Top 10 Murder Capitals 2019 FBI update.

What is going on everyone? Good news, last
month the FBI released the complete 2018 murder rate list yes it takes them
almost a year to gather all the information even with computers to be
fair there are seventeen thousand nine hundred and eighty five police agencies
in the United States which includes county sheriff’s state police and
federal law enforcement and everything else and I’m sure not all them are
handing over the data in a timely manner they got other things to worry about
like why so many people are getting killed in their neighborhoods seeing
that the FBI is and should be the final word on crime stats maybe it’s a good
idea they do take their time just to get it right we’ll be looking at cities with
a population of over a hundred thousand on per capita this is how they rank
locations on just about everything per capita that way you get a better
idea of the real state of any stat why over a hundred thousand well you need a
decent sized pool to measure if you have less than let’s say a thousand residents
or something a single murder can just warp that stat as an example if you live
in goober town Arkansas which yes it is a real place they’ve got a population of
17 and you have a murder which they did in 2007 your murder rate will shoot
through the roof making it look like a frickin warzone when that may have been
the first and only murder they’ve had in decades basically a single homicide in a
small town makes it look 10 times worse than any other place on this list now
this is about homicide when they keep those stats they don’t count things like
drunk driving deaths negligent homicides things like assaults or fights that
ended in someone dying they actually murder totally different anyway it’s not
but it is get it got it good here we go number ten Washington DC DC had 159
murders in 2018 with a population of about seven hundred and two thousand
residents now the metro area has a little over six million residents but
we’re focusing on the cities themselves this time and they have seven hundred
two thousand murders in DC jumped forty percent in 2018 as of December of 28 159
people had been put on ice in the nation’s capital along with being more
corrupt than any other city or state in the US Washington DC offers the best
chances to visit II afterlife like I said there was a 40 percent increase it
from 2017 when they had 114 homicides in total in the city and that’s according
to date on the Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI as if there’s not
enough things you have to avoid in Washington DC protestors tourists
politicians and investigative reporters are around every corner now you got to
worry about murderers too it’s the nation’s capital it should be our safest
cleanest friendliest city we have it’s almost the exact opposite the per capita
is twenty two point eight murders per every hundred thousand residents number nine West Palm Beach Florida 26
homicides in 2018 with a population of about 110,000 West Palm Beach had 26
homicides to less than the city’s total for 2017 so improvement way to go West
Palm Beach this one sort of caught me by surprise I’ve been here and it really
doesn’t seem like the place where people are involuntarily kicking the oxygen
habit on a regular basis I always felt like this was more of the place where a
lawyer takes a client to lunch but when you have 26 homicides with that small
population you suck is a city because that’s too many ex citizens 26 isn’t a
lot compared to others on this video but for that few residents it is they had a
wide array of things going on here that contributed to this in 2018 including a
serial killer that had just been arrested he was working the area West
Palm Beach’s murder per capita is twenty four point two number eight Shreveport Louisiana 59
homicides in 2018 in 188 thousand residents the only reason to go to
Shreveport is for were court date see a bail bondsman or your car breaks down
while moving from Jackson Mississippi to Dallas and you have no other choice the
overall crime rate in Shreveport is 138 percent higher than the national average
and it’s only safer than two percent of the cities in the United States two
percent great jobs report there were 59 homicides in Shreveport in 2018 like I
said that’s 9 more homicides than 2017 that’s basically an increase of 18
percent the city of Shreveport has a new mayor at the helm and he’s planning to
crack down on crime but we’ll see how that all pan out I mean there’s probably
been 10 other mayors before that have given the same frickin speech and
nothing changes it just gets worse their murder rate is 25 point 7 number seven Dayton Ohio 37 murders and
a hundred and forty thousand residents Dayton Ohio is a medium-sized city that
was thrust into the national spotlight in May of 2019 with some serious
tornadoes Dayton Ohio is a city in western Ohio it’s home to the National
Museum of the US Air Force they have a historical park that contains the Wright
brothers plane and some antique trains I tell you this because most people not
from the Midwest have no idea where Dayton is you might know if you ever had
to do a paper on the Wright brothers in school Dayton had 37 murders in 2018
which is for more than 2017 but to less than 2060 so they’re on a bit of a
roller coaster here in Dayton you have a 1 in 20 chance to become the victim of a
crime the murder rate is 26.4 in Dayton Ohio number six Memphis Tennessee 186
homicides with a population of 650,000 that’s a lot of homicides if you had no
idea Memphis was going to be on this list
I’d like to welcome you to the channel I talked about this city all the time
whenever crime is a factor so if you’re here a lot you probably already had an
idea it was gonna be here if you read just the statistics on Memphis and knew
nothing else about the city even that existed you’d think you’re reading the
screenplay for a disaster movie the new FBI statistics show the overall crime
rate fell across the country last year and including in Memphis however some
violent crimes like homicides and aggravated assault increased in this
little jewel on the Mississippi River the FBI data shows that Memphis reported
a hundred and eighty-six homicides in 2018 compared to 181 in 2017 their
murder rate is twenty-eight point five number five Baton Rouge Louisiana 87
homicides with a population of two hundred twenty-nine thousand that sucks
that Rouge was incorporated in 1817 and it’s been nothing but problems since in
1822 the Pentagon barracks complex was completed the site had been used by the
Spanish the French the British the Confederate States Army the United
States Army and was part of the short-lived Republic of West Florida and
I’m sure parts Louisiana would like to give this city back to Florida almost
like giving up on a dog you’ve tried to train for years and years but it won’t
stop biting your hand and humping your leg you called the old owner and a man I
know we’ve had the dog for some time but this thing won’t stop on my leg no
matter what I do I have ACL surgery next week and I’m already missing a finger I
need you to take the dog back that’s kind of how Louisiana thinks about Baton
Rouge the overall crime rate in Baton Rouge is a hundred and forty-one percent
higher than the national average way to go the murder rate in Baton Rouge
is thirty five point one that means thirty five point one people will be
murdered out of every 100 thousand great stats number four New Orleans 146 murders with
a population of three hundred and ninety thousand in 2018 New Orleans had 146
murders the lowest annual murder rate since 1971 other violent crimes in 2018
also experienced a drop from the previous year but honestly how bad does
that suck you drop to the lowest number of murders in almost 50 years and your
murder rates still land you at the 5th spot of the FBI’s list
congratulations Louisiana you have a hat trick three of your cities are in the
top ten most dangerous cities in the United States what are they doing in
this state or what aren’t they do in this state you know it’s bad when people
move to war as Mexico before your state because of safety concerns the murder
rate in New Orleans is thirty seven point one number three Detroit Michigan 261
murders and a population of 673 thousand the amount of murders in Michigan’s
largest city is dropped for the second consecutive year with 261 homicides in
2018 it’s according to the FBI that numbers the lowest on record for more
than 50 years in 1966 there were 214 homicides back then Detroit’s population
was closer to 1.5 million people their rate back then was 14 homicides for
every 100,000 residents 216 homicides in 2018 compared to Detroit’s most recent
estimate of the population like I said six hundred and seventy-three thousand
that rate brings them up to 39 per every hundred thousand residents so you almost
got you know forty people getting killed out of every hundred thousand now to be
fair Detroit isn’t completely bad like it used to be they’re kind of turning
things around their downtown part is that’s what’s turning around it’s nice
now it’s relatively safe it’s decent hopefully they can turn the rest of it
around the overall crime rate in Detroit is something they have to get a hold of
because it’s a hundred and forty percent higher than the national average that
might help things considerably and now we have Baltimore or beam or as
some people call it and before you do stop typing you might not call it be
more about a lot of people do I had one guy telling me once that nobody calls
Dallas Big D I asked him have you ever left the house he didn’t talk to me
after that anyway in 2018 Baltimore recorded 309 homicides 13 victims had
been wounded in the previous year but we’re added to the homicide count
because they died in 2018 in 2017 Baltimore recorded 342 homicides so they
got better the only good thing about those numbers is it lowers the home
values so your mortgage should be pretty low ask a mortgage broker he’ll tell you
if you can get the mortgage home loans sometimes aren’t that easy in really
really bad neighborhoods anyway you might not want to live there but at
least it’s inexpensive just don’t park your car in the street you’ll be filling
out an auto insurance claim every single week Baltimore is a very dangerous city
the murder rate is 51 it’s 51 people get killed out of every hundred thousand
people that’s a lot and number one st. Louis Missouri 186
murders in a population of three hundred two thousand people I just did a list on
st. Louis and I got to tell you the locals weren’t too happy it’s a
dangerous place there’s a lot of bad neighborhoods they seem to get mad at me
because I’m talking about the obvious that the city kind of sucks
I even had a few emails including one that started off by calling me a racist
because I only talked about minority neighborhoods first of all he was wrong
one of the neighborhoods near downtown has been revitalized and the only reason
it was on the list because they got a whole bunch of bars and there was a
whole bunch of assaults all year long anyway raised the crime rate but I was
just going over stats my stats don’t know race I mean come on
anyway I explained that and told him to grow the F up and he went full Downton
Abbey on me he said sir you will not address me in that manner I am a retired
naval officer I’m sure if I was in front of him he would have slapped me across
the face with a writing glove or something like that challenged me to a
duel I told him I was in the army and he still needed to grow the F up he replied
that I was a very dangerous man I agreed but told him only if I was drinking and
I had one of those bedazzled tools that’s the only time I’m dangerous
anyway st. Louis’s dangerous place and it should be avoided the murder rate in
st. Louis is 60.9 that’s 60.9 per 100,000 that’s a lot though the city
still has the highest murder rate in the country 2018 marked the second
consecutive year that it was on the decline in total murders so that’s good
but there’s still number one according to the FBI not me no all right so that is my video I want
to thank you guys for watching without you guys I’m just a traveling guy with a
bedazzled kit and I guess I’m very dangerous anyway I now have the join
button if you’d like to join and support the channel you just hit that joint
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