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  1. Went to almost all these, and had a blast. I went during the week though and it was the best options. Takeshita Street was the very last spot I visited. Cool just to be on, but meh. The side streets are so much better. In my opinion.

  2. Tokyo is the centre of Asia. I hv never seen a bunch of tourists from all over countries.

    I hope my next visit to Tokyo is going to be ok n not getting lost.

  3. The creepy lady saying she was shocked when she found out many Japanese people does not speak English… i would have escort her to the airport and kicked her out of the country!!! you are the foreigner! you should know some Japanese if you are visiting Japan not the other way around damn mummy!

  4. Great video, well done, it seems a very respectful but honest opinion on some overrated and tourist traps. Love your style, thanks 🙂

  5. Oh maan.. My husband is such a typical tourist 😖😖 his hand automatically reaches to his pocket as soon as he sees a price shield 🤦‍♀️

  6. Went to Takeshita on a Sunday… INSANE amount of people.

    It's interesting to see for a first Tokyo visit, but I'm not going to go there again.

  7. Thanks so much for these tips! As a vegan world traveler, I agree that the HappyCow app is a must-have! I'm looking forward to discovering some delicious vegan Japanese food when I go there this November.

  8. One of the best videos!! When u turned the corner by the crepe and shoe shops there was no one!! Yeeeee!

  9. It baffles me when tourist go to a foreign country they expect them to speak English, how are they going to eat with only two sticks they must bring their own knifes and forks with them i guest or do they adapt.

  10. I visited Japan. I do agree with the video but, if you don't like crowds Japan is not for you. This is not like visiting Canada where there are no people on most of the land within the Canadian border. Japan is densely populated with rich history and culture.

  11. The story and everything is good,but the music. The music is annoying. It's repetetive. At least turn the volume down when someone is talking.

  12. Australian’s
    Thanks for letting Australia down you fat cunts
    1… “We waited 90 or nearly 100 minutes”. What?
    Is that only considered an hour and a half for the rest of us?
    2…. “Everyone speaks Japanese here, and, but I totally respect that”
    So you speak Japanese in Australia!
    Far fucking out!

  13. anywhere targeted by the global communist impossible american/euro culture/heritage emulating endless growth economics armies of greedy 3rd worlders and tropicals becomes overpopulated, unaffordable, dysfunctional, and declines to the low quality existence of their home places, people, and evolved embodiments that they futilely try and escape through mindless memorization of anything they think is real romanized american/euro/western.

  14. You can go to the river next to asakusa temple .. they offer free place to sit and your view is sky tree tower. Work smart not hard

  15. Im a Japanese and I hate to say, so frustrated that still in 2019 the majority of Japanese cant speak english. I dont care about the tourists, but seriously worry that it is leading to major delay in many business and technology growth, and easier control by the media and the government..Ironicly as much as the US tourists wants Japanese to speak english, US gvmt may not:(

  16. I plan to visit Japan and I am totally NOT interested in anything like this. I want to visit the countryside and see the ancient architecture and meet people of my generation – 70s.

  17. Why doesn't Japan still apologize for its worst crimes against humanity during the Pacific War? Female sexual slavery, living humans for experiments on living, and never apologized to countries affected by the so far about the Holocaust.

  18. I enjoyed the your Video much BUT may be IF you could , make some Videos of the Parks Tokyo has to offer . I understand that Tokyo with its 36 Million Citizens is the largest City in the World but I also see a lot of CONCRETE !!!!! 👍👍👍❤❤❤

  19. Did the price of the Tokyo Tower change? It used to be around 4,000 yen to go to the top. That's why I've only gone half way up.

  20. 10:55 there we go. another vegan finding ways to make an opportunity to declare that she's vegan..

    joke aside, i'm happy for her that she was able to eat good vegan food.

  21. I loved Tokyo Tower. I don't necessarily think that "highest is best". I think Tokyo Tower is a great price and you can pay for just the mid level for only about $9 USD, and then pay a little more if you decide to go to the top from there. The air is nice and cool and well ventilated, the music is nice, there's interactive video, snacks, gift shop, etc. And food trucks outside at the bottom. Being at the mid level feels like you're in the DVD menu for Lost in Translation. I found it really nice at night to be in the middle of all of the skyscrapers. I did also go to the Shinjuku government building. They may have changed it since a few years ago, and maybe it's better now. It is free, which is great, but it was very very hot, (in the Spring) and stuffy, with no music or interaction. I'd go back to both again, but I'd recommend Tokyo Tower to anyone. 🙂

  22. I went to Takeshita dori in 2017 and found what you call "secret place" but I was actually lost with my friend lmao. It was so cool tho !

  23. Any place in Tokyo is cool except the fact is full of bad mannered Chinese all around speaking out loud and making their lovely culture to shine at their best.

  24. The only reason I wouldn't put Tokyo tower as overrated was because of One Piece. The show alone made it so much fun. Then again I am a huge OP fan and I know it's not for everyone.

  25. 10:43 "what surprised me is a lot of people dont speak English" No shit sherlock, you're in fucking Japan!

  26. للمسلمين اللي زيي يدورون اماكن يروحون لها انتبهوا من الرامن كثير يحطون معه خنزير او يطبخونه مع اللحم

  27. Why would they speak English???? Is JAPAN!!! Jesus!!! Since when English is mandatory to the world. Fucking lazy ass white people. God strike this motherfuckers down please strike them. I am writing in English so they understand since its probably the only ethnicity that speaks one fucking language lol

  28. I'm going to save this since it's (more or less) confirmed I'm going to Tokyo for the olympics. That being said the tourist trap lines are going to be worse since there'll be more tourists.

  29. Congratulations, you just showed the secrets witch will no longer be secrets.
    So you just helped make those places you like because their quiet no longer be as quite.
    In addition when those other buildings get enough people they too will charge.
    Counter productive video.

  30. i saw many foreigners who’s knocking the bar door to ask “ do you charge ?” in English before. i think at least you need to speak japanese, i mean need to communicate with the person who you try to haggle. THEY DO BAR FOR LIVING.

  31. Thought it was funny how the last lady expects people to know some English. Westerners… smh Lady, you're visiting their country…learn their language! lol

  32. Team lab borderless is a must see when visiting tokyo. Located
    near Aomi Station, Odaiba,

  33. Always pay attention to Japanese food. They offer tourists Fukushima rice and radioactively contaminated seafood. And they try to dump the radioactive water into the sea. be careful. Of course it is best not to go.

  34. Make sure you count how many drinks you have at any bar in Golden Gai. Most places will add on a few extra drinks to your bill. You will definitely be taken advantage of if you have more than 3-4.

  35. Japan is overrated. The only thing that is interesting about them is their exotic culture. Otherwise they are same old shit people with medieval shit history.
    Samurai and honor are a joke and are glorified and romanticized by racist nationalists. We should stop looking at them as something unique and special and accept them as the same old human trash that we all are. That is coming from an Asian like me. The western countries are starstruck by our casual shit. Shit is shit and that's period.

  36. I hate when people go to a different country and they complain that the people there don’t speak english ! Is just stupid, super stupid, why in the hell people have to learn english ? Not they don’t need to. Enjoy the culture, train your brain to learn the basics and try to speak the local language! When white people will understand that? We have cultures, different ones and this is why Europe and Asia are so unique.

  37. Tokyo Tourist Traps that she’s perfectly willing to advertise and explain IN DETAIL how to visit and prepare for it. Huh, very deceptive.

  38. The views from SkyTree are very good; however, its second (of for some, the main) attraction is its superfast elevators. And yes, go on a weekday.

  39. Definitely a Venus Fort/Odaiba. It's a lot of overpriced kid "attractions" . A Ferris wheel saves a day because you can get nice views of the city from it. It's pretty much the only thing I liked there.

  40. Great video. But that background music for most of it is really really annoying. Sounds like your in a never ending game loading screen. 8:55 it ends

  41. Love your vlog – so genuine, honest and authentic. None of that pretentious, overly glossy ones many others do! Well done, keep it up. Also very helpful in helping me decide what to do for my upcoming trip to TKY. So thank you.

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