Top 3 Seattle Tourist Attractions

Hi, I’m Sean Reynolds, the owner of Summit
Properties NW and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal. Welcome to another episode of “Only in Seattle”. We are at the site of Gas Works Park in Seattle
today. So this is on the north end of Lake Union,
kind of the south end of the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. And you can see the Space Needle right there
and we’ve got a seaplane launching right now as we speak. So today we’re going to check out Gas Works
Park, which we’re at now. Then we’re going ahead to the troll underneath
the Aurora bridge that’s pretty close by and then we’re gonna run into Downtown Seattle
and go to the pike place market and check out what I consider to be the creepiest thing
about the pike place market. So Gas Works Park, one of the weirdest parks
in all of Seattle and possibly one of the top weirdest parks and all the world. And what makes it so special is that this
was an actual gasification plant that was run from 1906 to 1956. And then the city of Seattle bought it and
made it into what it is today, and many of the original structures from the gasification
plant, as you can see in the background here, were left as part of the park and a lot of
the debris and the concrete from the original structures is underneath the ground and has
been built up with dirt, kind of went through a toxic cleansing process and you can see
what it is today. And we’ve actually got an artificial kite
hill. You can run a kite down, launch it, get it
going, and at the top there’s this crazy sun dial that is also part of one of the exhibits. A few things about this park is that it’s
an excellent place to watch the 4th of July fireworks. Those are just crazy huge. There’s a massive display here and this is
also the beginning of the Seattle naked bike ride. That’s an important cultural event here in
Seattle. So Gas Works Park was also featured in the
movie “Singles” and also in “10 things I Hate About You”. Same one as in the troll that we’re going
to see here shortly. And one of the kind of special features about
Gas Works Park is that it’s another example of how the city of Seattle is taking something
that was a real negative. This was like a real urban blight, a gasification
plant that had been shut down. What do you deal with it? Well, they took it and created it into this
really cool waterfront park that’s got a lot of features and a lot of stuff going on and
yet they still left some of the original structure so that people know kind of what its origins
were and now it’s just a major destination and a really cool place for people to come
and visit and hang out. The Fremont Troll, also known as the troll
under the bridge, is an 18 foot tall public sculpture in Seattle’s Quirky Fremont neighborhood. What’s crazy about this 1300 pound troll is
that it’s entirely made out of rebar, wire, and concrete. The artists that created the troll wanted
to turn trash into an interactive piece of art. Visitors are encouraged to climb on him and
poke out. His hubcap eye also clutching a Volkswagen
car with a California license plate. The Fremont troll is bizarre and truly something
you can only find in Seattle. Now we’re headed down to the Seattle waterfront
to check out one of pike place market, weirdest attractions. You’ve probably heard of pike place market. Uh, it’s one of the biggest public markets
and most well known in the world. But what you probably don’t know is that one
of the strangest attractions, is just down below. Let’s go take a look. We’re now at the market theater gum wall and
it’s in an alleyway just below pike place market. Pike place market is right up there; and upstairs. There’s just a ton of gum here. So how did all this get here? It’s Kinda just to strange bizarre thing and
it goes for probably 40 feet that way and another 40 feet that way. It’s on both sides of the alley. How did this get started? So in 1993, there was an Improv theater right
around here. And employees, from there, started to put
their gum on the wall and they would start to do it in kind of decorations. They put their money in the wall, so 20 years
after the gum wall was started, there’s so much sugar in all of the gum that they power
washed it and did a super industrial cleaning just to get all the sugar from eroding further
into the concrete and the brick mortar, but it’s such a popular tourist thing that people
just kept putting their back on and now it is what it is. So this gum wall was voted in 2009, one of
the top five germiest attractions in the world and it came in second only to the blarney
stone. Personally, I think this gum was pretty gross. What do you guys think? There’s a ton of people here. Obviously they love it. I’m Outta here. So in this episode of only in Seattle, we
checked out the Fremont Troll, Gas Works Park, the Gum Wall and Pike Place Market. These are some of the strangest but most popular
attractions in the city of Seattle. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch
this video. Love to have you subscribe to our channel
and make comments down below on future videos you’d like to see in this series. We’re constantly creating content, sometimes
related to real estate, other times not. So again, thanks for watching. I’m Sean Reynolds from Summit Properties NW
and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal. We’ll see you on the next one.

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