Top 5 Tips for Getting a US or Canadian Visa

So, you want to get a visa for Canada or United
States. You want to work, perhaps want to study, or move there permanently? Hi, My name
is Michael Niren, immigration lawyer and founder of I’m going to outline for
you the top five tips to hopefully maximize your chance of getting approved. So, let’s
go right into it. Number one, do your homework. You live in
the age of the internet, so take advantage of it. Of course, there can be information
overload. You have to be careful of what you read online. But, it’s a good start. So, do
your homework. Learn about the various options, what you want to do and, invariably, you’ll
likely be able to find some information to educate yourself. Number two, get advice. After learning about
what your options are, you should seek out credible advice. Find someone who can help
you, guide you, and then have a consultation with that person. Typically it should be a professional,
a legal licensed professional, who knows and who specializes in the type of visa that you
need. The other thing is when the case is started, be proactive. Don’t just give away
your case to the professional, the lawyer, and sit back. You have to be involved in the
process. It’s essential. Remember this is your visa, not theirs. So, ask questions.
Ask for updates. Learn as you go. The more you know, the more power you have. Now, also
know the alternatives. It is possible that your case will be refused. Sometimes that
happens. And, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. The end is not always a refusal,
there’s alternatives. So, just because one visa doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean another
visa won’t work out. So, you have to know what your alternatives are. There are many
roads to success. And, lastly, have patience. Many times the
visa applications that you file could take months, sometimes years, depending upon the
kind of case it is. So, you have to know what are the timelines, what are the estimated
processing times, and then tack on a few months as well because we’re dealing with the government.
And, as you know, things often don’t happen when they’re supposed to happen. So, you’re
going to have some patience when dealing with this and you should plan accordingly. So, hopefully these tips have given you some
assistance in terms of your desire to move to Canada or the United States. Thank you.
I’m Michael Niren and have a great day. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click like, if
you’ll like it. Thanks.

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