accomodations.

    Another tip: if travelling at any time other than july or august pack an umbrella because it could rain at absolutely any time.

  46. if you ever come to Arizona don't assume you should only pack shorts and tank tops. we do get snow in northern Arizona and a lot of tourists complain about the cold weather.
    but you'll want to wear the SPF all year around, because as you already know, "the sun is a deadly laser" and the desert gets that ten-fold.

  47. Okay guys…. Last summer I stayed in Korea for three weeks (vacation) and here is my ultimate Tipp… I wish I would've known that before because it was SO EMBARRASSING. If you're in a shop like make up shop or kakaotalk shop, you can't just grab the product and pay for it. These are JUST EXAMPLES and you need to ask somebody who works there to give you the real product! It was so embarrassing when I grabbed this shirt in Kakao talk shop and Two co-workers followed me through the shop while they tried to explain to me in English that I can't buy that because it's an example. That happened so many times to me and the people always panicked and I felt so bad T.T its just really embarrassing…

  48. this was made before i went to korea the first time, but I didn't know about the google maps rule, so that was hilarious.

  49. You guys must have been the best freaking teachers in the world I am loving the handlebar mustache I really am you just need to grow up a little bit more curvy your mustache is giving me life and like the pink hair with the pink eyeshadow awesome

  50. Most Koreans use the naver map. If you use this map only when you use the train and bus, you can travel most places in Seoul. naver map is a popular app for Koreans. I wish I could help you find your way.

  51. when traveling to seattle. If you have large luggage. take an uber to the hotel. dont be a dick and ride the light rail train. The trains are not built for ppl lugging huge ass luggage. and seating areas are for seating and not luggage.

  52. Tips for travelling in Ireland:

    Bring a good raincoat (maybe a light one because the rain can come and go often enough!).
    Enjoy the food, especially the best fish and chips (with salt and vinegar of course).
    Irish people are friendly and used to tourists and usually very happy to help a stranger.
    Come visit the Western part of the country, it is wild and wonderful (especially County Clare and Kerry!)

  53. Your experience with wifi is surprising because when I went to Japan they had free city wifi everywhere but now that I am in Seoul I can't access any of the free wifi because you need a korean phone plan to access them

  54. 1. Taxis from the airport are expensive!
    2. The card thing is also true with your bank card. I told my bank multiple times that I was traveling to Korea, and then when I got there, they locked my card, which meant that after I had to pay for my taxi with cash, I wasn't able to get the money for my hotel. Fortunately, the person who ran the hotel had had this happen many times, and my mom was still connected to my account so she was able to call the bank and get my card unlocked (and thanks to the time zone difference it was 11AM back home, so the bank was open and she was able to do it right away).

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