Top 10 International News Stories of 2012

joining me today for the left worldview with dennis campbell of the
year is dennis campbell he’s editor in chief of u_k_ progressive magazine also
author of the book billionaire boys election freak shows so
dennis i thought we’re doing kind of our own backed up right twelve on monday based on what’s been on our
show but we should also do of the biggest international news stories that uh…
that either you covered or were interested or or just simply made
international news but what the fed collateral at best at
what we think of it okay homecoming it number two and we
have the uh… apple verses the world on the of steve jobs is up at sin city took with him to the grave and uh… in particular the though the
case against some song where they one of billion dollar judgment in uh… u_s_ troop ship love me xo traveled from another court
and is sort of uh… setting up the basis for huge fight in twenty thirty one patent law in
general you know what can be patented and and
and uh… to what extent uh… but this is huge fred two
implications from that uses a samsung tundra samsung uh… telephone and it’s been a truly global case out
there absolutely and i think that this is
interesting also because in the u_s_ people are just often not accustomed to have cell phone about companies operate an other
countries where these restrictions on proprietary phones and fax about that
was never the case for the iphone overseas exactly any even little things that we
take for granted what the locals sliding in a slight unlock that has a patent that’s controlled by apple on it
and uh… you know they’ve gone after not just
send somebody everybody so they’re really trying to find out what has
happened shovel and what does not move follows a standard vacationing here
about uh… none of my list wears a climate
change in a particular all of the franken storms and in particular over
the last several days we’ve seen some massive almost at the flooding here in
south wales where i live where villages that have to be evacuated runoff in because we have the
second-highest hide in the world after the bay funding in canada every night i
really begins to swell if there’s a huge rain storm coming over where the runoff is going to go right
certainly climate change left left-over uphill battle and uh… i thought of the
u_s_ pressure on on the data list i have the banks
behaving badly particularly the online for scandal the lawns uninjured
bank rates catholic church was being raised by a couple of traders
and uh… they were not very bright about it there
actually posting online chat rooms in jail inquired into by the twelve that policy has cost u_b_s_ a significant amount of
money and ’em-up more particularly there’s a
couple of triggers that could end up going to jail so we could finally after four all of the bank or misdeeds would
foreclosures bonuses greed finally see if you bank is going to jail and that usually tends to send are warning shots across the bows with
video city were michael milken you know his bond rating no scandals
really put the brakes on banks in their behaviors follow-up to a decade with
nobody you know essentially being a policeman has become a big issue ourselves on my list i had the global
face book by piano by global even though it was launched in
the united states effected everybody globally right out of blocks and evaluation of
the company of a hundred and four billion u_s_ dollars which is due to the most of the industrial
companies that are out there mexican cooking oil companies armed and since
then it is dropped to less than half of that and budget frat boys that this is the
kind that occurs then phase for kids learn the hard way the privacy actually
matters you had the fury over the incident trying to sell your personal family photos that made
them do quick about-face and change their time on how they were going and
the privacy absolutely i think i and off of the
perfect but do you think strength i think going forward will be interesting
and quite a bit of a global story including the trend toward uh… left friend rather than more starting to be
something probably representative of changing the uses of faith but for many
people absolutely and they’re coming up with
you as a model ties apparently coming up next year there’s going to be a way in
which you can send a message tune on friends for a fee so the very interesting models being
examined and and i’m not really quite sure that they don’t alternately even
though they’re very large end up going the way admire spaces on the other
plants with pricing on six of my list was the horrible
tragedy in newtown and uh… not just because it was yet another lone
gunman gone crazy but because it is refinery refocused the candidate while we are
just talking assault weapons and clips in things of that sort of there’s going to
be i think some major reforms coming as a result of this because the entire
ended g_o_p_ assault of touch with how the rest of the world and how much the
country feels at this point although if i was the most impressive
great are not that may be a very dr topic for
readers but it was riveting theater eerie everyday two times a day we had sessions in which seemed to be
the editors and politicians of both what of note here including some former politicians
including rupert murdoch himself were better face full of shaving cream uh… all came in before lord justice
levenson what came out of that whole thing was
that number one fox was the the the murder a family is not uh…
but also to run the newspapers that they’re wrong and has so serious
potential consequences from fox in the new year and some of the phone hacking trials
come to that today with convictions that brings in the uh… the uh… uh… foreign corrupt practices act we could
actually impinge their ability to actually do
business in the united states for with which we’ve covered on the front would
be repaired quite a catholic a couple of times over here the reason and i’m hoping that you know
this will finally shuttle i don’t believe business practices not just in terms of
talking about the way in which they’ve treated you
know a lot of their own people coming into treated the general public with me general disdain yet careful voice was the yours on financial
meltdown led by greece and uh… coming in close second italy ireland in
spain and it’s not over of greece is still threatening that they
may actually leave the european union there’s a lot here that are saying let’s
so short of the door but uh… even more so importantly in
this financial welcome thoughtful for lack of a better word has been at the diminished role of the
united kingdom even though they still have the pound
sterling they are still trying to get their
elbows into the european financial markets in the way that will finally get
them to write a bit of destined to have a more central bank with centralized authority
in the current collection of twenty five uh… independent banks which is not
looking historical story and i think is going to continue into
twenty thirty uh… obviously the re-election of
president obama was a major story here that comes in at number three despite
the unions of dollars in television adverts
that were arrayed against him and southern recovered from the seven th
walls in the primaries to uh… mitts disastrous soul on the trip
to uh… to the war on women that ninety nine percent and the deficit nature that
continues to this day of republican politics in the united
states and most of us shake their heads in
amazement and wonder if they’re not going to learn lessons as a result of
this setback only ever going to learn their lessons
or welfare and then coming in second is egypt and
syria and and what many consider to be the pickup in the end of spring are still say the people here to view
our seniors they’ve uh… managed to come a long way
yes the constitution is flawed yes it is still in dispute yes there’s still a
long way to go yes they will still be some fighting yes
the role of women ourselves of very much to be decided in invent of the people who actually brought the
revolution about part of the ones that i will be satisfied with his right now look how far we’ve come in just two
short years isn’t the lesson to short years one week ago syria on the other hand
isn’t absolute uh… you know dentist appt is active we don’t want and that’s going to be
resolved you you’ve seen the story of richard and his team being called death on that’s going to continue until assad
ickies you there uh… american or p even ends up committing a genocide against his own
people neither of which is a so that is really good outcome because then you
just don’t know the case of the songs murder who comes in after or in the case
of the genocide what’s left of syria and it’s such a
plays such a crucial role because of its location in middle east and number one on the left well i have to say i’m gonna take a bit
of a home run this woman said it was the twenty twelve summer olympics they were flawless and work he pageant i’m never fall we would have it uh… in this country within ourselves to even remotely
compete with what charlie was able to accomplish of corp sloshing with slave
labor but uh… we managed to pull off an
absolutely flawless opening and closing ceremony one my most prized christmas gifts was
the uh… complete went well below the
olympic games were to pick the opening and closing ceremonies as well as seven
hours of highlights up i’ll be spending a bit of time between now and two years
old and holding a joint liability you really brought the world here all of the
security feature on warranty it help apps to contribute to the demise
of the wrongly because he just made a complete ass of himself here and uh… you know we really are very proud of the
way our team performed probably people came out and and really
the way people support of the games and uh… everybody’s list at the end of the
house that very close if not at the top so i’m going to be a homer the cattle
don’t talk as well are a kind of campbell international news stories point twelve and the big announcement starting in twenty thirteen dennis is
going to be hosting the worldview on youtube it will be part of the that
network account which includes of course david shuster take action news and bill
shows liberally and a bunch of other stuff among all the
things happening in twenty thirteen unity hosting it can be a week we felt
that that will be on youtube it will be uh… kind of like our weekly segment
except more story exactly were looking at it sits inside
even deeper into some of the stories that made news around the world we’re going to focus on different
regions of the world to have to help your viewers as well as people around
the world understand what’s going on in asia understand what’s going on in your
understand what’s going on in sub-saharan africa on possible wilson really truly hoping
to make this a global show some guests will be from the state some
of the people you don’t know who began personnel and so uh… me following your shining
example their in the massachusetts david and thank you for the opportunity to be
a part of this uh… broader family and we’re really looking forward to wanted
twenty thirteen with a huge stuff it could have a great we’ve been
speaking at rehab thursdays for a quite quite a while now i don’t
know how many episodes episodes thirty eight caliber thirty eight thirty eight
weeks that campbell at a restaurant review
paper graphic magazine we will see you in twenty third finger devoted to and happy new year to you the
time and lewis

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  1. apple vs world , Samsung , Facebook …not one mention of the bullshit Scottish independence and possible breaking of the union *_*

  2. It's a top 10 list. Scottish independence didn't really make international news to begin with….and has debatable importance internationally.

    Threats of independence are usually of local, not global, importance….until it actually happens.

  3. What the funk!!!! What about the biggest election fraud probably in history that happend in Mexico, Lybia…….ohh no this is a mess.

  4. from scotland so u cant BS me were worse of out of the union alex salmond is just hoping on uneducated fools hence why hes letting 16 year old's vote on it who go "oh ive seen brave heart lets be independent

  5. wasn't? u obviously aint from the u.k … and if u say wasnt that means u think it happens which ever country ur from , the education system is failing

  6. So cheap labour is now called slave? Well, sorry that the rest of the world does not know how to amass the kind of debt the US has to have "expensive labour". The next time you wonder why jobs get shipped overseas, just ask your local bank.

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