Top 10 Canada Visa interview questions

Normally students are not required to
one for Canadian visa interview, but if at all you are call for a visa interview. The questions that the visa officer will ask you Would be questions like: Why you want to study in Canada? Why this particular University? Why are this particular course? Have you applied to any other countries for a student visa? and have you been rejected? Who is going to sponsor you for your education? What is their income? and How do they plan to fund your education? What are the other other universities that you have applied to? What are the entrance examinations that you have appeared for? like the IELTS, SAT, GRE or GMAT and What are your plans once you complete your education from Canada?

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  1. if I have a gap , will I be asked to explain it? what are the circumstances in which a student is called for a Visa interview?

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