Top 5 mistakes at Visa interviews | part 1

Not Prepared Well for the Interview
Being prepared for interview can better equip you for the interview. A prior research and preparation for commonly
asked questions and their appropriate answer will be helpful during the interview. Not Providing Complete and Truthful Information
It is very important that you provide complete and truthful information. Any incomplete/false information can lead
to unnecessary delay. False information can have severe impact on
your future ability to apply for US visa. It may also because you lot of frustration
and legal actions against you. Providing Incomplete Documentation
Must carry all the required documentation with complete and authentic information. Read all the prerequisites and prepare all
the documents accordingly. Keeping your documentation well organized
can also leave a positive impression on the consulate officer. Not Carrying Appropriate Fee
US consulate has strict methods of payments. Make sure you know the method and the exact
amount of the applicable fee. For example, most US consulates don’t accept
cash as the payment method and would prefer separate bank drafts for visa application
and visa issuance fee. Refer to an appropriate source for more detailed
information. Providing Unnecessary Extra Information
Do not give away any information voluntarily which is not being asked. In many cases, people trying to be over confident
and over smart give out more detailed answers than is required. This may trigger additional related questions
which may not work in your favor.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 mistakes at Visa interviews | part 1

  1. Thanks. Dear, I have applied for Schengen Visa for Studies in Lisbon, Portugal. I did show that my brother will bear cost of living during my period of studies (2 year). But my brother is married and has a family. Do you think this will be a negative point? I'm bit worried whether I will get my visa? Can you help please?

  2. not only for US apply. If i go any european embassy, can i provide any extra documentations..? Will this work in my favour?

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