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  1. ohh wowwwwww… this is amazing maannn .. me first. yeyyy.. hahahha you did not make it hahahah so funny.. am sorry but.. it is funy

  2. That is a really cool exhibit! It is really cool to see what travel was like back then. 🙂 I love how you put this together! 🙂

  3. That is such an awesome video!!! Thanks for the history lesson also about the titanic!! Well done video and editing!!

  4. Excellent and very informative video about the Titanic. It seems to be well worth a visit. Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up from me!

  5. Great tour, thanks for the tour. If you ever get the chance, the Titanic exhibition in Northern Ireland is incredible! Thanks for sharing 😀👍

  6. This really was an amazing movie. They do the same thing at our titanic museum (with the giving the names and info of one of the passengers). Nice looking museum!

  7. ধন্যবাদ ভাই, আপ্নের উসিলায় অনেক কিসু দেখতে পারতাসি. দোয়া করি আপনি অনেক সফল হইবেন.

  8. There is one of these in Branson, MO that we have been to and it is really fascinating! Always enjoy your videos, great job! This one looks a lot more authentic!

  9. Interesting how ornate everything was and that was the past…somehow we have lost the beauty people once created or so it seems…..

  10. My wife Melissa and I did this back in December when we were in Orlando. I can tell this video took some time to make because of the editing. You did a good job putting everything together.

  11. I LOVED the titanic! I swear I've watched it 30 times by now. It's my fave movie! It's cool how you saw the titanic museum 🙂

  12. Awesome video Z! Thank you so much for sharing this to us. New friend here 😉 Hope you could return the love & sub back.

  13. Wow this is so amazing. I have such a fascination for the Titanic and I NEED to go here now omg!!! Such an awesome video! Big thumbs up!! I love how you paired the items in the museum with the ones in the ocean

  14. Very informative video! The Titanic exhibit looks amazing- need to check it out next time in Orlando. Looking forward to the next video- New subscriber.

  15. This is so amazing and fascinating, such a wonderful tour just subscribed to your channel hopefully you'll check out mine so we can support each other

  16. we have been to the one in pigeon forge/gatlinburg, this one looks alot better. thanks for sharing

  17. Like⚘24…nice video👍Fantastic Exhibition🚢👍🚢👍..watched for 5+ minutes…i return favour for my yesterday and todays upload u watch…thanks for being active my friend….✌😊🤝✌🤝

  18. We did the one in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I am really interested in the Titanic. I didn't realize that so many of its passengers were buried in Nova Scotia until I watched a video earlier this week about it.

  19. I didn't even know there was a Titanic museum in Orlando!! I was there last year but only went to Disney and Universal 🙂 next time we will have to check out the museum to! Great vlog 🙂

  20. Very informative video. I love all things to do with the Titanic, we visited the Titanic quarter in Belfast, Northern Ireland years ago, such an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I can tell you put a lot of time into this! Very well-done with a professional feel to it! Interesting to watch with both the historical voice-overs and movie clips. Nice work!

  22. I've still never seen Titanic, but I guess this is my first time seeing bits from the Movie. Looking at all these artifacts and how beautiful they are seems so unreal. I can't help but think of all the people who were there….

  23. It doesn't matter how often I read about the Titanic or watch videos. It always amazes me that it was build and what happened to it. Like how you showed footage of divers and the exhibition next to each other.

  24. wow very cool footage! When we were in Ireland this summer, if we had had more time, we would have loved to visit their Titanic museum in the city the ship left from.

  25. We had no idea there was a Titanic museum in Orlando. They put an iceberg in there!? How long does it take to go through the museum?

  26. Hey Zaid, it's Charlie from FB, loving your work – I actually went to the Titanic museum in Belfast last month and that is epic too – you should add it to your list.

  27. How long has this been in place in Orlando? Too bad you died, haha 😉 About how much did it cost per person at the exhibition?

  28. I had no idea that they had this in Orlando. Why in the world did they choose orlando that's so cool? I always think of it as a Disney destination never thought of it for titanic. Is it expensive to get in?

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