Erik Conover here coming to you from the
middle of the rainforest in New Zealand I’m here in New Zealand for only five
days working on a partnership with American Airlines and my mission in this
video is simple I am scouting out the best locations on the North Island to
film a full send at travel series sometime in the spring or the fall if
you’re in the southern hemisphere in 2019 without any ado this is traveling
to New Zealand you’re going to start your trip on the
north island in the most populated city in the country number one on my list is
Auckland in a country where there are more sheep than people Auckland is a
vibrant bustling city scape it felt like Tokyo San Francisco and Seattle all
mixed into one based around two large harbours and in
the center of the city the iconic Sky Tower for the first activity on my list
we are going it to the top of this guy right here sky walk Auckland is the best
way to get a full 360 degree panoramic view of the city no handrail or anything
you’re just secured in with a harness I’m not afraid of heights but when you
leave the gated area it’s the ultimate shot of adrenaline and it’s guaranteed
to kick the jet lag I’m joined on this trip by my manager Jared who well Jared
is deathly afraid of heights but he was a champ
in one out on the Skywalk anyway and for the more daring there’s the sky jump
which is a base jump by wire off the Sky Tower 1,000% worth it Auckland is known
as the city of sails with more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world
with that said I recommend learning how to sail in an authentic America’s Cup
yacht it’s very hands-on you’re working those grinders to hoist the mainsail and
if you’re lucky you might even see a pot of dolphin riding the wave in the bow or
maybe someone doing a full send bungee off the Harbour Bridge and of course
stunning views of Auckland from the water leaving the bustling city life of
Auckland I drove two hours south through the lush countryside next up on my list
is the sleepy surf town of Raglan now Raglan is at the top of every surfers
bucket list the peeling left handbrake is said to be one of the longest rides
in the world ever since I was a kid I have dreamed of surfing perfect left
hand bombs at Raglan as you can see though it is a stormy day
onshore winds kind of chop and slop out there so we will see if I get the
surface or if I just stand here like a sad wet dog in the rain there Conover
reported from Raglan wet cold and I’m not gonna lie a bit defeated I did not
get to surf Raglan on a positive note I stayed at this eco-friendly resort
called Sol scape the place had an on-site kitchen with fresh produce from
the garden on location the most interesting part were the accommodations
consisting of old train carts refurbished as rooms and they had these
dwellings that they called earth dome this pretty cool stuff very sustainable
and conscious of the environment I highly recommend it
I wish you can see it though in its full glory with a blue sky but sometimes life
isn’t all blue skies they say here in New Zealand you can experience all four
seasons and one day it’s now the next morning and we have a beautiful sunny
sky the rain has stopped the wind is kind of died down and all of that you
know how I said four seasons in one day welcome to New Zealand a short 15 minute
drive from Raglan through the lush rainforest brings us to the next
location on my list Bridal Veil Falls the spectacular 55 meter plunge
waterfall is only a short 10 minute hike from the road through the bush lined
with silver ferns all over the forest floor the Falls have multiple vantage
points one at the very top and the other at the bottom of the falls first
impressions I didn’t realize how lush the rainforest was here in New Zealand
it really reminds me of Kilimanjaro earlier this year I was in Tanzania and
the base of Kilimanjaro is a rainforest it’s very similar to that I highly
recommend this short trip from Raglan for some relaxation in nature and of
course the iconic Instagram shot what is any trip to New Zealand without
visiting the Shire next on my list is the Hobbit movie said
growing up I was a massive fan of the Lord of the Rings and to see this movie
set in person in real life it’s kind of like a childhood dream come true just to
see the level of detail at this place there are 44 hobbit holes dug into
the hillside the film set covers 12 acres of pastures and is an actual
working farm covered in sheep and tons of little lamb roaming around the
property and one piece of advice I have when you come here you should know in
advance that this is a major tourist destination for the country of New
Zealand our tour guide Luke was saying that it’s
more popular now 20 years after the film than when it was first open to the
public as a tourist destination it’s actually pretty packed right now but in
no way will that stop you from stepping back into middle-earth so New Zealand is
a geothermal Wonderland and has a spectacular showcase of colorful and
unique geothermal attractions sculpted by thousands of years of volcanic
activity I recommend checking out wai-o-tapu I have never seen anything
like this in nature they don’t add any colouring to this there’s nothing
artificial about this that colour you are actually seeing is how it is in
nature it looks like a radioactive dump site
but the neon water gets its color from the deposits of sulfur that rise to the
surface and float on top the main attraction at wai-o-tapu is the
champagne pool it is about 74 degrees Celsius and it’s
said that it goes down to the Earth’s crust the reason for the crazy colors is
from the minerals which are gold silver and arsenic and a little bit of mercury
not that I many geologists or anything all this information is actually on the
nice pamphlet that they give you when you walk in here but it sounds a lot
better when I read it off to you after wild tap whoo
head on over to hell’s gate that is right hell’s gate which is Rotorua’s
most active geothermal area with erupting waters pools of boiling mud the
largest hot waterfall in the southern hemisphere and of course the mother
volcano could you imagine being the first human to be walking through the
bush then all of a sudden you come across this for over seven hundred years
the married people have regarded Hell’s Gate as a place of healing so I came
here to take a geothermal mud bath to cleanse my sins
is mineral enriched geothermal mana you see this Jared get a close-up of that
very fine it’s like a silt almost you can see all my hands it kind of smells
sulfur II this is where the geothermal water is pumped in to these man-made
pools the mud is collected from sulfur Lake and then is transported into these
metal holding containers works then heated up by the water the mud is just
fun to play with I mean it is such a fine texture it’s almost like a like a
stress ball you keep this on for 20 minutes and I can already feel after the
first five minutes that the mud kind of just relaxes you I highly recommend if
you are in Rotorua come to Hell’s Gate take a nice long mud
bath kick back and just enjoy the best that New Zealand has offered the
absolute undisputed highlight of this location scouting trip was whitewater
rafting so the world is a very small place I learned how to whitewater kayak
two years ago embossed Norway from a guy named Jamie Sutton and by some crazy
serendipity his brother former world champion and madman Sam Sutton owner of
Rotorua rafting took Jared and I out for one hell of an adventure we sent it down
the highest commercially wrapped in a waterfall in the world so this is 21
feet so yeah the high schooler’s you drive to waterfall in the world we’re
about to check it out probably go upside down see some fish ready you will feel high on life after the
plunge you might fall out of the raft unexpectedly like Jerez data now swim it
through the neck strap I’m gonna swim the waterfall here watch the boys get a
little bit of downtime and basically just get to watch the fear in their eyes there we go you know this is perfectly
safe I have a life vest on I have a helmet I’m protected but out of all the
incredible locations in this video rafting the Falls is the absolute must
and just like that our scouting trip is over if you want to see a full send I’m
talking three four weeks in New Zealand comment down below more New Zealand at
you’re new to the channel make sure to subscribe for more high quality travel
content and with that I will see you in the next video you

100 thoughts on “Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places in NEW ZEALAND you WONT BELIEVE EXIST

  1. These are my TOP places on the NORTH Island of NEW ZEALAND! Just got back from a whirlwind scouting trip to NZ working on a deal with American Airlines. If you are from New Zealand comment down below your favorite places on the North Island!

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  14. Would sell my house and move there in a heart beat if it wasn't so expensive!!! Just breathtaking!!!!!! Are there many job opportunities for home/office furniture stitchers?

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