Time Travelers: You Are One (and don’t even know it)

this video I’m gonna show you how you
are a time traveler and you don’t even know it this goes beyond what people
call star seeds this goes into a new understanding about who you are at a
soul level and I’m gonna share that with you right now welcome back to another
video my name is Erin and I hope people expand
their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you more about
the soul level understanding who we are beyond this 3d avatar body that we use
for a certain period of time this dream of being in physical reality knowing
that at a deeper level we are eternal spiritual beings having temporary human
experiences and when we talk about time travelers it’s important to understand
that our soul is not so small that we can only incarnate into one reality
system at a time you right now watching this video are here perceiving reality
through your five senses playing the dream of physical reality however you
exist at many different levels at this same time right now you may have lives
in the past on earth the future on earth you may also have past lives or future
lives on different star systems all together because our soul is so vast
that it does not have the does not have the limitation of only going and having
one type of experience on one planet you are an eternal spiritual being and
beyond what you can even imagine so you being such a large vast spiritual being
have lives in many different reality systems at the same time which is very
empowering because you’re so much more than you can imagine
the ego yes is a temporary mask that we use for a period of time however the
reason we split ourselves often in many different experiences is because then we
learn so much more imagine it as this as you have your
higher-self right here and well then what happens is you have different
offshoots of your higher-self that then are able to go out have
different experiences come back to the higher self which is the larger aspect
of you and then you’ve not only had one life on earth between the period of time
that it is right now but you also have at other times and other star systems
that correlate with similar themes of this life but that allow you to then
learn more in accumulative type way so when we talk about our soul understand
or the soul in general understand you are so much more than you can imagine
and that you would not have just incarnated your energy into one reality
system because you’re too vast of a spiritual being
you’re too vast you have the ability to go into many different star systems some
of which are very similar to earth some of which may actually be and have an
intention to help earth when you talk about some of these different star
systems and that’s when you get into the information of what are called star
seeds of understanding that there’s this multidimensionality where we exist in
different states of consciousness at the same time and in different star systems
now when we talk about that of time travelers understand that at a certain
level you are a time traveler what I mean by this is as a spiritual being you
decided to come to earth at this specific time to experience the detail
and the nuances of what it’s like to go through a shift in consciousness at the
level that is happening right now this is something that I’ve learned from
studying a lot of the work of the law of one which is some of the most empowering
channeled material of all time also studying that of Bashar if you’ve ever
heard of Bashar channeled by Darrell Inca and a lot of information to do as
well with different star systems in general there’s a lot of information
coming through and this information coming through is aspects of our own
consciousness that is coming through us to explain
almost like these versions of us reaching back to explain how the
versions of us now are going through what we’re going through now a lot of
what I’m sharing with you right now as well comes from the work of Dolores
cannon Dolores cannon wrote seventeen to
nineteen books to the 17 or 19 I could never remember the exact number but Gina
actually really even have to write them they’re transcripts from her qhht
sessions quantum hypnosis technique and one of the things many people said this
is a level of hypnosis that people would go into where they would get into a deep
trance where they were us kind of like being asleep and awake in a deep level
of hypnosis and Dolores would ask them questions like why did you incarnate at
this time what was this person in your life what was the lesson there why did
you choose these parents stuff like that and one of the consistent things that
came through many many different people all over the world who did not know each
other was I heard the call I heard the call what do you mean what they said is
that there was a call that was put out into the universe that said that the
earth needed help the earth needed help because there was this level of a
destruction that was happening on the planet because many people were
destroying the planet there was a certain level of control that’s been on
the planet for a long period of time and what happened is there was a call that
was put out that said the earth needs help and many different people many
different souls in different star systems heard this call and said I will
go back and I will do my best to help those people what sometimes we might
call star seats however everyone on the planet is multi-dimensional so I always
like to preface that everyone’s multi-dimensional is just how aware are
you of your connections to different to different levels now when you heard this
call what you had to do is you had to descend your vibration because you’re a
high vibrational being you had to descend your vibration and then
bring yourself into this reality now the thing about this reality is we have to
forget who we are some people could say well I don’t why don’t eat cheese just
lid and give us technology wouldn’t that be really cool it would be cool but
guess what there’s this look this is freewill clause with this reality so you
kind of gotta kind of know this is like this contract with all beings it says
there’s this freewill here so we can only engage to a certain level even the
dark forces on the planet there is a certain code that they do have to live
by or they lee there’s consequences to that and absolute whose freewill and
part of the free will is that we wanted to go through this transformation on the
planet from the inside out not be given a whole bunch of things we have this
Savior complex on earth that we’ve been conditioned into where we want people
and ETS to save us it’s not going to happen that way we are going to save
ourselves because we chose to come here to forget who we are so that we could
then remember who we are so what happened is as we agreed yes it’s going
to be difficult I’m going to forget – I am I’m going to have to most likely go
to some form of spiritual awakening which may be painful may not be painful
but nonetheless I’m going to go through this process so we then focus on coming
here we’ve choose our parents and then we come here and we have certain
experiences in our lives certain appointments we’ve made to help us to
wake up most likely if you’re listening to this video then you’re already on the
process of spiritual awakening or you’re about to be because you can only
perceive that which you are the vibration of so what we do is we then
forget who we are we go through life experience and what’s happening right
now on the planet is this Ascension of vibration what they also said in Dolores
canons work is that now is the time to be alive on the planet is the most
exciting time to be on the planet than ever before some Souls have waited
thousands of years to come here at this time because now is the time of
transformation when we’re able to remember
and and wake up to who we are at a mass consciousness level from what I
understand never before has this happened to wear this many souls this
many people on a planet were able and are able to go through this shift in
consciousness together there’s a certain bubble in a way think of it as like a
certain bubble on earth everyone’s within their own little reality bubble
but we’re all in a way going through this transformation within a certain
bubble of progress and some of us are going through it now some of us will go
through it in 10 15 20 years or less they just a year or two I don’t know I
don’t know exactly what the timing is gonna be on it but I do know that right
now more and more people are waking up than ever before and it’s because we
wanted to go through this transformation right now this transformation of
consciousness so when it comes to time traveling understand that many of us if
you read information on what it’s called the Pleiades Pleiadians a lot of time
people will consider them that of Time Traveler’s and that’s because they come
from the what we could call the future but we could also just say is there a
higher evolved level of consciousness than we are but here’s the thing many of
us have lives parallel lives not future lives necessarily they’re all parallel
to be honest with you there really is only the moment of now but what we have
is our perception will switch from different levels to this moment right
now or to whatever we’re experiencing in our life but many of us on the planet
have lives in the Pleiades have had lives or are having parallel lives in
the Pleiades right now and those pleading lives may be connecting to us
right now in our life maybe in dreams maybe a deeper ways deeper levels of
consciousness that we don’t consciously remember but many of us have connections
in the Pleiades many of us have connections in Sirius many of us have
connections in our tourists many of us had these connections there’s many
different connections recently we went to a Bashar event it was Victor
Leora Alexandra I and Victor Otto’s wife Patti we all went to a Bashar event and
we got to ask questions one of the questions Lior asked is which star
system is she connected to and bashar said kind of what i figured he would say
cuz I’ve heard people ask this question before and he said you’re connected to
Sirius Pleiades Arcturus like five like three to five different star systems
she’s like you have many different connections we like to put ourselves in
a box as spiritual beans and say I of this rights now and in the future I am
this and in the past I was this but understand we have many different
connections that we can’t even imagine because as a spiritual being we are more
than our ego can imagine we are more than our ego can even imagine so we have
different we have connections at many different levels and which levels we
connect to will depend upon which ones are relevant so Pleiadians in general
come from what we call the future but they’re parallel as well and in a way
what we decided to do was to travel back in time as these future versions of us
we can put our focus our consciousness there we decided to come back in time to
this moment right meow now and this moment right now is where we’re able to
go through this shift in consciousness so time traveler in a certain way time
doesn’t exist the way that we think it does there is the moment of now and
there’s parallel future lives parallel past lives that may be relevant but just
to understand that you had to forget who you are to be here right now but you
exist at many different levels at the same time you just not not remember it
because it’s not always relevant to remember it imagine that right now in
this moment imagine what happened was you were aware of all these future lives
and all these past lives at the same time it would confuse your brain you
wouldn’t able to have a physical experience one
of the reasons we forget who we are in the past and the future is so that we
can have the experience now and by having it now we are able to then be in
this experience in totality how did Siri just get activated did I
say anything with an estimate anyways the key is understanding that we are yes
time travelers because we are actually eternal spiritual beings that exist at
many different levels of consciousness but understand that many of us have
these future connections what we call future connections which are connections
right now – Sarge systems like the Pleiades which are future versions of us
and what we’ve done is we’ve travelled back in time from that level of
consciousness to now so that we could go through this shift in consciousness
because we may have heard the call and that call is that earth is in trouble
and wants to be helped so if you want to learn more about this or go through your
own star seed awakening I have a star seed meditation that is for activating
this information within you it’s a guided meditation I recommend you listen
to it for 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it I think that if you do
that it will change your life at least your awareness of who you are at a
deeper level it’s completely freed from the top of the scription box below and
that will help you in this process of remembering your star seed connections
and activating more of this within you other than that I hope you enjoyed this
video feel free to like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t
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then that has always peace much love and namaste

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