Top 5 FREE Travel Apps ✈️📱 | Travel Better with Holiday Extras!

We’re all about travelling better here at
Holiday Extras, and a good phone app can make all the difference. Compiled from our experience
over hundreds of trips abroad, these are our top 5 free travel apps that will actually
help you. City Mapper
City Mapper is our favourite app for planning journeys on public transport. It features
routes in 40 cities across the world and is a great alternative to downloading a separate
app for each destination. 2. Entrain
Jet lag is awful, but free Android and iOS app Entrain can help you beat it. To do its
work, the app uses detailed information on the body’s circadian rhythms to create a lighting
schedule that sets your body clock to the timezone you want to align with. 3. XE Currency
XE Currency is a powerful app that gives accurate, real-time foreign exchange information whenever
you want to see it, wherever you are in the world. 4. Google Translate
Google Translate is an incredible translation app with support for just about any language
you could think of. It offers basic text translations, but in my opinion it’s standout feature is
its real-time camera translator. Hold the camera up to the words you want to translate
and the app overlays a translation in real time. It’s pretty amazing, and makes simple
tasks like reading road signs or menus really easy. There’s offline support too, which allows
you to download languages on to your phone so you can keep translating even if you’re
not connected to wifi, or even if you don’t have any data. 5. Holiday Extras
When we say we help you to Travel Better™ we really mean it. We’ve created an easy-to-use
app to help look after your travel extras. You can search for and book everything from
airport parking and hotels to airport transfers, car hire and even your travel money. There’s
a space to help manage your booking, and our app is free on iOS and Android. So those are our top 5 free travel apps! Subscribe
for a new video every week, and for great deals on airport parking, hotels, car hire
and travel insurance go to Holiday

3 thoughts on “Top 5 FREE Travel Apps ✈️📱 | Travel Better with Holiday Extras!

  1. I just uploaded a video on a new travel app which I think is awesome and it's not on this list! Check it out!

  2. Thanks for the great list of travel apps. I’m already using some of them. Some of my other favourites are:

    A scan translator, perfect for menus, signs in airports and stations etc.

    A flight search app to find the best deal


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