Top 10 Time Travelers Caught On Tape

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below…and tell me what you are reading or listening to! 10 – W Man
What does the W Stand for? William? Wallace? Women ? Wahacca? Argh, only our British audience will get this,
but I really miss Wahacca! Get me some sweet potato tacos immmmeeediately. Tacos probably weren’t a thing in 1940s
Canada – when this picture was taken…although I bet Mr W has eaten a few – look at him,
he is a blatant time traveller. A lot of people dub this guy the time travelling
hipster and he does certainly look like he would be better placed working in silicoln
valley in San Francisco….or Ubisoft. The picture was taken at the opening of South
Fork bridge but got the worlds attention in 2010 at a photo exhibit. The guy is wearing sunnies and looks like
he is holding a far more modern DSLR camera. Sadly It turns out the letter on his shirt
is actually an M – for the Montreal Maroons…who played in the NHL from 1924 – 1938…so…. That being said, he could be just trying to
blend in… the rest of him is pretty stand-out! What do you think – Time Traveler? 9 – Charlie Chaplin’s Time Travelling Extra
Take a look at this footage from Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 movie, Circus. If this footage was from the modern day the
first thing you would notice was that it was in black and white. You would pay little attention to the woman
who is clearly on her mobile phone in the background walking behind a zebra. But…. This is 1928 and mobile phones wont be readily
available for another 70 or so years! Even the early cell phones of the 80s were
chunnnnky. This woman is clearly time travelling from
the future, and judging by the size of her phone, I would say from the next millennium. This time traveller is caught on Camera ALL
THE TIME, we have Nicolas Cage at number 8. Fun fact…Nicolas Cage has the same birthday
as me. Second fact….did you know that Academy and
Golden Globe Award Winning actor Nicolas Cage is a time traveller. The actor uses a personally developed style
of performance that he calls Nouveau Shamanic… which….sure maybe it is something he has
developed across the ages as it seems that the film legend is a time traveller who has
fulfilled a lot of rolls in history. Here he is as Mexican Emperor Maximilian the
First of Habsburgo…and here he is as an unidentified man from Bristol, Tennesse in
1870. The actor was forced to publicly deny it on
Letterman. Spotted at the Beach at number 7
So this picture here is a lovely snap of British War workers escaping the perils of their job
for one much needed sunny day in 1943. The image was shared on twitter and the poster
was asking people to identify where the beach was. It turns out that the beach in question is
Towan Beach in Cornwall but more than just the stretch of sand was identified – it
seems eagle eyed viewers spotted a man on a smartphone in the middle of the picture. He could just be looking at…um…something
else in his hand… but it doesn’t seem like it…. It looks like a phone. Looks like he has just received a confusing
text from bae. Phones feature heavily in this list so do
prepare yourself for more and even more shocking examples… but before we do that, let me
pose to you that Michael Jackson isn’t actually dead, he’s travelling time. Find out why I have drawn this conclusion
at number 6 Youtube account FACT5 compiled a number of
pictures that have shown the King of pop popping up through history….so weird this was never
spotted until he died…. It’s like he is out there somewhere changing
the future! Here is a painting of Michael from like…
let’s say the late 1700s? AND THEN there is this Egyptian statue of
him….. RIGHT. Roll up for another iPhone – This one comes
60 to 70ish years ahead of schedule, we have Henry Fonda’s touch screen at number 5
This clip is from the 1948 John Wayne Movie – Fort Apache – and there is a scene in
which the character Lt Col Owen Thursday, played by Henry Fonda whips out his iPhone
and goes over a list of names with his daughter Philadelphia, played by Shirly Temple. Check it out and tell me what you think… Held just like a slim iPhone X ! Although
I feel like this is probably just a notebook that looks like an iPhone. Probably. 4 – Time Travelling Car
This time travelling car has totally vexed the internet! This footage was allegedly caught on a Russian
Police officers dash cam and features what can only be described as time travelling car. IS it the Delorean?! The footage starts as the car is turning left. We ca see the traffic at a stand still on
the right…when all of a sudden a car comes from nowhere… like nowhere…. Let us slow that do for you and let you watch
it again so you can all see how crazy this is!!!!!!! Like….where did it come from? I can’t explain it. Uploaded by Rose Adams on youtube, this video
has been watched over one million times, and by the look of the comments, a lot of people
are just as confused as me!!!! Okay, the teleporting or time travelling car
did have me pretty convinced….although I am less sure about this one… at number 3
– we have a time travelling hero…. So this video was uploaded in September 2012
and has been watched over 11 million times. In it we see a super fast time travelling
superhero come out of nowhere and rescue a guy on a motorbike who looks like he was about
to be killed by an oncoming truck. Time traveller….teleporter….basically
the same thing, right! Well it turns out that acccctually this is
a hoax – a viral marketing campaign for a Chinese game called Dragon Totem Girl. WELL. Okay, that may have been a hoax but this seems
very legit – we have this chatty factory worker at number 2 –
Watch out! Here come the girls! This footage was shot in 1938 and is thought
to be of factory workers leaving for the day. There they all are in their 1930s looking
clothing, behaving as I would expect… until this lady comes along….. she very much looks
like she is holding an early 2000s flip phone…. Like seriously… look at her. What else could this be? She seems to be engaging with the phone as
if she is talking to someone, she is smiling but not at the woman she is talking to. According to a video Danny made about time
travellers – in 2013 – a woman came forward in the comments section of the video to say
that she was the great grandaughter of this woman she says was named Gertrude. She said that Gertrude was actually part of
a science and tech experiment to test a wireless phone….although like…. There really isn’t much scientific evidence
to back that up at all…annnnd since the comments section has been axed! Yikes. Finally, coming in to number one, we have
something strange happening in the background of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight! Woah woah woah – absolute smart phone alert! So this was a fight between Tyson and Peter
McNeeley that went down in Vegas in 1995. Yes, there were phones in 1995, but not smart
phones. Smart phones only entered the market in around
2007. Before that, phone cameras were TOTAL garbage! This clearly looks like a white android phone
from after 2014 with at least a 12 megapixel camera… we could only DREAM of those in
the 90s. This footage IS legit…and knowing our generation
who can’t be separated from their phones – if they were to time travel back to see
a Mike Tyson fight, many people would be tempted to whip their phones out….even if their
time travelling was supposed to be a secret. WELL we caught you mate! So that was the Top 10 Time Travellers Caught
on Camera – thank you Scribd for sponsoring this video – are there any other time travelling
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